Journalist Bozena Rynska - biography, personal life and interesting facts.


The biography of Bozhena Rynskaya, a scandalously famous Russian journalist, is full of mysteries and contradictory facts. Their origin is also unclear - whether information is "thrown" into the media by the girl's detractors, or she herself, wanting to always be "on the lips." Anyway, it is very interesting to understand the secrets of Bozena.


Childhood and youth

Bozena was born on January 20, 1975 in Leningrad. Her mother, Alla Konstantinovna, taught mathematics, and her father, Lev Isaakovich, was a power engineer. Parents divorced when the girl was still at school, since then the father is not present in the life of Bozena. Her relationship with her mother also did not work out, as if her parents had been deleted from her biography.

By nationality Bozhena Rynska is Russian, although there are people who doubt it. As it turns out, nothing.

All childhood Bozena spent in his hometown. She graduated from a physics and mathematics school, but always dreamed of becoming a journalist.

To try herself in this profession, the girl immediately after graduation got a job in the newspaper "Change". Bozhena’s expectations were not justified, the journalist’s everyday life was not only dull and dull, but also very difficult.

Without thinking, the girl quit and flew to America. Rynska could not find herself there either and returned back to her homeland with a clear desire to try herself in another profession.

Bozena submitted documents to the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography, to the director's department. After graduating from the institute, an actress with big ambitions could only get a miniature role in the TV series “Streets of Broken Lanterns”. Seeing no prospects for development in her hometown, Bozena set off to conquer Moscow.


Long-awaited glory

Moving to the capital was a turning point in the biography of Bozhena Rynska. Her career began to grow rapidly:

  • she began working freelance correspondents for the Kommersant newspaper in 2003;
  • a year later went to the newspaper "Izvestia", where she led the gossip section for 5 years;
  • In 2008 she released the book "Thank God, I am VIP!", Which tells about the author's impressions about the characters of her reviews;
  • Since 2009, the journalist has been keeping her column in the online edition of

But the most famous Bozhena brought her blog LJ, which she leads under the pseudonym "becky-sharpe", in it she does not hesitate to express her opinion. Nick Bozena chose not by chance. Having taken the name of the heroine of the novel Vanity Fair, it seems to draw parallels between the biography of Becky, who tried to "make her own name" in the secular society of the 18th century Great Britain and the biography of the journalist Bozena Rynski, eager for fame in modern Russian society.



Bozena Rynska is a very scandalous person, which is what made her “famous”.

  • In 2010, a journalist in front of all her subscribers found out the relationship with Tatiana Tolstoy. The leader of the "School of slander" compared Bozhena with an old woman from the Golden Fish. Fat spoke, allegedly volunteered to help Bozheny after she had surgery on her leg. Tatyana Nikitichna claimed that Rynsky's wishes grew exponentially: first buy medicines, then cook buckwheat, and then serve maasdam cheese. In response to the insult, Bozhena provided a correspondence with Tolstoy, from which it became clear that she reimbursed all expenses to Tatiana, and there wasn’t even any talk about cheese.
  • Another public scandal occurred between Bozhena and Nikita Dzhigurda on the air of the “Midnight” program by Vladimir Molchanov. Peace talk about social life almost turned into a fight. Dzhigurda, who accused Rynska of not behaving like a social lion, insulting and throwing mud at everyone, was almost doused with hot tea right in the studio. Only the moderator managed to prevent the fight.
  • A similar situation occurred on the air of the program "Forecasts". Bozhena, interrupting the star of "House-2" Olga Buzova, did not want to give her word, throwing phrases like "There will be some more interrupting me here!" The girls could not figure out who the leader actually gave the word. But Bozhena suppressed Buzova with her assertiveness and turned her attention to herself.
  • At one of the social events, the journalist stunned a certain Sergei Stishov, believing that he "let go." The drunken man did not take offense and "weighed" the journalist a good slap.


Conflict with NTV

In the fall of 2013, another unpleasant incident involving Bozhena took place. Law enforcement agencies in Moscow reported that Rynska and her husband Malashenko attacked the correspondent of the NTV television company, beat him and picked up the microphone.

