Kehinde Babatunde "Victor" Oladio: Biography of an American Basketball Player


Kehinde Babatunde “Victor” Oladio is an American basketball player, a player of the Indiana Pacers club, serving in the National Basketball League (NBA / NBA). Previously, the basketball player played in such professional clubs as the Orlando Magic and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Known for his athleticism, as well as the quality of the game in defense and the ability at the right moment of the match to show offensive potential. Thanks to these qualities, Victor Oladipo is often compared with such great basketball players as Dwayne Wade and Michael Jordan. In 2013, he was awarded the “Player of the Year” award according to the student newspaper Sporting News. In the same year, the player was selected to the National Basketball Association through the draft and got into the club "Orlando Magic" under the second number. Having demonstrated good skills and athletic competence, according to the results of the season, Oladipo entered the NBA novice team. Victor Oladipo is 193 cm tall and weighs 98 kg.



Victor Oladipo was born on May 4, 1992 in Silver Spring (Maryland, United States of America). His mother, Joan Amanze Oladipo, an immigrant from Nigeria, worked as a nurse in the United States. Father Christopher Oladipo, born in the city of Blama (State of Sierra Leone, West Africa), is currently the head of the public district of Prince George (Maryland) and a PhD in behavioral science at College Park (sh. Maryland). Oladipo's parents married in the USA in 1985. Four children, three daughters and one son were born in a marriage: Christine (born in 1986), Kendra (1990) and Victoria (1993 - Victor's twin sister). Since birth, Kendra's sister had hearing problems, the girl became deaf in second grade.


In high school, Viktor Oladipo started playing basketball. On average, he scored about 12 points per game, made 10.3 rebounds, and also put 3.6 blocks. Indicators Oladipo were among the best among all players of the championship. His team then finished the season with statistics of 32 wins and 4 losses - the club "DeMat" became the champion of the Washington Catholic Sports Conference.


As a student at Indiana University, Victor Oladipo began playing in a freshman team. The newcomer showed excellent basketball skills, making the greatest number of rebounds and blocks. Subsequent courses Victor was a non-replaceable player of the university team.

Professional career

On April 9, 2013, at a press conference with Tom Creen (head coach), Oladipo publicly announced his decision to abandon the senior season in Indiana and join the 2013 NBA project. According to the ESPN and CBS Sports sports channels, Victor should have been selected in the first six draft In the end, Oladipo met all expectations and became part of the "Orlando Magic" under the second number. In December of the same year, the player recorded in his statistics the first triple-double in his professional career - 26 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists during 52 minutes of playing time. However, Oladipo’s attempts did not bring the desired victory for the team - Orlando Magic lost to Philadelphia with a score of 125: 126. As part of "Magic" played until 2016 and was a permanent player of the base.


In June 2016, he joined the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he spent one season, after which he signed an agreement with the Indiana Pacers Club.

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