Actor Ventchislav Hotanovsky: films, biography, photos, theatrical works


Venchislav Khoyanovsky is a Russian film, television and theater actor. Mostly removed in Russia. Cinematographic works in the record of the city of Melekes 44 First hit the shot in 2004, having played a minor role in the sixth season of the multiseries project “Lawyer”. In 2018, the actor portrayed the doctor working in the hospital, in the TV series "Ordinary Woman".

Films and genres

Ventchislav Khoyanovsky played in such sensational television series like The Romanovs, The Quiet Hunt, The Capercaillie. In the popular TV movie "Landing Dad" is recognizable as a policeman.

Filmography Venchislav Khotinovskogo consists of film projects of the following genres:

  • Action: "Bros 3", "Wild 2".
  • Detective: "Money", "Version", "Bones", "Web 7", "Lawyer".
  • Drama: "Capercaillie", "House of exemplary content", "Team Che".
  • Comedy: "Poor people", "Grim",
  • Melodrama: "Keys of Happiness 2", "Veronika. Runaway", "Gypsy with exit".
  • Thriller: "Reflections".
  • Fantasy: "Territory Dzha".
  • Military: "Landing Dad".
  • Documentary: "Brawler, or Letters of Love."
  • History: "Romanovs".
  • Crime: "Bitch, " "Silent Witness 3, " "Ordinary Woman."
  • Adventures: "Streets of Broken Lanterns 8".
  • Fantasy: "Secret City 3".


Connections and roles

Ventislav Khotyanovsky shared the set with such famous actors as Maxim Averin, Anna Mikhalkova, Anna Snatkina, Valery Barinov, Nikolai Chindyaykin, Alexey Kravchenko, Olga Buzova, Oleg Shklovsky, Leonid Kuravlev, Andrei Sokolov, Alisa Bogart, Igor Vernik, Dmitry Nagiyev, Anna Semenovich and others.

Filmed with directors Alexei Panteleev, Karen Zakharov, Filipp Korshunov, Oleg Shtrom, Yevgeny Aksenov, Vladimir Krasnopolsky, Alexander Grabar and others.

In the cinema, he played the head of the guard, bodyguard, henchman, cellmate, bear cub, Afghani, general, prisoner, senior barracks, policeman, racketeer, security guard, client, etc.

Biography, photo

Ventchislav Hayanovsky was born in the village of Melekes, located in the Ulyanovsk region, on August 11, 1966. In childhood, he often accompanied his parents, provincial actors, on tours around the country. Venchislav, in addition to the usual school, also attended art. Engaged in the sambo section.


In 1982, he successfully passed the exams at the Sverdlovsk Theater Institute, where he would study with a break for military service. Knowledge was given to him by the teacher A. V. Petrov.

In 1989, the young actor Venchislav Khoyanovsky was employed at the Chelyabinsk Academic Drama Theater.

In 2006 he moved permanently to Moscow. Three years later, the actor is taken to the Moscow Theater "Communion".

About person

Ventchislav Khotanovsky was married to Natalya Khotyanovskaya. He has a daughter, Anna. Parents of the actor name is Konstantin Dmitrievich and Galina Romanovna.

Ventislav Khoyanovsky has brown eyes. His height is 187 cm, weight - 97 kg. Vyacheslav is a candidate for master of sports in sambo. The actor drives a car, has the opportunity to work outside of Russia. Fluent in English.


Theatrical works

In the production of Balminov's Marriage, the actor portrayed Belugin. In the play "The Mousetrap" Ventislav Khotyanovsky tried on the image of Giles. In the play of imagination, he becomes Milo. The actor also appeared on the stage in such well-known productions as The Servant of Two Masters, Talents and Fans, and Without the Sun.

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