Is self-sufficiency a desire for solitude or flight from reality?


Nowadays it is fashionable to be a strong spirit person. It's not even in fashion, but in need. The modern way of life leaves us no choice. Permanent competition at work and in personal life, growing needs and


a catastrophic lack of free time - give a little weakness, and the cycle of life events will throw you ashore as an unnecessary burden.

In such an unfavorable atmosphere, a person must not only constantly maintain the positions he has gained, but also cultivate himself. The disparity between the needs of society and their own forces to meet the needs is the main cause of stress and depression.

What should be the ideal person of the 21st century? Smart, educated, well-groomed, law-abiding, educated, self-sufficient? Yes, self-sufficiency is what distinguishes a spiritually mature person from a complexed individual. This maturity evokes respect, envy, the desire to imitate and the range of other conflicting feelings. It is believed that a self-sufficient person is something isolated, self-contained and self-sustaining on its own, free from the opinions of others and other prejudices. But does such freedom mean having happiness? And is a person self-sufficient who has not reached certain heights but is pleased with his current state of affairs? In what areas of life does this quality manifest itself?


From the point of view of psychology, self-sufficiency is the ability of an individual to overcome his problems and satisfy his needs on his own. The main qualities of a self-sufficient mature person are the absence of fear and the full acceptance of responsibility for their actions. If such a person does something, then he does it primarily for himself and for his relatives, the opinion of others around here is not at all a necessary attribute, praise and respect - this is rather a pleasant addition to the satisfaction that has already been received from a job well done. Self-sufficiency can manifest itself in different areas of life:

1. In the economic - implies the independence of decision-making in domestic issues.

2. In the social - means the recognition and competence of a person in the matters in which he deals. It is important that the individual himself was satisfied with himself and his work.

3. In psychological, it means accepting oneself, the absence of fear or discomfort over possible loneliness. A person is not afraid of his internal problems, he has something to do alone with himself. However, self-sufficiency is


not at all a lack of affection or love for someone. This is only a lack of dependence.

As for such a controversial category as self-sufficiency of a woman, one thing can be said here: excessive ostentatious confidence and strength can help build a career, but in relationships with representatives of the opposite sex they are inappropriate. Failure to follow this simple rule often leads to problems in your personal life.

Self-sufficiency is not an innate quality, it is acquired in the process of development and social adaptation. It can be developed purposefully, working on yourself. Remember that only you are the creator of your life, responsible for everything that happens in it.

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