Amazing records - the longest beard in the world


Some just amazing records are not ready to reach people to attract public attention and get fame. One of the amazing records in the Guinness Book of Records is the longest beard in the world. About the owners of the longest facial hair among both men and women - this article.


Why on the face hair?

Surprisingly, even today biologists do not have a unanimous opinion about why men need a beard. Genetics is an interesting thing and sometimes she plays with us. It is believed that body hair growth in men is associated with an increased level of testosterone - the main male sex hormone. In this case, according to evolutionary studies, bearded men should be more like women, because this is their indicator of readiness for the continuation of the race and direct male power. However, according to a survey conducted by the social network "Fotostrana" among more than 7 thousand women, 56% of ladies do not like the lush vegetation on the man's face.

Status bearded

Perhaps the most famous beard holder can be considered Jesus Christ. No less famous character with the longest beard in the world - Santa Claus. And a beard is an obligatory attribute of the pirate Blackbeard and the bluebeard killer husband.

Beard emphasized the status and significance of Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, Peter Tchaikovsky and Abraham Lincoln, Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemingway. And you can list endlessly.


Modern bearded men

The idea to grow a beard appears in many men in different years. But, alas, not all of this is given. And it goes far from everyone. It is men who consider the beard a sign of respectability, significance and masculinity. In the modern world, obsessed with health, and this attribute should look neat and shine with purity. To achieve this is not so easy - this fur pillow with improper care causes discomfort and serves as a haven for various parasites. And yet, there are brave souls who become owners of the longest beards in the world. We will tell about them in more detail.

Most most

Unfortunately, the owner of the longest beard in the world has already passed away. This is an American of Norwegian descent Hans Langset. In the photo below he is 66 years old, it was made in 1912.


This simple farmer refused to shave, and after his death the sons cut off the beard, the length of which was 563.88 centimeters. It is this longest beard in the world that is kept today in the office of the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian University (Washington, USA).


Second longest

Our contemporary and the owner of the longest beard in the world, the Guinness Book of Records confirms this, is a resident of Canada with Indian roots Sarvan Singh. His beard never touched the razor, and its length is 233 centimeters. For the representatives of Hinduism, to whom Singh belongs, the beard is the blessing of the Most High. And he believes that his wealth is a symbol of his faith. But he does not forget about earthly wealth either - after all, Guinness record holders receive considerable rewards for their records. In addition, some publications consider his longest beard in the world (above) and the most beautiful.


Bye third

In all countries of the world there are contests for the establishment of owners of the longest facial hair. And the owner of a beard in 61 centimeter became an Englishman Michael Legge. Of course, this is not 2 meters, but Michael is only 29 years old, and he is still ahead.

If you decide to break these records, remember that in addition to possessing such beauty, you must make great efforts to maintain it.


Women with a beard

Most of the representatives of the weaker sex strictly monitor the lack of facial hair that does not meet the aesthetic standards of modernity. Although with this can argue Vivian Wheeler, who lives in Illinois (USA). She is still the owner of the longest beard in the world among women. Its decoration has a length of 275 centimeters. And let it grow as a result of hormonal disorders in adolescence - there is no argument about tastes. And this will be confirmed with confidence by her spouses. And she married already four times.

A little bit about tastes

In ancient Egypt, only Pharaoh and high priests could have beards. Roman from commoner distinguished mandatory hair styling on the head and the lack of facial hair. Everyone knows how Peter the Great forced the beards of the boyars to shave, who for many centuries considered them a necessary attribute.

Times have changed, and fashion has changed. And today one of the most famous women in the world has become the owner of elegant unshaven Conchita Wust. Austrian pop singer won Eurovision 2014, and that means something.


And why are we worse?

Let there be no champions in Russia for this indicator, but in 2010 in Chelyabinsk, by the New Year, Father Frost was decorated with a monument to the worker “The Tale of the Urals”. For tailoring, more than 100 meters of velvet were consumed, about 23 meters of brocade, and 110 meters of fur were required for his beard.

The size of the caftan is 300, and the length of the beard of this character is 74 meters, and so far this is the longest beard in the Book of Records. Not in the world, but in Russia.

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