What are forest plants. Plant with edible fruits: how not to be mistaken


The forest always attracts people with its beauty. He served people as shelter, gave food, protected from dangers. Today, man no longer needs to protect the forest. He comes under his shelter to recharge energy and stock up on vitamins, which in abundance give forest wealth. The plant with edible fruits can be found in any corner of the green array.

However, the forest can be fraught with dangers. This refers not only to wild animals, but also to poisonous plants, which are difficult to distinguish from medicinal or simply edible. It is important to know them in person to minimize the risk of error. In nature, a sufficient number of forest berries. Plant with edible fruits - the names and special characteristics of the most common berries in our latitudes are presented below - you need to be able to distinguish.

Blackberries - forest berries

A plant with edible fruits (there are wild and domestic plantings) can often be confused with poisonous ones. However, this is not a blackberry talk. This shrub is known even to children, thanks to its special fruits. Outwardly, they are very similar to the fruits of raspberry, but differ in color and slightly exceed their size. The color of blackberry berries is black, with a bluish bloom that cannot be confused with other berries. Blackberries ripen in the period from August to September.

The distribution area of ​​this shrub is quite large. He prefers places on the banks of rivers, fields and water meadows, which are abundant throughout the European territory of Russia, in Western Siberia, in the Caucasus and in Central Asia.



The berries of this common in Russia, the Crimea and the Caucasus plants have long been famous for their beneficial properties. Therefore, in this case, the question does not arise which berries to avoid, and which ones to eat. Forest (a plant with edible fruits of this berry successfully grows in garden plots) dogwood thickets are particularly pleased with those who in season collect whole buckets of a unique product for fresh use and for rolling in for the winter. Its juicy fruits reach a size of three centimeters and have a cylindrical pear-shaped or oval shape. These sweet and sour tart fruits of red, yellow or ruby ​​color can not be confused with any other. The process of ripening berries occurs from August to October. The astringent taste of fully ripe fruits is slightly reduced compared to unripe ones.


This low shrub with dark green leaves prefers to grow in the swamps, so it can almost always be found in the forest or tundra zone of Russia. Cranberries - what are they? Forest. A plant with edible fruits, so beloved in the Russian outback, almost always grows only in the wild. Coming into the forest, you can safely feast on cranberries, because it is not at all difficult to distinguish these useful berries from other forest plants. First of all, these red berries do not hide under the leaves, so it will be easy to notice and find them. Fruits ripen in September, but you can not particularly rush to collect these berries. They have the ability to remain under the snow, besides many connoisseurs argue that overwintered berries are much sweeter. Autumn berries are harder, unlike those that can be found immediately after the snow melts. The only drawback of spring picking berries is that they cannot be stored for a long time.


Black elderberry

This plant has been able to spread widely in our latitudes, namely throughout the European part of Russia, in Ukraine, in Belarus, and also in the Caucasus. After all, it is in these regions that the fertile lands are ideally suited for this bush. The ideal conditions for black elderberry are deciduous forests, although sometimes it can be found in mixed with coniferous. It is necessary to search for bushes of elder black on edges or in underbrush.

There are several varieties of elderberry, so it is important to know exactly what can be picked, which forest berries? A plant with edible fruits of elderberry is not much different from those species that need to be bypassed. The main difference between a useful black elderberry and its close relative, elderberry red, is the color of the fruit. The berries of the poisonous plant have a rich red color, while the edible fruits have a black color with a purple tint, with a juicy flesh of red-purple color.

Black elderberry berries are very small, but they are collected in large clusters. Their ripening period is August and September, but they remain on the branches until the leaves fall.



This type of plant belongs to the grass. The favorite place of its growth is peat bogs and boggy forests, therefore cloudberries can be found in the forests of Russia, Siberia and the Far East.

How to distinguish berries cloudberries from many other forest fruits? This is a collective drupe, which, after maturation, becomes amber-yellow. At the beginning of the ripening period, cloudberries may have a reddish color. There are many fans of the sour-spicy, wine taste of these berries.


Near the berries of cloudberries it is very often possible to meet other forest berries, a plant with edible fruits - lingonberries. This evergreen shrub with branched stems is small, but its thickets can reach several kilometers.

The fruits of this plant are small, have a round shape and are painted in a bright, rich red color. Like most forest plants, lingonberries ripen in August and September.

Most often lingonberry can be found in spruce and pine forests, although it is also found in deciduous, and even tundra. The area of ​​its distribution - almost the entire territory of Russia.


The turn

Other, unique forest fruits can be found in the European part of Russia, in the Caucasus and in Western Siberia. Plant with edible fruits, its name - turn, or blackthorn. Its dense, prickly, impassable thickets can be found in ravines, on forest edges, near rivers and along roads.

Thornberry berries are quite small. They have a round shape, refer to odnostianka. The color of the fruit is dark blue, with a wax coating. Tart-sour turn berries ripen quite late - in August and September, besides, they keep on the branches until spring. After the onset of the first frost, the black berries lose their tartness. Blackthorn is very fertile.


Blueberry - favorite forest berries

The plant with edible fruits, blueberries, is considered native Russian. The fact is that almost all the world's reserves of this useful berry grow in Russia. Most often, this shrub can be found in the North, the Far East, although it is sometimes found in the Baltic countries, Ukraine and the Caucasus. Blueberries are capable of forming solid wastelands in which there is no place for the tree layer. Dark blue bilberries have a waxy coating. Very often this plant is confused with its close relative - blueberries. Their appearance - the fruits and leaves - are really very similar, however, the taste of the fruits of these plants is significantly different.


One of the riches of our nature - forest berries. A plant with edible fruits can replenish the diet, you can feast on tasty and healthy berries while hiking in the forest. They will help to satisfy hunger and saturate the body with vitamins. Some plants - strawberries, raspberries, wild roses - are not listed, because they are known to everyone since childhood, and they are often grown in home gardens.

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