Dwarf antelope - an animal that nests


These bush antelopes are the smallest in the world. The dwarf antelope weighs like a hare, only 2-3 kilograms, and its dimensions are the same. The height of this micro-antelope does not exceed 30-35 centimeters.


Despite its toy appearance, the dwarf antelope is very collected, armed with sharp horns and can easily fight back even the largest predator.

Of course, she could not cope with a leopard, but sometimes jackals chased her away.

Another feature of these kids is amazing nimbleness when moving. The recorded speed of their movement reached 42 kilometers per hour.

Of course, at such a pace, the dwarf antelope, the name of another one is a dikd, cannot run for a long time, but it is the first on short dyntants. But still, the main way to avoid an unfriendly absorption from an antelope is not to counterattack and not to compete in speed, but to benefit from its own miniature.

The territory where the dwarf antelope lives is usually riddled with multiple tunnels of pipes made by it in thickets of thorny shrubs.

Hence the name - shrub antelope.

In these Lazah can only fit dikdiki, but not animals larger. So while in Africa there are thickets of thorny bushes, the antelope is invincible.


In general, dikdik - animals are very respectable age. Fossil remains found in Africa are 4-5 million years old.

Dikdiki are monogamous, as a rule, each male has only one spouse to whom he remains faithful for many years.

The family occupies a certain area of ​​the bush - this is their feeding zone.

When meeting with neighbors on the border, the antelopes whimper and whistle and boast their beautiful horns, as if showing their superiority. But it never comes to conflicts.

When approaching hyenas or other predatory animals, the male gives the family conditional signals that resemble whistling. As soon as they are distributed, the female and children hide in the bush of the bush or in the catacombs on their plot. And as soon as the danger passes, the family reunites again.

The dwarf antelope has one unique feature - wherever in the territory it is located, it will go to the toilet at the same place.

In the old days, dickies were exterminated on gloves, but now the hunt for them is strictly licensed.

The largest dwarf antelope is called oribi. It can grow to the size of an adult gazelle, but it will still look fragile and tender.

Unlike dikdika, oribi prefer a smoother territory without hills.

The weight of these large dwarf antelopes is up to 20 kilograms, and the body length can be up to one meter. Males are distinguished from females by the presence of beautiful thin horns. Females do not have horns.


Also, large dwarf antelopes differ from the smallest in that there are several females on one male, and they all live together.

Oribi live in savannas and steppes, hiding from enemies in tall grass. Eat grass and leaves. Oribi breed regardless of the weather and time of year. Also these miniature beautiful animals build ground nests from branches.

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