What to do when you do not know what to do? How to make the right decision?


Before everyone on Earth and more than once the question arose of what to do when you do not know what to do. The very emergence of the question does not necessarily imply the tragic hopelessness of the situation, it may just be confusion due to the loss of some link in the chain of events or simply the unwillingness to do anything. In the latter case, the exclamation is appropriate: “I don’t know what to do!”

Just gotta do something


There is a statement that there are no hopeless situations. However, for a person in distress, this is poor consolation, because in a global sense, this statement still means death as a way out of the impasse. It is very gloomy. If you return to more life-affirming statements, then in a situation of “what to do when you don’t know what to do” of the person in front of whom the question arose, you must support and together try to find a way out of the situation. Of course, at such moments it is very necessary that a loving person be near. First of all, he will not rejoice at the misfortune that has already fallen. Secondly, as they say, two heads are better. In our time, hopeless situations most often occur due to lack of money. And there is only one way out - to try to find them. Tips can only be purely individual. How to make some steps in the right direction, tell a close person. After all, he knows about the situation firsthand.


Time is the best doctor

The tragic color is acquired by the situation “what to do when you don’t know what to do” in case of your loved one's departure. There can only be one piece of advice here - we must try to survive this somehow. Again, it is not for nothing that the proverb says that time is the best doctor. On that she and wisdom that develops from millions of similar situations. At the moment of an acute experience, this is little consolation, but still. It remains only to enjoy the presence of the Internet! A friend is good. What if he suffers from tongue-tiedness? On the Internet on this topic - poems, proverbs, tips and, most importantly, all sorts of trainings. Popular wisdom says that it is necessary to sleep with misfortune, in the morning it will be no easier, but there will be a feeling that life goes on, and we must fight for it. This is where the trainings are appropriate, with the help of which a person will sooner or later be able to understand how to make the right decision.

We must remember that life is "striped"


It is impossible to distract a person at the time of acute grief or when the situation seems completely hopeless to him, it is necessary to try to calm him down, most likely with the help of necessary medications. There are, of course, radical actions - a new stress, that is, as they say, a wedge. Not every heart can take it.

This suggests one rational conclusion, which, again, follows from popular wisdom - it will grind - there will be anguish. That is, the question of what to do when you do not know what to do, there is an answer - you must somehow continue to live. About this and the songs are sung. What can be done in this situation? You need to somehow get together, or at least try to do it. It is a shame, but it is necessary, in relation to this situation, to state such truths as: “Proper nutrition and active exercise in the fresh air will help you.” However, this is true. Today, it’s not a piece in the throat, tomorrow is the same, but it will take its organism, and this will be the first small step to recovery. And when a person “ruins” the situation, his joy will be tremendous, sincere and incomparable. Perhaps it is precisely these strong feelings that hunters lack for adrenaline, who have no hopeless situations. Although with the depth of experiences of sincere grief or joy no extreme can be compared.

It's not always that bad


The phrase “I don’t even know what to do” can have a flirtatious connotation and mean that it is impossible to choose from a large number of excellent offers, and even admiring this situation. However, this is very rare. There are situations when a person, subject to someone or something, does not know what to do due to the lack of orders from above. There are many recommendations. Not the best of them, but suitable for certain situations, it is advice about what in this case it is better to do nothing. Better yet, relax, focus on the inner world (meditate) and, if possible, sleep. And this is the best of all recommendations. Meditation, as well as conversation with God, is far from being available to everyone.

There are situations when you just do not want to do anything. If the form of this reluctance becomes severe, then it is called depression. A person loses interest in everything, his self-esteem is underestimated - and then it’s time for those around him to exclaim: “I don’t know what to do simply!” See a doctor.

The approach to the problem is always individual.


There are dozens of tips, what to do when you do not know what to do. They advise you to dig, nibble, take a step forward, even scroll through the menus or go shopping. Each advice is deeply individual and implies a specific situation.

It is much easier for a believer to collect his thoughts in a difficult situation. First, he is used to relying on God and believes that He will help him anyway. This faith in itself constitutes a sizeable share of the guarantee of breaking the deadlock. Secondly, a deeply believing person always has an interlocutor, or rather, who to contact with questions. By themselves, the questions and their own answers to them are mental activity, that is, the search for a way out of this situation. Talking with God is both comfort and stress relief. These actions make sense only for people who are deeply and sincerely believers. They are always protected. And if a person is an atheist or faith goes along with real life?

Finish unfinished

If the situation does not balance on the verge of life and death, then getting out of the ordinary impasse, which often occurs in life, is enough. There is no optimal recipe, besides, how to sit down and calm down, collect your thoughts. People are different, but most of them have accumulated a lot of things that I would like to do, but various circumstances interfered, and maybe the hobby lacked strength. It's time to tidy up the collection.

And now everything has changed - the main goal of life, its driving force for a time has disappeared. It's time to do things, postponed for "later." You can clean up the house, you can review the old films, read a book, which was not enough time. You can go and see the long-desired places. Or, finally, just sit down at the computer, and on the Internet and read, and see, and see, and even bring some things in order. Again, all this is possible in a situation where a person is full, healthy and does not threaten life. In all other provisions, there is a goal - we must specifically look for a way out.

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