Olga Migunova: biography of a psychic


Now it has become fashionable to show some kind of extrasensory abilities. There were even special programs where supermen fight with each other. And always in the total mass it is possible to single out those who were really touched by a higher power. For example, Olga Migunova. Someone will not say this name at all, and many people will remember Messing himself. Does this woman have strength? Should I believe her words? Information from the biography of Migunova will help answer this question.


Briefly about the main thing

It is known that Olga Migunova is a Russian psychotherapist, hypnotist and healer. In addition, she is the Honored Artist of Russia. Olga Migunova was born and raised in the Far East, in the city of Blagoveshchensk. The key moment in her biography was a visit to the speech of the famous Soviet hypnotist Wolf Messing. By the way, the ancestors of Migunova also practiced healing, and the psychic knew about it. He himself invited the girl to the stage and offered to work along with the training. Then the girl still bore the name Voropaeva, and for almost five years she and Messing traveled together around the country with the program “Psychological Experiments”.



After marriage, the girl became Olga Petrovna Migunova, received a variety education and began to speak independently, as Messing died. Then she became close friends with Valentina Tolkunova and Joseph Kobzon. She became a doctor of medical sciences, a certified psychotherapist. Already in 1992, the Olga Migunova Cultural and Medical Center appeared, where group and individual consultations and hypnosis sessions were held. Migunova herself was called the "White Shaman".


By the way, this is the name of the autobiographical series, which started shooting in 2016. The project was directed by Alexander Ivankin, known for the TV series "Crossroads of Fate" and "Blade of a Razor".

About the center

Olga Migunova in her center offers assistance in carrying out psychological relief. In particular, it helps to activate the protective function of the body, relieve psychophysical stress, get rid of overwork, nervousness and obsessive fear. In addition, the center eliminates the effects of stress, conducts memory training, improves performance and adjusts to positive. We can say that the center is a real spa for the soul. Since 1992, the center has helped thousands of residents of Russia and the CIS countries. This is vividly shown by analyzes of former patients and positive reviews of treatment methods. The president of the center is Migunova herself, who today has the title of doctor of medical sciences, professor and academician, as well as the president of the International Academy of hypnosis and eniomedicine. Her unique gift and achieved results are regularly approved by the specialists of the sphere.


Artist or psychic?

Olga Migunova began her creative biography at the age of 16, and at 45, she achieved absolute recognition. She turns her performances into a real enchanting spectacle, and therefore there are logical doubts that a woman has a gift from above. But after all, the great magician Wolf Messing, who spent five years giving her the secrets of mastery, noticed the extraordinary abilities in Migunova. At the same time, he taught her to work with the public, and already further in the state concert tour association “Rosconcert” she honed her skills.

In 1970, Migunova was invited to work solo at home, in the Amur Region, and she traveled all over the country for 11 years, from Taimyr to Ratmanov Island.


The secret of success

Today Migunova is the only female hypnotist on the stage. Olga Migunova - Messing's student, and the only one. Messing already in acquaintance made several prophecies, which came true with accuracy. In particular, Olga married a military man, divorced him and still remained with him. Even married without long courtship, as predicted by Wolf Messing. Together, the couple lived 42 years and went their separate ways. As a result, the family was saved, but the marriage broke up. On tour with Migunova everything happened. There were speeches on Damansky Island on the eve of an armed conflict with China. Then there were events in Czechoslovakia and concerts on the island of Ratmanov. Once at the plane where Olga flew, the door fell off! And then I had to take delivery right on the plane!

Messing's legacy

How did the influence of such a mentor on the girl? Has Olga Migunova formed a psychic? The people are sure that the woman has a gift. Migunova left not only the metaphysical, but also the material legacy of Messing, for example, a crystal ball, a ring, books. Migunova believes that the teacher has surpassed only in medicine. But the woman does not like to predict, she vowed to do it after she saw with certainty the death of her mother. She urges people not to go to fortune-tellers and not to try to find out their fate in advance. Psychic Migunova looks very good for his age. He believes that there is a merit of Messing; he taught her to enjoy life, not to go across it. She recovered more than once after serious blows of fate.

Migunova masters the skill of hypnosis perfectly, and she always devotes the most difficult numbers to her teacher. Olga considers her talisman to be a kind of note that scientists have only recently deciphered. In the note, Messing blessed the talented student on an independent path in the field.


For work

And how does Olga Migunova work? Biography of the psychic replete with bright moments. She owns lightning hypnosis, which only infants and schizophrenics do not succumb to; able to perform gypsy hypnosis based on tactile contact. At her sessions, people can get scared, really start choking, if the illusion covers with the head. Once Migunova was able to make a dumb girl speak. Her mother kissed psychic hands. Under the influence of hypnosis, psoriasis, eczema and stuttering are treated. Migunova pulled herself out after a severe stroke, saved Katyusha Gagarin, the granddaughter of a famous cosmonaut. Olga Migunova strongly advises to try self-hypnosis, which we often call self-suggestion. Every morning you need to praise yourself, predict the coming day in the best colors and get up with a smile. The cosmos listens to us, and everything goes the way we want in this case.

What do patients say?

Reviews about Olga Migunova leave not only ladies and gentlemen, but also people of the younger age group, because her help knows no bounds. Migunova works with diseases of the nervous system, skin and stomach diseases. She deals with problems in the field of gynecology, the genitourinary system. She is able to cure such a common problem of our time, which is vegetative-vascular dystonia. It also takes on sensitive topics, such as sexual dysfunction, alcohol or tobacco addiction. And of course, it helps in a situation where weight correction is required. Migunova's methods positively note not only psychic colleagues, but also representatives of modern medicine. In addition, the work Migunova marked by government awards, and she herself has hundreds of letters. Patients go to the reception to the miracle woman from all over Russia and not only. The center receives hundreds of letters of thanks and good wishes. People say that the sessions of the psychic feel the warmth and love of people. From Migunova comes a gentle, but intense flow of energy. She is touching and attentive to people, gives motivation to achieve the goal.

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