Do you know the weight and height of Malakhov?


At the end of last year, the TV host and showman first became a father. The general public was surprised to realize that this happened when he was 45. Andrei Malakhov looks great, and it causes admiration. He is always smart, stylishly dressed and in excellent physical shape. What is the weight and height of Malakhov? First things first.

The path to the TV screen

In January, the star of domestic television turned 46 years old, of which 26 were given to television. A native of the city of Apatity was born in 1972, January 11. His mother worked in kindergarten, and the boy from early childhood was used to participate in matinees and other festive events. Talent was developed in the school, where he increasingly became the leader. The young man was used to being in the center of attention, he knew the word very well, so he decided to enter the Moscow State University, choosing for himself the profession of a journalist.


Among the best students, Andrew was sent to an internship in the United States, where he worked at the Detroit studio. Having improved his professional skills and perfectly mastered English, the future celebrity returned to the capital. Where did Andrei Malakhov decide to realize his talent? Career growth occurred at ORT, where it all began with writing stories and scripts for TV shows. In 1995, he was invited to Teleutro, where he began to lead the “Style” column.

Real fame

The whole country learned a charismatic leader in the two thousandth. Since 2001, the Big Wash appeared on the screen - a popular talk show where problems of famous people were discussed. Later, "Five Evenings" came to her place. Since 2005, the project has been somewhat modified, turning into a modern program, "Let Them Talk." People literally grew to the screens, watching the complex vicissitudes of human destinies, and they began to associate the leader with the First Channel, calling him his face.


Being ambitious and hardworking, he was simultaneously engaged in a number of projects by Malakhov. The height, weight of the leader was recognized by the whole country, for he personified the face of a real man. The photo shows how the presenter looks next to F. Kirkorov, one of the highest performers of the national stage. Andrey looks rather modest, but in fact Malakhov’s height is 183 cm, and his weight is 80–88 kg, which is very good for a man. In what other projects could you see a TV star?

  • Malakhov + Malakhov (2006);
  • "Lie Detector" (2010-2012);
  • "Flea market" (2015-2016);
  • "Tonight" (2012-2017).

He was invited to host the most popular shows: Eurovision 2009, the gala concert Minutes of Fame (2010) and others. Viewers began to feel that they are familiar with the TV star personally.

About privacy

Andrew always studied well. At the end of the school, a silver medal appeared in his collection, at the end of Moscow State University - a gold medal. An anchorman received a musical education, having mastered the violin, at a mature age he graduated from the second university in order to become legally competent. He is keen on collecting stamps, exclusively on New Year's theme, and planting flowers. This hobby came from Malakhov in the United States.


Also, the TV host always takes care of looking good. He regularly visits the gym, as evidenced by the photo just above. Such people are called metrosexuals. Although the TV star denies having plastic surgery, he understands the public people who resort to this method. Itself uses Botox injections to eliminate fine wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

He understands: his appearance - the subject of interest of fans. The most frequently asked question: "How tall is Andrei Malakhov?" Its 183 cm can look good with almost any girl. But it was not the model that was chosen, but the real businesswoman.

In 2007, Hearst Media holding launched a new project - a magazine about celebrity life. Malakhov was offered to head StarHit, promising an annual income of 5 million rubles. The TV presenter enthusiastically took up a new business for himself, where he met the daughter of the co-owner of the holding, Natalia Shkuleva. A graduate of MGIMO and educated in London, the beautiful blonde was the publisher of the Elle brand. In 2011, the couple played a wedding in Paris, but the couple delayed the birth of the baby until 2017. The professional growth of Malakhov and the activities of his spouse have been a priority for a long time. In November, a boy appeared in the family, named Alexander.


Departure from the First

Another activity Malakhov is teaching. He leads a course at RSTU. In August 2017, on the eve of the birth of the baby, the TV host, whose entire activity is connected with the First Channel, left him. He himself explained this step by the desire to develop further, but the press connects this with the differences that have arisen with the leadership. The presenter allegedly hoped for leave to care for the newborn. His schedule was always so intense that he considered himself entitled to retire for some time to devote time to his family.

But Malakhov’s professional growth continued on the Russia-1 channel, where he currently runs several projects, the main of which is “Live broadcast” - the analogue “Let them talk”.

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