The couple put forward their version of what happened, according to which annoying journalists were literally pursuing them, not giving rest and “on duty” every day near the entrance.

After 8 months of legal proceedings, a decision was made to recognize Bozhena as guilty of beating a journalist, she was sentenced to a year of correctional labor, and 10% of her income to the state treasury was withheld.

Terrible trick

After Rynska’s incident, unfriendly remarks about the NTV channel staff allowed themselves, but the most scandalous and horrifyingly unpleasant was her publication related to the Tu-154 plane crash over the Black Sea in 2016, where she rejoiced at the death of channel journalists and thanked God for that.

The reaction of the outraged public followed immediately, people signed a petition about the deprivation of Russian citizenship of Bozhena for her statements, pasted photos of dead journalists on the windows of her apartment and posted posts on the network on this topic. But Rynska never received the punishment for her inhuman act.

Personal life

In one of the interviews the social lioness complained that she had spent her youth "not on those." She really often changed men in his youth. Until 2012, the media often published rumors about new lovers of the journalist. However, in February it turned out that a serious man finally appeared in the biography of Bozhena Rynski. Malashenko Igor Yevgenyevich, her new boyfriend, was the general director of Channel One, headed by NTV, and now runs the international TV channel RTVi. He is older than Bozena by almost two dozen, for the sake of a young passion, he left his wife and two children (they live in America). However, the relationship with Bozhena was not at all a casual, fleeting affair of a young girl and a wealthy "papika." The couple have been together for 5 years and they seem to be quite happy.

The official marriage of Malashenko and Rynska is not registered. Bozena declares that she does not need this, she feels comfortable next to a real man and she does not need to think "about her daily bread."



Children Bozeny no. She has been trying to get pregnant for several years, but nothing comes of it. The IVF procedure in 2013 ended in failure.

Rynska thinks that the cause of the “persecution” on the part of NTV and at every opportunity wishes the very worst to the perpetrators of their misfortunes. Rumors spread in the media that after the miscarriage, Bozena felt so lost that she even attempted suicide.

Let's hope that Bozena can still become a happy mother. Maybe then it will become a little kinder and more humane.

Zhenya Kuritsyna?

In 2012, Komsomolskaya Pravda published information that the real name of Bozhena Rynskaya is Kuritsyn. The biography of the socialite hides a lot of mysteries, and the Komsomolskaya Pravda journalists tried to solve the key one.

However, they were mistaken in their assumptions. The surname of Kuritsyn was not worn by our heroine, her mother, or any other relatives. The real surname of Bozhena Rynski, whose biography many try to alter, is Rynskaya, and the name is Yevgeny, which she bore as a child, before emigrating to America.

Sometimes it seems that the socialite is a very secretive lady, because when speaking about her biography, Bozena Rynska never presents her age and real name. And if it were not for the scandalous publication “about Yevgeny Kuritsyna, ” no one would have thought that Bozhena Rynska is a pseudonym.


Disorder in the family on political grounds

Bozena could not ignore the news that Ksenia Sobchak is going to run for president. On her Facebook page, Rynska published a post about Xenia, where she stated that Sobchak was a very mean person and was only after money and popularity.

But more recently it became known that her husband Rynski will head the campaign headquarters of Ksenia Sobchak.

Bozena responded to this in a very restrained, unconventional manner, and said that this was his decision and she did not want to comment on it.


Bozena Rynska reported on the show “Kaktus” on YouTube that she intends to leave Russia. According to the star, the last straw was her robbery. So she called the cancellation of her bank card 22 thousand rubles in debt due to non-payment of the status of an individual entrepreneur. The journalist called the actions of the executive bodies a real theft. She claims that she intends to pay taxes only in case of a change of government.

Neither the date nor the country where they are going to emigrate with her husband, Rynska did not report.


The biography of Bozhena Rynski, one of the most scandalous stars in Russia, makes you think about the eternal question that S.Ya. Marshak fit in one line of his children's poem: "What is good and what is bad." Is it possible in the pursuit of glory "to go ahead"? Should I write a lie, wanting to stand out from the others? Are all means on the way to the goal? Everyone, of course, decides for himself how to live. But to neglect the norms of morality and ethics is still not worth it.

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