A man of medium height. What is the average height of a man?


"God, how men were crushed!" - do you know this exclamation? Interestingly, is the male population really getting lower or just to grown and climbed ladies, does it seem like that? We will talk in the article about what a man of average height is and what exactly determines this indicator in the world and in our country.


Growth is an indicator of sexuality?

Men of medium height, probably, with some envy glance at the tall and therefore such conspicuous friends. “Eh, I would have his height! I would have won all the beauties! ”- they think like this. And while wrong.

In Switzerland, researchers drew attention to the fact that particularly pronounced sexuality is inherent in men of just average height. Interestingly, the lower the representative of the stronger sex, the higher his libido.

More than 500 men between the ages of 20 and 54 took part in the experiment, as a result of which it was found that everyone whose height did not exceed 170 cm showed themselves to be strong, passionate and tender partners. By the way, ladies noticed these qualities practically from the first minutes of their acquaintance.

Scientists explained this by saying that a man of average height and below, as a rule, has complexes associated with this indicator, so he is trying to express himself, to establish himself in various fields, which, in particular, include sex.

Is the growth of a man a guarantee of his success?

In our ancestors, the growth of a man was directly associated with his health, strength and ability to feed and protect his family, so there is nothing surprising in the desire of modern ladies to see a tall man next to him. First of all, the basic instinct is guilty of this.


And modern tall men, by the way, have not only this advantage. As proved, they tend to have a higher average income and move more easily up the career ladder. Scientists attribute this to high self-esteem and leadership qualities in such people.

It would seem, and children in large in all respects the representatives of the stronger sex should be a lot. But no! As Dutch scientists have found out, a man of average height is the most prolific. By the way, he used to marry and have a first child before. So, despite the love of beautiful ladies for their tall partners, for some reason they start a family with a man of average height. With statistics you can not argue!

So what is the average height of a man?

The growth of each of us depends on a combination of 180 genes and, of course, on the lifestyle of the mother who carried the child. And then - and from the lifestyle of the person himself. Once the average height of a European man was 160 cm, and our contemporaries stretched to an average of 176 cm.

Over time, the concept of how the average height of a man in the world has changed a lot. Knight's armor, which is stored in the museums of Rome, now can only climb a teenager. Since the growth of these warriors did not exceed 167 cm.


European growth increased by 11 cm

What exactly affects the number of centimeters from head to toe for each person? No one is a secret data on the dependence of growth rates on race. Asians are not tall people. Their height averages 165 cm, while Europeans grow to 178 cm.

But not only genetic heredity predetermines these parameters. In wealthy countries, people are higher than where the economy leads to a miserable existence. After all, the quality of food eaten, and their diversity, and the absence of the need to work hard, along with developed health care, help a person to become higher. Perhaps that is why until recently the average height of a man from America was the largest in the world.

According to the observations of researchers, the average man’s body has increased by 11 cm since the end of the 19th century - from 167 cm to 178 cm.

War is not an obstacle to growth

But, by the way, despite the proven dependence of growth on living standards, it turned out that during the two world wars and the Great Depression experienced by humanity, the average body length of people continued to increase. It would seem that growing poverty, lack of food and adversity should have affected the described indicator, but no, this did not happen. On the contrary, a man of medium height was getting taller!

Scientists are trying to explain this phenomenon by the fact that people in such periods tried to have fewer children in the family, which means that the number of eaters decreased and the quality of food came to a relative norm, and the child grew unhindered. Although, of course, such arguments do not look convincing. Since food during the war could hardly be brought back to normal. So this fact still remains a mystery, by the way, as well as the increase in the number of boys born before each war.


Perfect growth partners

But be that as it may, the average height of a European has increased significantly in recent years. In this connection, obviously, the notions of attractiveness have changed.

Researchers from the Netherlands surveyed 50, 000 young men and women about how ideally their growth should be, and at the same time how satisfied they are with their height. It turned out that men seem especially attractive to men by 20 cm above them, but the representatives of the stronger sex will prefer a lady who does not reach to their height of only 7.5 cm.

On average, according to the findings of scientists from the University of Groningen, the ideal (that is, desired for the majority of respondents) average height of a man and a woman in a pair is 190 cm and 175 cm. Yes, high growth preferences!

The difference in the growth of the rich and the poor has decreased

For the last thirty years, scrupulous British scientists have tried to determine the relationship between the material well-being and the anatomical features of each person. Now they claim that in 300 years the average height of a man in the world has increased more than in the previous few thousand years. So, they emphasize, such a jump indicates a direct connection of this indicator with material well-being.

So, 200 years ago, representatives of aristocratic families were taller than commoners. At the beginning of the last century, for example, a 14-year-old teenager from the proletarians did not exceed 130 cm, and his age mate from a wealthy family was about 25 cm higher. For our contemporaries, the difference in the height of the rich and the poor is 7 cm, which confirms the general increase in well-being and the level of medicine.


What does the average growth mean?

The conclusion that it is the average population growth that is the most accurate indicator of a nation’s health is, of course, true, but genetics cannot be discounted. African countries are difficult to attribute to economically prosperous, but at the same time in the Masai, Tutsi and Nilot tribes, men stretch up to 185 cm, or even up to 2 m, while the pygmies do not grow above 150 cm.

True, in a prosperous Holland, the average height of a man is 188 cm. Yes, it is difficult to call women of this country “inches” - they grow to 177 cm. In Sweden, Denmark and Norway, these showed less by only a centimeter.


What is the growth of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian men?

Full confirmation of the idea of ​​a direct link between the parameters of the average growth of a nation and its economic well-being is also noticeable among representatives of the Slavs, by the will of the fate of people living in different countries today.

Thus, the growth of the average man, a resident of the USSR, in the 70s was 168 cm. And in the 80s, the male population grew by 3 cm.

At the beginning of market reforms, the average Russian reached about 176 cm. The average height of a man in Ukraine is not very different from him - he is 175.3 cm.

In 1997, the Belarusians were slightly lower. They grew to 174 cm. But in 2008, according to research by the department of anthropology, 18-year-old boys had an increase of 177 cm. Research shows that since 1925 this nation has grown by 15 cm, which is quite good. True, such a process of rapid growth, once called acceleration, has already stopped. This is especially noticeable in urban residents, while in rural areas it is still ongoing.

The average height of men in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, as in other states, of course, depends closely on many indicators. By the way, it is noted that this can be associated with the level of education of the mother. After all, she organizes the diet and daily routine of her offspring, which can not but affect whether the boy will subsequently be a tall enough man.


Is the average height of a man a sign of what?

So, as you have probably understood, the average height of people in different countries and nations may vary. And this can contribute to the impact of many factors:

  • genetics (for example, Asians belong to stunted nations, and Scandinavians have always been distinguished by high growth);
  • the level of welfare in the state (in successful Japan and China - countries originally inhabited by low residents, growth has recently increased by almost 12 cm, and the average Japanese is now almost the same height as the American);
  • not least, a specific person lives in the city or in the countryside;
  • as a child she was carrying and raising a mother;
  • whether a person has chronic diseases that, by the way, can affect growth, taking up to 3 cm on average.

A man of average height in different countries may be 165 cm and 184 cm in height, while being considered as typical among his fellow citizens, especially if they are not distinguished in this parameter by the representative of the stronger sex.

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