The most expensive homes in the world. Forbes ranking leaders


The condition of the owners of the most expensive living space is estimated astronomical amounts. Only billionaires can afford to build or buy the most expensive homes in the world. According to Forbes - one of the most authoritative economic publications that make up various ratings, including luxury real estate, the most expensive house on the planet is the Antilla mansion worth $ 1 billion.

The most expensive houses in the world. Three leaders

Antilla Mansion is a high-rise building, named after the mythical ghost island, lost in the Atlantic. It has 27 floors, but it could fit all 60, but the customer, Mukesh Ambani, founder and general director of a large industrial conglomerate, insisted on high ceilings. At the request of Ambani, a businessman whose fortune is estimated at $ 21.5 billion, the architects expressed in metal structures the idea of ​​the necessity and importance of constant growth. The residential complex is located in the city of Mumbai (India).

The most expensive houses in the world, as a rule, include many rooms designed to perform a variety of functions, but what is in the Antilla mansion is astounding. The high-rise building has hanging gardens, helipads, a fitness center, a cinema, and an underground garage that accommodates 168 cars, a cooling room and other facilities to meet the needs of Ambani family members.


Villa Leopolda, located on the Cote d'Azur, ranks second in the list of "The most expensive houses in the world." Its cost is approximately 750 million dollars. Built by the Belgian monarch Leopold II, the villa belongs to the widow of banker Edmond Safra. Beach, swimming pool, olive grove, cypress and lemon trees - the little that is not hidden from public view. It is known that the building includes 11 bedrooms.


Fair Field Estate is a luxury home worth about $ 248 million, located in the Hamptons, a fashionable Long Island countryside area. The owner of Fair Field Estate is American billionaire Ira René, who is an excellent role model for young people. Before opening her own company, Ira Rene worked for a long time diligently with an investment corporation. When I earned the first billion, I decided to build a mansion on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The huge residential complex, called the businessman’s house, includes 3 living rooms, 29 bedrooms, a room for the owner’s art collection, a greenhouse, 3 pools, a gym and 39 bathrooms. On the territory of extensive ownership is a helipad and five tennis courts.


The most luxurious houses in England and the USA

The most expensive houses in the world are elite real estate, for which their owners paid fabulous money. These expensive buildings are located on different continents. Thus, the list of the richest houses includes the following houses in the USA:

  • Ellison Estate - Larry Ellison's Japanese-style manor (California);
  • Broken O Ranch - Stanley Kronke Ranch (Montana);
  • Blossom Estate - possessions of a famous investor Ken Griffin in Florida;
  • Xanadu 2.0 is the home of Microsoft creator Bill Gates.

Kensington Palace Gardens - London property of Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mitalla, One Hyde Park - apartments of Ukrainian magnate Rinat Akhmetov and Lindsay House - Roman Abramovich's estate on Billionaires Street, represent the most expensive houses in the world located in the British capital.

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