Strong woman: what is she like?


Nowadays, the phrase “strong woman” has begun to sound more and more often. But how to determine what it is and recognize it in the crowd? Sometimes we ourselves do not fully understand what this expression means and what consequences it entails. Let us try to find out whether a woman likes this wording, and what she obliges.


What is she

The most common opinion is that a strong woman is one that does not need the help of a man. She is self-confident, self-reliant, and most often she is also financially independent. Such a lady does not panic in stressful situations and easily finds a way out of these circumstances.

What makes a woman be like that? Sometimes it is impossible to look into the depths of the soul in order to understand its essence. This is the shell, the mask that she wears. Lack of parental love, understanding of people, rejection by men - all this can influence the formation of character. The world that surrounds a woman, the circumstances in life force her to become strong, to take care of herself, children and forget about her weaknesses.


But there are times when even the strongest woman wants to cuddle up to a man’s shoulder and find solace in his arms. At such moments of weakness, it is very important that a loving person be near, who with understanding will allow her to cry or express her pain.

What is the difference

Often, two completely opposite expressions are confused: “strong woman” and “masculine woman”. Let's understand them. A masculine one is one that looks like a representative of a strong half of humanity. Most often this is due to hormonal disruption in the body of a woman. But sometimes it happens when she plays sports: weightlifting, bodybuilding. Due to constant training and championships, the figure acquires a male shape and ceases to be feminine.

The use of steroids forbidden by physicians, which are harmful to the body, leads to pumped muscles, broad shoulders and a narrow pelvis, which is not typical of an ideal female figure.


But even the strongest woman in the world dreams of home warmth and comfort, wants to have children and be a good mother, beloved wife.

Maybe you have met those of the fair sex who stopped a horse at a gallop or entered burning huts, but a strong woman should not be physically strong, everything is manifested in strength of character. Usually these are masculine qualities, such as striving, perseverance in achieving the goal set, overcoming various obstacles, determination and perseverance. Some men are afraid of such women, because they do not know how to deal with them. Others, on the contrary, respect them and worship them.

Such a woman fascinates and makes take an example from her. She is a leader by nature and admirable. Whether she likes it, she decides. But one thing is to be said: it obliges you to always be at your best, hide your sorrows, disappointments and keep moving forward.

If you see a strong woman, try not to forget that she, too, can have her little weaknesses. Get ready to give her your shoulder.

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