Short biography of Igor Sosin


Each of us at least once thought about popular personalities. And everyone wanted to know more about his idol. Due to the development of information technology and the widespread introduction of the Internet, anyone can learn almost any information. In this article we will talk about the biography of Igor Sosin.

Where he was born

The boy was born on the thirtieth of January 1967 in a large country called the Soviet Union. Nothing is known about his family, except that father and mother loved their son and took care of him.

The boy grew up the most ordinary Soviet child, he loved to play with soldiers and imagined how the Red Army was destroying the German invaders. In general, the guy was cheerful and cheerful.


The boy was very intelligent and clearly not deprived of intelligence. At school, he first realized that he was endowed with an analytical mindset and innate pragmatism. It cannot be said that Igor Sosin did not directly like school, but nevertheless he did not mind walking away from some lessons.

Brief information

Igor Sosin is a Russian billionaire who is known in narrow circles. About him often publishes articles both domestic and foreign press. It is famous for its luxurious life and the fact that it owns very large companies.

Igor for his second wife, Inna, bought the painting “Breakfast at Tiffany”, it is worth noting that the price of the painting exceeds 300 thousand euros. He also purchased a unique dress for Inna, too, for 3.5 million euros.

He is the founder of a large company of goods for comfort and home called "Old Man Hottabych." He is engaged in a large number of business projects, which leads very successfully.


A few words about the millionaire

About his biography Igor Sosin prefers not to spread. It is only known that at the moment he is over 50 years old. Most of the time he spends abroad, in Russia it is extremely rare, and then, with special need. Every year he extends the lease of the four-hectare mansion, which is located in Southampton (United Kingdom).

Small success story

He was able to reach such high heights thanks to the fact that he has an innate commercial "vein", which allows Igor Sosin to easily join new projects and interact with other people. At the same time, he always tries to seek benefits for himself and his partners.


Start your own business

Igor began to build his career in 1993, when the USSR collapsed. He worked as a financier and invested money in various areas, such as real estate or retail chains.

In 2013, he launches the successful New Idea Investment Group, which is an investor in many Russian firms. Since then, the oligarch has 17 large companies under its jurisdiction.

He also owns Modis clothing stores, which number slightly more than 130 and are scattered throughout Russia. He was able to buy the Cats & Dogs pet store chain.

After all this, acquires shares of the company "OBI", which sells non-alcoholic soda. He plans to release it not only on the Russian market, but also to place the goods on the European shelves.

Igor invests in everything that can bring profit. And it is not particularly important in what perspective it will be. At the moment he is a billionaire and he doesn’t care at all, he can stop working, and even his grandchildren will have enough money.


Personal life

The first wife of Igor Sosin was named Anastasia, and she bore him two children - a boy Egor and a girl Taisiya.

But soon the couple divorced, and both children remained to live with their mother for the father's alimony. After the divorce, Igor did not grieve for long, and married in 2013 to Inna, the wedding took place according to all the canons of social life in Monaco.

Igor and Inna Sosina loved each other, as they say expensive gifts, which are discussed earlier. Sosin loves to sail on yachts and devote his free time to entertainment.

A son

As they say, even the rich cry. So such a sad story happened to Igor's first wife. On December 10, 2015, when he and his mother were in the same room, the son of Igor Sosin, Egor, strangled his mother with a wire from the telephone.


As he later confessed to the investigating authorities, he was intoxicated and did not even remember how he killed his own mother. The investigation carried out a number of events in which they found out that he was insane. As a result, the guy was sent to the hospital, where he will undergo treatment.

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