Kish Island (Iran): rest, tours, tourist reviews


Not many travelers have heard about Kish Island. Iran is generally not associated with a place of rest for Europeans, but with a beach one even more so. But the island of Kish is able to turn over all prevailing stereotypes about this Muslim country. Of course, the resort has its own specific, Iranian features. If you have a holiday associated with drinking or tanning topless, then you are clearly not here. But if you want to enjoy the sea, the sun and truly oriental luxury and comfort, you will love Kish. And what do they say about the island reviews? We studied this in this article. There are many myths about Muslim countries, and about Iran in particular. Say, women here are limited in their rights, and they are not allowed to show off to people. Iran, of course, is not secular Turkey, but not Saudi Arabia. A European here is enough to throw a handkerchief on her hair.


Where is Kish Island

The most popular seaside resort of Iran is located in the south of the country, in the north-eastern part of the Persian Gulf. To come to this island, which is also a free trade zone, Russians do not need a visa. But from Moscow there is no direct flight to Kish. Therefore, you must first fly to Tehran (Iran). Kish Island, a holiday where it is very popular with residents of the country and citizens of the United Arab Emirates, is located more than a thousand kilometers from the capital (and this is if we take it straight). Therefore, arriving at Tehran’s international hub, you need to move to the domestic airport lines. From there, three times a day, planes depart to a resort island. There is only one flight from Shiraz per week. And from Isfahan planes fly there only in the season.


Tours from Russia

Despite the fact that Kish Island remains for many Terra Incognita travelers, Moscow agencies have already made their way to this Iranian resort. Permits are designed for eight or eleven days. Tourists take off on a regular flight from Moscow (at six in the evening) and arrive in Tehran at 11.15 pm local time. After spending the night in a four-star hotel, travelers are taken to the airport domestic lines and sent to Kish Island. There they are located in resort hotels. Prices for tours depend on the star hotel chosen. So, one person a week in the Quartet will cost $ 750 (with flights and transfers). Rest in the luxurious hotel "Dariusz Deluxe 5 *" will cost $ 1, 200. Tourists are advised to go not for a week, but for eleven days. Since airfare is included in the price of the voucher, the cost of a longer vacation does not increase much.


When to go on vacation

Kish Island is located in a zone of dry tropical climate. All precipitation (literally the entire annual norm) falls in two winter months - in December and January. All the rest of the time rains are unlikely. The water in the Persian Gulf is always warm. Her temperature even in January does not fall below the mark of +20 degrees. And in the summer some coves warm up to +35 degrees! But the air in the northern part of the Persian Gulf may seem to someone too cold in winter. The thermometer in January shows only 15 degrees in the shade. Therefore, a comfortable swimming and sunbathing is best done from March to November. Summer on the island is not as hot as in other regions of Iran located inside the continent. Sea breeze noticeably refreshes the heat. But the air temperature is still significant: +35 degrees in the shade. Tourists are advised to take sunscreen.



The coast on the island of Kish is especially sandy. According to tourists, the local beaches are even better than in the Emirates. Yes, and Kish himself occupies the second position in the nomination "The most beautiful islands of Western Asia" (after Socotra in the Indian Ocean). The local beaches are free and well-equipped. But they have their own characteristics. Since Iran is a purely Muslim country, decency is sacred here. Therefore, women on public beaches are prescribed to swim dressed. Men are allowed to expose to the bottoms. But there is one especially female beach on the island. Of the opposite sex, only little boys are allowed in there. On this beach, women can bare as they like. Men also have their own fenced territory. According to European tourists, they resemble sports clubs.

Kish Island: hotels

In recent years, the hotel infrastructure has been enriched with new resorts. Hotels grow like mushrooms after rain. The only thing that reviews complain about is not all of them available to book online. Tourists named the best hotels of the island "Mariam Sorinet 4 *", "Shayan International 4 *", "Flamingo 3 *" and "Dariush Grand Deluxe". Hotels on the island for the most part offer only breakfast. But there are so many restaurants, cafes and eateries around the hotels that the issue of food is not worth it.

Another feature of hotels on the island of Kish are the pools. They are, and very beautifully equipped. But you can enjoy swimming in them on a schedule. There are men's watches and women's watches. Not very convenient for couples, tourists from Europe complain.


Sights of Kish Island

Corals - is the main wealth of the local waters. Divers are attracted to places such as the "Southern Rift", "Jurassic Park", "Oyster Shoal" and others. Despite the modest size of the island, there are some of its attractions. After all, it is mentioned in the annals three thousand years ago. Then he was famous for his pearls. On the northern tip of the island are the ruins of the ancient city of Harire. On Kish there is a dolphinarium and oceanarium, a garden of tropical butterflies and orchids, a park of exotic birds and cacti. And at the northern cape you can see the Greek ship, grounded fifty years ago. Rest on the island of Kish can be combined with shopping. After all, this is a free trade zone, where you can buy branded goods at low prices. The most interesting mole is underground. This is a whole city - Kariz.

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