Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Way to success


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, most recently was a simple girl building relationships with a member of the royal family of Great Britain, the eldest son of Lady Dee - William. And the whole world saw how from Cinderella she became almost a real princess. One would like to say that they lived happily ever after. But did it all start so smoothly?

Kate Middleton, when she didn’t know yet what awaited her in the future, entered the same university where William had already studied. It was there that they met, although the romantic relationship did not start immediately. Only in 2004, they became a couple, although 2 years before that they, together with several friends, lived under the same roof. Whether there was something between them at that moment is unknown. Time passed, but Kate did not receive a marriage proposal, although to everyone around her she seemed a very suitable pair to the heir to the throne: elegant, sweet, friendly and restrained - the embodiment of English virtue. For this Kate got the nickname "waity Katy" - "waiting for Katie."

In 2007, there were rumors about the separation of the Prince and Cinderella. Whether there really was a gap is unknown, one way or another, but in 2010, Kate still waited for the proposal. Until the moment when she became known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, it was not very long. In April 2011, people from all over the world watched the beautiful wedding, which seemed to end


fairy tale. But that was only the beginning.

Some time after the wedding, rumors began to circulate that the Duchess of Cambridge, whose news of the pregnancy everyone was looking forward to, was fruitless. Of course, there were no comments on this. Kate continued to attend various events, appear in public and be seen by photographers. The Duchess of Cambridge, whose outfits often echoed Lady Diana’s style, showed no signs of pregnancy even in the most tight-fitting dresses.

And then she went to the hospital, and the nurse


blurted out that soon the heir to the royal family will appear. Kate remained all the same cheerful and charming and continued to regularly appear at public events. At one of them, she allegedly blurted out what was waiting for her daughter. Was this an attempt to introduce intrigue and confuse everyone? Maybe. But on July 22, a week and a half after the expected date, a healthy and rather large boy was born, who was named George.

It is believed that he is already the most famous baby in the world, even before his birth, articles about him appeared in several sections of Wikipedia.


And the Duchess of Cambridge did not become embarrassed and hide her still quite big belly after giving birth, having won the approval of the British women. Already on the second day after birth, she showed the newborn prince to photographers and those gathered at the hospital. Becoming a mother, she became more beautiful. And is this not happiness? A simple girl from a wealthy family entered the royal family, received the title. Now Kate, the duchess of Cambridge, is an example of style for many women. She has a family, a newborn son. And I really want to hope that this tale will end with the traditional words "they lived happily ever after and died on the same day."

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