Wedding ring - on which hand they wear it?


Why do people exchange rings when they marry? When did the first wedding rings appear? Wedding ring on which hand to wear? Let's try to figure out and answer your questions.


On which hand we wear a wedding ring?

Turn to the story. The ancient writer Plutarch explained that the first to wear wedding rings were Egyptians. It is they, exploring the structure of a person, came to the conclusion that there is a subtle connection of the ring finger with the heart of a person through the nerve. A wedding ring on the left hand confirms this conclusion. During the wedding of the newlyweds in the Catholic Church, wedding rings are put on the left hand. This is explained by the fact that this hand is closer to the heart, and the Catholics impose a cross from left to right. In the Orthodox Church, a wedding ceremony and putting wedding rings on the right hand are performed. But religious recommendations are not always implemented. The tradition of wearing a wedding ring on a particular hand is rather national. And this confirms the story. In many countries, contrary to the prescription of the church, married people wear rings on their other hand.


Muslims have not accepted the conclusion of a marriage by confirming the wearing of wedding rings. According to the Qur'an, gold jewelry in the form of wedding rings is not worn. A Muslim groom can make a gift to the bride by giving her a gold, but not a wedding ring. On which hand a Muslim woman will wear it is indifferent. There is a rather interesting mystical theory, according to which a wedding ring is worn on the right hand. It is believed that behind the shoulder of the right hand is a guardian angel who will save the marriage. A bad omen if a married woman puts a wedding ring on her left hand. And the gypsy has a wedding ring on which hand? Not on the hand, but on a chain, on the neck.

About wedding rings

“There is no beginning and no end. Love is a ring, ”is sung in a famous song. The ring is a line closed in a circle that never ends. Wedding rings were not always metal. In Russia, the newlyweds, marrying, wore birch bark rings. Over time, ceramic rings and from simple metal with semi-precious and precious stones. Only in the 16th century did wedding rings become golden. There are new traditions in the marriage. The groom from Rome, for example, presented a ring to confirm


married parents of the bride. The Jews gave the groom a gold coin. The noble knight put a ring on his wife’s finger with the emblem of his family. When the exchange of rings became an integral part of the marriage, the tradition of giving rings came to the poor class. The rings were made of wood, clay, stone, copper, bronze, iron. But there was no single established rule, the wedding ring on which hand to wear, in those days was not in any country.

Now the spouses are free in their choice and can choose rings from any metal and any form, with and without stones, with inscriptions on the rings, only following the traditions of the country in wearing wedding rings.

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