Pump gun IZH-81: characteristics, photos


Today, the Russian weapons industry for the needs of hunters produced a wide range of different rifle models. The rifles of the pump group are in great demand among the consumers. The first Russian pomp is the IZH-81 rifle. The Soviet hunter could only see this model in foreign action films. And only in the late 80s the production of the pump was established at the IzhMech plant. Description, tactical and technical characteristics and device pump gun IZH-81 presented in the article.

Meet the pomp

According to weapons experts, the IL-81 gun can be considered the foremost in the group of pump action models. In the West, these products are used by both hunters and law enforcement officers. Very popular are the pumps in the USA. Soviet weapons designers analyzed the experience of such well-known manufacturers as Remington, Winchester and Mosberg. Soon the Russian hunter also received his pump-action weapon.

About recharging

According to experts, guns of the pump group unites one principle of reloading. In order to reload the weapon, the arrow must be distorted back and forth.


This principle is also used in the IZH-81 hunting rifle. Unlike the automatic model, which uses the energy of powder gases, the owner himself has to juggle the bolt, throw out the spent cartridges and send in new ammunition.

How does it work?

After the shot was made, the forearm moves back, as a result of which the receiver channel opens. Simultaneously extracted from the chamber of the cartridge case. Submission from the store of the new patron and platoon trigger takes place automatically. In order to send ammunition in the chamber, you need to move the handguard forward. Judging by the reviews of the owners, IL-81 has a high recharge rate.


About design features of the IZH-81 gun

This model is made in various versions and has a wide range of purposes. The IZH-81 rifle is equipped with a special locking system, which is represented by a sliding bolt, a special wedge connected to the barrel coupling. Due to this design feature completely eliminates the pressure of the formed powder gases on the receiver box. In models of pumps equipped with a different locking system, the owners have an absolutely opposite effect. Due to its wide functionality, the external form of IL-81 is presented in several versions. For some pump shotguns the presence of butts is not provided. There are also guns that use folding butts.

About materials

For the manufacture of trunks used strong weapon steel, which is used in the manufacture of Kalashnikov assault rifles. Inside the barrel channel contains a chrome finish. For receiver boxes use not ordinary weapon steel, but a special aluminum alloy, thanks to which the pump weight is lightened. According to experts, in order to reduce the impact of the bolt mechanism on the box, the weapons designers had to abandon the use of heavy metals. In the manufacture of butts used plastic and wood walnut, beech or birch.


About tactical and technical characteristics

  • The IZH-81 gun is manufactured at a mechanical plant in Izhevsk.
  • The length of the trunk varies from 56 to 70 cm.
  • Caliber rifle IL-81: 12 mm.
  • The length of the chamber is 76 mm.
  • The basic model of the gun is equipped with 4 rounds. There are also options for 6 and 7 ammunition.
  • The weight of IL-81, depending on the modification, can vary from 3.2 to 3.5 kg.

About the merits

Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, IZH-81 pumps have good resistance to corrosive processes. Also, the design of the weapon allows for the rapid replacement of butts and handles. The rivet is equipped with several trunks, which is appreciated by many hunters. In addition, if necessary, the shooter can charge the gun with ammunition of 76 and 70 mm.

About disadvantages

According to the owners, in the IZH-81 guns the assembly of parts was not sufficiently high. In some burrs there are difficulties during reloading, which is caused by the presence of only one thrust. In addition, it often breaks, causing the forearm to warp.

About modifications

In the modern weapons market, the Izh-81 hunting pump-action gun is available in several versions:

  • The basic model IL-81. The product is equipped with a barrel, 70 cm long. In this embodiment, 12/70 mm ammunition is used. Butt in the gun non-removable.
  • IL-81M. The weapon is a modification of IL-81. The new model differs from the base model in that it uses reinforced Magnum 12/76 mm ammunition.
  • IL-81 "Jaguar". This rifle model is used mainly in security structures. In addition, Jaguar is used by law enforcement officers. For the gun butt is not provided. Unlike the standard pump gun, the Jaguar is equipped with a pistol grip and a shortened barrel, the length of which does not exceed 560 mm.


  • IL-81 "Fox Terrier". This model as well as Jaguar was created exclusively for security and law enforcement structures. The differences between the guns are minor. In the Fox Terrier, the trunk is slightly longer and is 60 cm. In addition, high-strength plastic is used to make rifles.
  • IL-81K. This model pump-action shotgun is equipped with a box magazine, designed for 4 ammunition. The length of the barrel increased to 70 cm. For a gun provided ammunition 12/70 mm.
  • IL-81KM. Tactical and technical characteristics of this model and the previous ones are similar. Differences touched only the size of the ammunition. The IL-81 KM uses reinforced 12/76 mm Magnum cartridges.
  • IL-82 "Baikal". This pump is based on IL-81. For the new gun is characterized by the presence of a tubular box magazine and selector switch.

What countries are operated in?

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, IZH-81 pump-action rifles are armed by officers of the Bosna Police Special Forces. A batch of pumps was also purchased for law enforcement in Bangladesh. In Kazakhstan, the IL-81 guns are armed with customs officers and private security agencies. In Russia, as a service weapon, private security agencies used this model from 1992 to 2006. Today IL-81 is classified as a civilian pump-action shotgun.

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