Exhibitions in Hong Kong - prestige and benefit


Hong Kong has long been known for its exhibitions. Every year there are dozens of similar events of various topics and directions. Thousands of people from all corners come to this city to see new products from the world of technology, fine jewelry and fur products from famous brands.

Not all exhibitions in Hong Kong have a huge scope. More modest events are also taking place, which are more oriented towards the market within the country and the region. For example, every year exhibitions of underwear, products and drinks of healthy food, gifts and stationery, textiles are held. Most of the exhibitors are companies and firms from Hong Kong and its neighboring territories. The popularity of such events among the world community is much lower, but due to the growing interest in Asian culture, the number of visitors to local exhibitions is increasing every year.

Little about hong kong

Hong Kong is a special economic territory within China. He is the title of one of the most important financial centers in Asia and the world. And although Hong Kong occupies only 182nd place in the world by area, its population is more than 7 million people.


The financial activity of the region has increased significantly in recent years, which also affected the greater popularity of Hong Kong exhibitions among the world's largest companies from different industries. In addition, this region is considered one of the most densely populated, which means that exhibitions in Hong Kong have a high number of potential buyers. Consider the most popular exposure.

Hong Kong Jewelery Show

The most "brilliant" event is the Hong Kong Jewelery Show. This event has been held since 1987. It is considered the largest exhibition of similar subjects in the entire Asian region. In addition to ready-made jewelry, visitors can purchase precious stones and metals.


Next year, the exhibition area will be divided into 14 thematic sections:

  • clock;
  • jewelry;
  • trade associations;
  • silverware;
  • trade publication and services;
  • finished jewelry;
  • jewelry, tools and equipment;
  • antique jewelry;
  • jewelry packaging;
  • diamonds;
  • jewelry and accessories;
  • gems;
  • gems;
  • sea ​​and cultured pearls.

Traditionally, the exhibition will be held in early January at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition announced more than 4, 000 jewels and accessories.

Hong Kong Electronics Show

Gadget lovers will be pleased and surprised by the exhibition of new products in the hi-tech industry. Visitors to this event have a unique opportunity to acquire the latest developments from the world of digital technology. Especially widely represented in this exhibition are the news of the Asian region. Here you can find everything: from smart watches to talking vacuum cleaners.


Many visitors are also attracted by the opportunity to “touch the future, ” since besides the already released models, futuristic concepts are often presented here. Of course, not all of them receive the green light in the future, but the desire to see potential new items does not diminish from this.

In recent years, smartphones and laptops with flexible screens, “eternal” batteries, smart speakers, a hybrid game console, microdrones and much more have been presented here.

With love for children

2018 promises to be successful for the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair (an exhibition of games and toys). Today, companies from Japan, Germany, France, Russia, and the United States have applied for participation. Pre-announced 10 thematic sections:

  • books for children;
  • toys and other goods for babies;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • toys on batteries;
  • costumes and party wear;
  • edible toys;
  • goods for sports and games;
  • educational games and toys;
  • goods for creativity and hobby;
  • mechanical toys.

The toy show in 2018 in Hong Kong promises many new products for children of all ages. Also, young visitors can take part in master classes and try themselves in different types of creativity.


A distinctive feature of this exhibition is the presence of child psychologists in the list of attendants. They will help parents to choose toys and educational games that will suit their child in the best possible way. Perhaps, without their help, it will also be indispensable if some kid starts to act up and ask the parents for a too expensive gift.

Exhibitions in Hong Kong - a global event that is gaining momentum every year. All the newest and most amazing can be seen here. Visit at least one such exhibition, of course, worth it. Moreover, everyone can choose something interesting for themselves from the variety of activities.

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