What is a forest?


What was the forest for primitive man? First of all, it is a source of food. And also the beginning of work: gathering for women, hunting and fishing - for men. Thus, there was a distribution of work among members.


tribe. The forest defined the national character of the architecture: for the ancient Slavs, the log building was a typical building. Until today, in rural areas, houses are built from this material, and its choice is determined by environmental friendliness.

What is a forest during the Great Conquest? Excellent protection against the expansion of regular troops, usually with battle tactics in open spaces. Free tribes living in wooded areas, in small associations, could have completely routed a well-trained and trained army. And many years later, during the Great Patriotic War, Soviet forces continued to operate in wooded places in the occupied territories of Belarus and Ukraine in the forests.

What is a forest these days? Of course, these are the “lungs” of our planet. It is they who are most involved in the oxygen cycle in the Earth’s atmosphere. Due to the huge mass of forests, the necessary proportion of this gas is maintained, which is able to ensure the vital activity of living beings.


However, in recent decades there has been an increased accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the occurrence of the greenhouse effect. Only the forest ecosystem is able to solve these problems and give a chance to the population of the planet to find a way to restore balance.

The fuller the biomass of vegetation, that is, the richer the forest tiers, the greater the concentration of carbon dioxide. Due to this, plant tracts are able to remove from the atmosphere this substance harmful for living beings and prevent the development of the greenhouse effect. 92% of carbon dioxide is concentrated in forest ecosystems.

What is a forest for human activities? Of course, it remains a source of food: honey, game, mushrooms, berries. Still relevant "forest source of energy" - firewood. The material for the construction of houses and other buildings - wood - to this day successfully competes with others, thanks to its environmental friendliness, comfort and coziness. It is also a source of raw materials for various industries. Also important is the participation of the forest in the regulation of natural processes: wind-shelter belts help to preserve the fertility of the earth.


But, unfortunately, from year to year the volume of logging is growing, exceeding the natural and artificial reforestation. In many countries where environmental issues are taken seriously, not only are planted trees planted systematically, but they also completely prohibit any logging in some areas. Whether private or industrial billets. Thanks to these sanctions, forest biomass in these countries is not reduced. For example, in Germany there is a "primeval forest", the age of trees in which reaches four hundred years. It has never carried out any cutting work. Probably, the Russians should seriously think about their forest.

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