Sinyuha - Kolyvansky mountain range. Description, interesting facts and nature


Each of the Altai mountain peaks is unique. They combine pristine beauty and mysterious power. Since ancient times, the Malaya Sinyukha mountain has attracted not only travelers. Those who visited it are sure that the top is sacred. Why it happens? What secret does Sinyuha keep (mountain)? We will discuss this further.


general information

The highest point of the Kolyvansky range in the Kuryinsky district is popularly called Sinyukha. What is the reason such a name is not difficult to guess. At an altitude of 1210 meters, the air is already a little thin. Therefore, from a distance a high hill covered with a virgin forest acquires a slightly bluish tint.

Interest to the top was manifested repeatedly. And now she takes in people of different classes. First of all, these are natural scientists and geologists. Near the mountain is the famous stone-cutting plant. Since the beginning of the 18th century, it was known that the breed mined here is of particular value. She began to actively process.

Sinyukha Mountain (height - 1210 m) is located in the very south of the Altai Territory, which explains its unusually rich flora. Fairy relief never ceases to amaze. And those trees and flowers that are found on the slopes, you will not see anywhere else. Most of them are very rare. They are listed in the Red Book of Russia.


Land of Pilgrimage

But the biggest secret in their depths is hiding Cyanosis. The mountain is a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of Orthodox believers. This is a kind of open-air temple, allowing not only to touch the skies, but also to think about being, admiring the surroundings from a height.

In 1997, a sacred cross was installed on top. Here the rock appears in such a way that it forms an unusual granite bowl of regular rounded shape. The real grail! And since the mountain is considered sacred, the water here has tremendous energy. Despite the fact that it eats thawed snow, rainfall, being in a standing state, the liquid never spoils and does not go out. Granite bowl is great. But thanks to the crystal clear water, you can see its most hidden depths.


At the top of the rock under the influence of the wind acquired a completely unusual shape. From a distance it seems that these are real walls and columns. Some clerics even retell the legend of the deity who lived in this half-ruined "house." Now the pilgrimage to the summit is carried out annually after the feast of the Holy Trinity. All those who wish, along with the clergy, climb the mountain to cleanse the soul, to drink from the holy spring. It is believed that after this the whole year there will be no diseases, and it will be easy for the soul.


Cyanopus can boast of stunning flora: the mountain simply amazes with its vegetation. We can say that she came to us from prehistoric time. Somewhere between the dinosaur era and the Ice Age, all the Altai mountain ranges were covered with such forests as on the slope of Sinyukha Mountain. These are unusual green areas. There are no usual larch and cedar. But then abundant sprouts are the bird cherry tree, mountain ash, kalgan, and even beauty-viburnum. It is surprising that in this part of the plant survived from that ancient era. Now they are considered relict and need special protection. This is Pallas Mertentia, Krylov's Forget-Me-Not, maral root, Rhodiola rosea, poppy naked.



The Sinyukha Mountain (Altai Territory) is attractive at any time of the year. The description of its slopes is found in the works of pioneers in the early 18th century. Now the routes are quite simple and do not present much difficulty. You can get to the beginning of the pedestrian path from the village of Kolyvan (8 km) or the village of March 8 (2 km). Then there are two options for the path - on the north-western or northeast slope. The Sinyukha (Altai) mountain is located in the Kuryinsky district. How to get to the nearest villages? Come by bus or by car. You can stop for the night in the bases "Kolyvan-tour" and "The God-Man". On the lake is camping "Zagis".

Northwest Route

The first path is considered more interesting. The route goes along several sights. The first is the Kolyvanstroy tract. Here, in the 18th century, the first plant specializing in copper smelting was located. It existed until the 60s of the last century, extracting tungsten and molybdenum. Further along the path there is a beautiful Mokhovoe lake. Even higher - an abandoned granite quarry. Here, tourists must stop, because from this place you can admire the dark-tailed taiga, sprouting on the slopes of the mountains. The first path is very colorful. First you need to go along an abandoned road, and then - to make your way along a narrow forest path through majestic trees and dense thicket.

Northeast route

This route begins its journey from Bely Lake. The road immediately leads to the virgin forest. Difficulty can only create a protracted climb, waiting for the lake. But for those who are used to difficulties, this is not a problem. But here you can see a few burial mounds. Their age dates back to the 3-1 century BC. These are archaeological monuments of the first settlers that were engaged in mining and processing of metals in Altai. There was even the first settlement of craftsmen.

In the Middle Ages, a convent appeared on the site of the settlement. He existed flesh until Soviet times. And at the beginning of the last century was destroyed. Now in this place is a memorial sign. Another important monument of sacred culture is the holy source. It is located just north of the monastery. This point is a must-see for pilgrims.


Power of perfume

Locals believe that all natural forces are controlled by spirits living on the summit called Sinyukha. The mountain is capricious, like a woman. One day, her mood changes several times. It is sunny and clear, and after half an hour it is already gloomy and cold. By evening, the peak again shines, but a bad word or look - and it is already raging, directing gusts of wind and thunderclouds towards the village.

Therefore, the inhabitants of the surrounding settlements are very superstitious. They are sure that before the start of the ascent it is necessary to cajole the mountain by turning to the spirits. If you chose this route for the weekend, remember that your success depends on the power of the prayer. Kindle a fire, cook a delicious lunch and hot tea, sing a song about happiness. And then good luck and good weather will become faithful and reliable companions.

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