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What is the official language in the UK? The answer, of course, suggests itself - English. But all is not so clear. The United Kingdom, or the United Kingdom, includes several countries. The capital of Britain, London, annually attracts a huge number of tourists and immigrants who come to the country to earn money. Let's talk about Great Britain: what language is a state, what are its traditions, political structure, consider interesting facts.


Britain on world map

Great Britain is conveniently located on five islands in northwestern Europe. It has common borders with Ireland and France. The structure of Britain includes 4 provinces:

  • Northern Ireland;
  • Wales;
  • England;
  • Scotland.

Despite the fact that last year the British voted for the withdrawal of Scotland from the United Kingdom, it still remained. It is in Scotland that there are many cultural monuments, including the famous Edinburgh Castle.


Britain is a country in which, despite the current political structure of the world, a constitutional monarchy still reigns. The Queen is the head of state, and power is inherited. The laws are passed by the parliament consisting of two chambers.


What language do the British speak?

Which language in the UK is the state? According to statistics, 95% of Britons speak English. Less common dialects.

Historical fact: modern English moved from the territory of the West Germanic peoples, for centuries it was mixed and transformed. The numbers confirm the fact that more than one billion people now speak English.

Dialect depends on the region of residence. For example, in Scotland they speak Anglo-Scottish and Scottish Gaelic. In Wales, the official language has been and remains for 14 centuries Welsh.


Kornic language is the rarest of the Celtic, its carriers are not more than 2 thousand people.

Among the immigrants due to the large flow of Muslims, Arabic is the most common language.

Russians in London and the United Kingdom

Despite the fact that the official language of Great Britain is English, there are a lot of Russians here. It is not only about our compatriots, but also about those who came to work from the territories of the former Soviet Union. They are considered the Russian-speaking population. In the capital of England there are special Russian pubs, and in some restaurants and clubs "Russian parties" are held regularly.

If you ever go down, for example, in the subway in London, then you may forget what the state language of Great Britain is now. Representatives of dozens of nationalities can travel together in the same car.


When is the best time to plan a trip?

The warm currents of the Gulf Stream, the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea affect the weather in the UK. Its climate can be described as wet and damp. In the south of the country is warmer and drier than in the north. According to statistics, February is considered the coldest month of the year, and the warmest time is in July and August.

Events as a unifying factor

The best way to combine indigenous and newcomers is to have a fun event.

In May 2017, in Hyde Park, which is one of the attractions of the capital of England, a large number of people gathered on the occasion of a grand party. The official language of Great Britain sounded along with Russian, Estonian and many others. Even those who were in Siberia came to the event.

If you ever plan a trip to England, be sure to visit some festival or concert. This will help to learn more about the traditions of this country.

Some interesting facts about England

Russians, when they are asked: "How are you?", Usually enthusiastically tell not only about their life, but also about their relatives and close friends. The British, by contrast, are a very restrained nation, they avoid value judgments, using abstract concepts like “everything is fine”, “more or less”. At the same time, they try not to offend anyone, people here are very light, friendly and know how to communicate and love.

A young Englishman can take his beloved back to live at least 15 years old, but they are not in a hurry to marry. The British honor family traditions and are very careful about love. They believe that love is tested by time, feelings increase and become stronger.

The British Chancellor, according to tradition, sits on a bag full of wool.

It was here that the legends of perhaps the most famous of Kings Arthur and the beloved hero Robin Hood were born. Although many claim that medieval legends have a real basis, and the characters existed in real life, no one has been able to confirm this.

The British, with a great deal of submission, treat their queen, and her birthday is considered the main holiday of the year. And the people of Britain love the Duchess of Kate almost as much as Lady Diana did in her time.

If you are going to visit the theater on a Sunday, this will not be possible, since on this day, according to a well-known tradition, theaters do not work.

Although the official language of Great Britain is English, this does not prevent a huge number of different nationalities from living together an interesting and busy life and understanding each other.

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