Modern man as a carrier of the culture of his people


Anyone born in this world with mother's milk absorbs the national culture, masters the native language. The life order and traditions of the people become his personal way of life. Thus, man, as the bearer of the culture of his people, organically grows together with it. Unfortunately, in modern life this unity does not always justify itself.

Society and wealth

First, consider the person himself. Separately, each of us is decent, courageous, conscientious and responsible. In the same case, if a person is placed in a team that constantly removes him from making decisions based on his personal conscience, he becomes much worse.

Many believe that the person, as the bearer of the culture of his people, is in close union with all the social aspects of life. But it is not so! Naturally, any material object is created by people exclusively for the achievement of a specific goal. However, any thing, as well as a social phenomenon, also carries its own natural purpose. It is subject to independent laws. Take, for example, the versatility of the use of tools.


Moreover, it should be recognized that as society formed, commodity fetishism became a characteristic sign of the predominance of things over the world of man.

Versatility is not only inherent in political or material phenomena. It is also common in the spiritual sphere of society. It is no coincidence that Nicholas Roerich once said on this occasion: "Culture is the heart."

Language and culture are inextricably linked.

Culture is tantamount to, as is language - it is an integral part of consciousness that conveys the individual worldview of people. Unfortunately, lately, most people relate to their native language, to put it mildly, negligently. If not so long ago we openly laughed at the “abundance” of the vocabulary of Ellochka Ogre, today it does not cause a smile.

The problem is that many young people do not understand the main thing at all - culture without literate speech is impossible. The social nature of the language manifests itself in close contact of its carrier with life and is impossible without the formation of a speech collective, where it is used as a tool for communication.

Between language and reality is a thinking person, as the bearer of the culture of his people. Consequently, the fundamental components that cannot exist one without the other are culture, language and thinking. Together, they are tied to the real world, subordinated to it, confronting it and, in parallel, creating it.


Linguistic heritage

Undoubtedly, the interaction of cultures has been and always will be! Such natural coexistence usually leads to their mutual mutual enrichment. When a person learns a foreign language, he absorbs the culture of the speakers of this language. On the original picture of the world of native culture, an additional one is layered, highlighting new facets and obscuring previous ones.

According to statistics, foreign language teachers, who have been working for more than 30 years, acquire the characteristic features inherent in the culture of the languages ​​they teach. Virtually all languages ​​of the world are interconnected. And without that, the richest Russian language, unfortunately, is too actively replenished with a multitude of foreign words and definitions. However, man, as the bearer of the culture of his people, tries to preserve his individuality.

Brotherhood of nations

The ability of one people to comprehend the achievements of another is an important sign of the viability of its culture. This ability not only enriches, reforming the vital foundations of the nation, but also gives the opportunity to generously share their spiritual traditions. It guarantees mutual understanding and helps to eliminate international conflicts.


The national culture of peoples has additional subcultures - demographic and social groups or segments of the population. This is expressed in their lifestyle, behavior and thinking, which are different from the generally accepted norms of the nation. A vivid example of this: youth movements, the underworld, religious movements. Sometimes supporters of subcultures are in a tough opposition and come into confrontation with the rest of society.

Naturally, not everyone can be liked in the current culture, just as not all the wealth of ancient folk wisdom is worth getting rid of. However, the preservation or restoration of undeservedly forgotten traditions for any nation, first of all, should be dictated by progress, and not by the desire to preserve their originality by all means. Naturally, it is possible to lament over the lost, however, it is not necessary, for the sake of its preservation, to reject other benefits of civilization.

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