What is interesting in Bakovsky Park for holidaymakers?


A perfect place for rest can be found without leaving Moscow. Here and the age-old forest, consisting of firs, pines and birches, and places for picnics, and reservoirs, and sports facilities. The place shrouded in secrets and legends is the Meshchersky natural park, based on the territory of the Bakovsky forest park. Why is shrouded in mystery and legend, you ask. Because it is a historical place, and it is difficult to find an equal to it. The forest park existed in the time of Ivan the Terrible, he knew Napoleon, and World War II swept through him, subjecting him to cutting down old trees. In the village of Peredelkino, built in Bakovsky forest park, poets and artists, writers and artists lived and worked for decades. But can such a layer of history be without secrets and legends?


Park Meschersky

The Meshchersky natural park appeared in 2007 as a private structure. The name of the park received the same as the nearby village, located within the precincts of Moscow and a half kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. Since that time, order began to be imposed in places covered with legends, but over the centuries turned into landfills and swamps. Paradoxically, the greatest harm to Bakovsky Forest Park was not inflicted in times of turmoil and world wars, but by local wealthy landowners since the 90s of the last century.

In 2010, Sukovo swamp was cleared, located in the center of the park. Currently, it appears in its pristine beauty with a restored landscape.

Sports park

What is interesting park for tourists? In the summer, you can ride a bike, rented, along the forest paths or relax on the beach by the pond, in winter, an excellent cross-country ski track awaits fans of this sport. Currently, there are organized playgrounds, created a rope Panda Park, laid cycling routes. Park Meschersky Bakovsky Forest Park - an ideal place for sports. It regularly hosts sporting events with races and competitions. Alley and paths between the trees - an ideal place for lovers of Nordic walking.


For those who come to the park with their pets, there is agility - a special area for walking and training of domestic dogs. The only rule that dog owners should not forget is the mandatory animal muzzle and leash.

Bike rides

For lovers of cycling there is a wonderful place in Meshchersky Park - a four-kilometer-long cycle path. Through each kilometer on this route, shells complexes for cardio and strength training are installed. You can just travel around the Bakovsky Forest Park by bike along the paths laid between the trees and meet amazing stories on your way. For example, you can see the famous mounds of Napoleon or the place where "War and Peace" and "Heavenly Slow Motion" were shot. Even Peredelkino is in bike availability. And if you really want to, you can ride a bike to the tomb of Malevich lost and found decades later.


The park has two rental points where you can take any bikes: sport, pleasure, bike shoppers, fatbikes. If you come for a walk with children, you can rent a children's bicycle, and for kids - a bicycle seat or bicycle trailer. Rental points are located very conveniently, one at the entrance to the park from the side of Meshchersky pond, the second - from the side of Novomeshchersky passage.

What to do in the winter?

In winter you can go snowboarding, skating and skiing in the Bakovsky Forest Park. There is a cross-country ski run, which runs along an almost flat terrain without downs and slopes. Cross-country skiing professionals believe that this is a very good, high-quality walking track, where sufficient aerobic exercise is possible. Usually on weekdays there are few people who want to go skiing, unlike weekends. Adults and children come to learn to ride here on weekends. Posters with information about the route are displayed throughout the route. The circle is nine kilometers, including a loop around the Meshchersky Pond of the Bakovsky Forest Park.


The cross-country ski run is prepared using a special machine. Retrac prepares the track before the weekend, workouts and after snowfall. It all depends on the snow, the thickness of its layer and the condition of the track. For normal retrak, the thickness of the snow layer should be 15-20 cm. As already mentioned, rental points are working in the park. In winter you can take cross-country skis, poles, ski boots of different sizes for adults and children.

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