What is harassment: description, signs and features


In the lexical vocabulary of words of the modern Russian man entered a new Western term - "harassment". Let's see what the word "harassment" means. We will especially pay attention to how it manifests itself, where it happens and what to do in such cases.


Term meaning

If you briefly answer the question of what harassment is, then it is harassment that occurs in the work environment. The question is, in fact, very relevant. Now a lot of attention is paid to this topic in social networks, posts are posted on Twitter, affected people share stories of harassment from life, trying to prevent the spread of this trouble by transferring their experience.

The history of the term, its meaning

The word first appeared at the beginning of the 17th century in France. What is harassment at that time? The meaning of the term was such - "incite a hunting dog to the game." Times have changed, and now it is used metaphorically. Game is called girls (women), which are hunted by men. Women are the direct object of harassment.


How does harassment affect women?

Why did this word become used? Abusive behavior is always unpleasant to the person to whom it is directed. In this case, the girl also loses peace of mind, she is nervous and literally feels like a cornered game.

It is important to bear in mind that in relation to men such a term is also used. A man can become an object of harassment. There is evidence that in 4 out of 5 cases, the aggressors, pursuing the man “game, ” are also men.


Where does the harassment take place?

The places where sexual harassment occurs can be completely different. Not only work is included in this list. If you look more closely, signs of harassment from men towards women can be seen in the library, on the street, in the supermarket, at an event and in any other place. Unfortunately, no one is immune from this.

Consequences of harassment

Usually, harassment is manifested in harassment, intimate communication sentences, harassment, insults, and the humiliation of game. The behavior of a man is often accompanied by swear words. If you do not stop this behavior, a woman can become a victim not only of harassment, but also of rape. The consequences of harassment are, in fact, catastrophic.


Signs of harassment

Based on the foregoing, we can draw the following conclusion: for our own safety, in order to understand what is happening and stop harassment, express dissatisfaction with other people's behavior, first of all, the victim must first know the characteristics of the harassment, its signs. Let's list them.

  1. Most, one may say, harmless signs, look like a manifestation of attention. But be careful. After all, what is harassment? This is not just attention. These are words about the size of the breast, statements about the figure, focusing on the neckline of the blouse. Here you can add whistles, cries.
  2. The description of the harassment of the second stage is more serious signs of unwanted attention: cases where a person intrudes into your personal space. For example, he leans too close to you or occasionally blocks the road.
  3. The next in ascending order are the touches of the game. For example, are there often cases when your colleague or boss constantly touches you? He can hug the shoulders or the waist, hug in the form of a comforting gesture, stroke the hand.
    And there are cases when hints about sexual attraction are expressed more primitively and ill-mannered, absolutely beyond ethical standards. These include situations when a person puts his hand on his knee, on his hips or buttocks.
  4. If the first three stages can still be settled peacefully, show no desire for further contact, then the fourth is direct violence. What is harassment? This is an attempt to attack a woman in a closed deserted office or other room.
    Do not pay attention to words such as "sweetheart", "darling", if the aggressor refers to you that way. Such words do not speak of a good attitude towards you and the harmlessness of the “hunter”. The worst stories about harassment are stories about violence. The intentions of a man are obvious and only one way out is to act according to circumstances and as soon as possible get out of the confined space into a place filled with people.

The victims

Studies have shown that most complaints of harassment come from women who serve in the army, more specifically, one out of every four female employees. But is it worth saying that harassment is a phenomenon that often happens outside the service?

Why are women silent about harassment?

The Russian mentality, unfortunately, is such that many consider the increased attention to the female person to be the result of her flirting. For some reason, the presence of flirting is always assumed in people's minds, but it is absent in the harassment, and this fact plays a huge role. The girl was chosen as the victim, and the man-hunter involved in the incident, as a rule, inadequately perceives failure. He feels intrigue and tries to "capture the game" by any means.



With harassment, as a rule, a man can give an ultimatum. For example, if a woman refuses intimacy, the teacher or instructor will give her a deuce for the exam, as a result of which the girl will not receive the right, will not enter the next course, and so on. At the workplace, the boss may blackmail a woman, threatening to dismiss her from her position or deprive her of the prize.

There are a lot of similar cases. And, unfortunately, girls most often agree to contact and after that they are silent about what happened, or they lose their jobs and receive a negative recommendation. It is important to understand that if a woman succumbs to provocation, such situations may not be limited to one incident. The provocateur will feel weak and will put pressure on her with all his might in order to get what she wants.

If the "game" refuses, then, of course, a woman can be fired. But there is the likelihood and exclusion of such a turn of events. Perhaps the provocateur will be fired. Moreover, often the same person is a troublemaker of several women, that is, similar situations have already occurred with harassment against someone else. This could have happened earlier, and, perhaps, there is a hunt for two girls at once.

Harassment in countries

Of course, in different countries the perception of harassment is different. In Russia, for example, whistles, cries, slaps on the buttocks and more arrogant street harassment are not punished by law. And often it all comes from sassy, ​​weird, and sometimes scary personalities. Of course, there is Article No. 133 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which regulates the scope of relations and establishes punishment in the form of a fine and even imprisonment. But, unfortunately, punishment is only a myth about harassment. In fact, such cases rarely end fairly for women.

There are countries in which the opinion of a woman is not considered at all, and only legends about democracy and equality of rights of every person. There, harassment is not considered vulgar, on the contrary, it is a manifestation of male power and female subordination. The rules by which society lives are based on tradition and religion.

In a completely opposite example, you can put America. American men know that obscene buzzwords, heightened interest in a woman who does not like you, are punished by law. And the amount of damage that the court obliges the victim to pay is far from small. At the same time, the appearance of a woman does not play any role, she is free to dress and put on the clothes as she wants.

It is known that the European Parliament worked on this problem. Since 2002, thanks to the adopted bill, sexual harassment at the workplace in the European Union countries is also punished by law.


How to resist?

To resist harassment can, first of all, through a conversation with a man. Perhaps he misunderstood you and hopes for more. It is worth paying attention to your appearance and conversation, to be sure that you are not giving signals about finding a partner.

If the conversation did not give a result, it is worth writing a complaint to the top management. Be sure to try to fix all messages, calls, threats, blackmail, any manifestations of discrimination. You may have to go to court. Then the provision of data will be necessary to adequately address the case.

If you had to ask a psychologist for help, you need to save bills for paid sessions. In addition, a specialist will be able to confirm the existence of a problem in court if you agree to the announcement of information.

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