What wolves eat in different habitats


A wolf is a predatory beast from the Canine family. The length of the body together with the tail reaches 160 cm, and the height at the withers is up to 90 cm. The weight of such a beast is about 62 kg. According to scientists who have studied genes and DNA, the wolf is the ancestor of an ordinary dog. Previously, there were more animals than now. The reasons for the decrease in numbers are changes in the natural landscape, extermination and urbanization. There are territories where wolves are on the verge of extinction. In the north of the mainland, their population remains stable. Although there are fewer wolves, there are places where these animals pose a danger to livestock and villagers. Therefore, the hunt for such animals is still allowed.


Ancient predator - the wolf

The marriage time of the animal comes at the end of winter, approximately in February. Very often, wolf couple couples are kept for life. Pregnancy duration - on average, 65 days. A wolf gives birth to two to fourteen cubs. On average - five kids. The first months the family feeds the father. He brings food, regurgitates half-digested food to feed the mother of the family and the young. First, of course, babies eat milk, but from 1.5 months. begin to eat regular food. By August, they weigh about ten kilograms, and since September they go hunting together with their parents.


And what do wolves eat? As a rule, they eat animals, both domestic and wild. These can be deer, hares, wild boars, marmots, horses, beavers, as well as elks, muskrats, and cows. If he cannot find such food, then the wolf eats frogs and lizards. On average, one such predator eats about two kilograms of meat per day. A very hungry wolf can eat 12 kg of meat in one sitting. All that is not finished, he hides in a secluded place. If he gets hungry, he always comes to his own stash and eats up the rest. On the ground, the predator is oriented with the help of smell and hearing, since the wolf has poorly developed eyesight, although at night it sees better than a dog.


So what do wolves eat? Their diet depends on the habitat. These can be lemmings, voles, as well as larger animals: deer, wild boars and moose. By the way, predators hunt large prey in groups.

Plant food

What does a wolf eat in the forest except meat? This predator gladly eats berries and nuts, as well as some plants. Also, wolves are looking for and eating bird eggs.

Since such a predator has well-developed conditioned reflexes, it quickly adapts to any situation.


What else do wolves eat? Usually these predators hunt only wild animals, but due to the lack of food they can attack domestic ones - goats, sheep and calves. If the wolf is already old and sick, then he chooses easier prey. For example, having run into the village, he lures the local dogs, and then pretends to run away. The dog, of course, runs after him, and he turns around and attacks her.

What eats a wolf that lives in the steppe?

Its diet consists mainly of meat, although it also sometimes uses vegetable food. But, inhabiting the steppes, these predators make forays into melons and watermelon melons, satisfying not so much hunger as thirst, because wolves need regular, and a sufficiently abundant watering. There is, of course, such an animal and favorite food in the steppes - gazelles and saigas, and in the forest-steppe - roe deer.

What does a wolf feed on in winter? Note that in this period of the year such predators become particularly bloodthirsty. As a rule, their diet does not change, only it becomes harder to get food. In winter, in the forest in flocks, they mainly attack roe deer, wild boar and hares.

Wolves are often found on hunting grounds, because here you can always eat wounded, but not shot, animals, and even the remnants of the people caught prey.

These predatory animals are more active at night. During the hunt, they show an incredible trick. The pack is divided into two groups. One hides in ambush, and the second attacks. Forwards run on the heels of prey, and the second group rushes to intercept.


We looked at what the wolves eat ordinary. Now consider the diet of other predators of this species.

Polar Wolf Feeding

This predator lives in the Arctic, with the exception of those places where there is ice. As a rule, such an animal is kept in flocks consisting of ten individuals. What does a wolf eat in the tundra? Reindeer, hares and other small animals.

What eat red wolves?

These animals live in the mountains. They hunt during the daytime. As a rule, they attack large animals, but small ones also sometimes form part of their diet. Their food includes small rodents, antelopes, bulls, deer and lizards.

Hunting is not allowed for the red wolves, as they are on the verge of extinction, therefore these predators are listed in the Red Book as a disappearing species. The exact cause of their death is unknown. But scientists claim that the cause is gray wolves. They live where they are red, but much stronger than them. Therefore, the latter could not stand the competition with the first. This is only an assumption, there are no exact facts about this.

Diet of Maned Wolves

These predators are the largest of the Canine family. Maned wolves live in Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil and Bolivia. Such predators do not live in packs, but in pairs. Hunting is also a pair. Their diet consists not only of food of animal origin, they also consume various plants. Most often, their victims are reptiles, small rodents and insects.

And they feed on snails, birds and bird eggs. In addition, maned wolves eat guavas and bananas. By the way, there were cases when these predators attacked domestic animals (sheep, pigs and others).

Red Wolf and Wildlife


These wolves are the rarest of all canids. They are listed in the International Red Book. Their lifestyle is similar to that of ordinary wolves. They inhabit prairies, marshes and mountainous areas in the eastern part of the United States. They live in packs somewhat less than a pack of gray wolves. Their diet also consists not only of food of animal origin, but also of vegetable matter. As a rule, animals such as rabbits, raccoons, rodents, and occasionally deer become their victims. In addition, they eat carrion and various fruits. Note that these predators themselves can become prey for red lynx or alligators.

In the article we described in detail what a wolf eats in the forest and other habitats. The more we know about the world around us, the more carefully we treat it.

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