Mariana Ionesyan: an actress of one role


During the period of acting, she performed only one role. But the landmark film "Guest from the Future" gave her fame. The actress of the Soviet cinema no longer took part in the filming. What was the fate of Mariana Ionesyan?


The talented person was born on June 11, 1972. The family lived in Moscow and did not differ outstanding representatives of art. Mom was a history teacher, dad was a diplomat. Marianna Vladimirovna Ionesyan was an exemplary student and was engaged in a music school. She diligently studied French.

I attended theater classes at the Palace of Pioneers. These lessons were not in vain - during the shooting of a sci-fi movie the acquired skills were very useful for the actress.

In 1988, Mariana Ionesyan graduated from a special educational institution with a bias in French. Then she continued her studies at the Moscow State University at the Faculty of Philosophy.


"Guest from the Future"

To find a young actress to play one of the main roles in a fantastic story called “Guest from the Future, ” the assistant director Vera Lind went to school for a long time and looked after a suitable candidate. She photographed girls and brought pictures to the studio. Thus, Julia Gribkova was found. Mariana Ionesyan talentedly played a friend of one of the heroines.

The picture was taken about two years, another year was spent on the final installation. The film "Guest from the Future" was the only one in the biography of Mariana. She decided not to develop a career in this direction.


Life after

After filming life went on as usual. Mariana Ionesyan went to school and thought about her future profession. In 1988 she became an expert "What? Where? When?". In 1993 she graduated from high school.

After graduation, she emigrated to the USA, where she still lives. In 1997 she graduated from the University of Texas. Calls himself Marianne Gray. Earns online business consulting. Personal life does not comment.

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