Business and life in New York: features, rules and reviews


Many people are interested in life in New York. The life of people in the metropolis, including in New York, is significantly different from the existence in small and medium-sized settlements. There are special features and limitations, its own rules and drawbacks. We will talk about how life is different in New York, and about the local features of doing business.


Features of the city

On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean is one of the largest cities in the world - New York. Here is the economic and financial center of the United States, as well as the largest center in the world. Life is constantly in full swing here, something happens all the time in this place, this is a place of great opportunities. Therefore, business and life in New York are idealized by many; it seems from the outside that some eternal celebration reigns here, although naturally, in reality, this is not so. 8.5 million people live in the city, and taking into account the agglomeration - 20.5 million. New York is a real Mecca for immigrants; every year tens of thousands of foreigners come here hoping to find work, a house, a couple. Therefore, competition is constantly growing, although the city is a huge space of opportunity. Since there are a lot of companies engaged in various types of activities, many find opportunities for self-realization.


Administrative division of New York

New York is the capital of the state of the same name. The city is divided into 5 administrative districts: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Each district has its own characteristics and population. The most famous with outstanding landmarks is Manhattan. Here are the most famous theaters, clubs, museums of the city. Here is the famous financial and business center of the city. In Manhattan, the most expensive real estate and the most expensive shops. More recently, representatives of the middle class lived here, but, starting from the 70s of the 20th century, they gradually leave the district and move to the suburbs. Located on a separate island, Staten Island is the most sparsely populated area, there are a lot of newcomers, there is a large Russian-speaking and Italian communities. The Bronx is one of the most "colorful" districts, in some streets you will never meet a white man. The area is quite poor and unsafe. Brooklyn is a district that is gradually settled by the middle class. There are many good restaurants and theaters here, life in the area is quieter than in Manhattan and cheaper. Queens is an actively developing area, it has its own “business” part, there are many manufacturing and representative companies in the area.


Features of life in New York

The life of people in the New York metropolis, the features of which were described by many, is very specific. In a huge city it is impossible to do without public transport, it is represented by buses, metro, taxi, ferry. Despite the fact that in the cinema we can often see that all the heroes take a taxi, in practice, most New Yorkers use public transport for traveling. This is due, firstly, to the high cost of taxis, and secondly, with the speed of travel, public transport will be much faster. The city has extremely expensive real estate, and many residents of the metropolis spend their lives in rented apartments, and in recent years there has been a clear tendency to reduce the area of ​​rented and purchased apartments. New Yorkers are constantly in a hurry somewhere, so there is a very well-developed service for quick service: they drink coffee on the go, wash their clothes, take dry cleaning and laundry, eat cafes and restaurants. Almost every resident of the city has “his” cafe and “his” barista. Despite the fact that the city is considered one of the world's fashion capitals, people dress mostly inconspicuously. Only at parties it is customary to wear unusual clothes of expensive brands; during working hours, people try to look inconspicuous.


The benefits of living in New York

Life in such a huge city has a lot of advantages. Firstly, business and life in New York are more diverse than anywhere else. Here you can realize your talents, make a career - there are a lot of opportunities. New York is the center of cultural life, so there is always very interesting and there is something to do. In the theaters are the most fashionable performances, the stores sell the newest books, clothes, shoes. The restaurants prepare the most "advanced" chefs. This city does not just follow the trends, it creates them. Surprisingly, New York is one of the safest cities in the United States, the police work fine here, so even at night it’s not scary to walk the streets. Although there are, of course, areas where it is better not to appear.


Cons of life in New York

Of course, there are drawbacks to living in New York. They are associated with too many people. In transport, shops, cafes are always crowded and noise. The city has very high prices for everything: food, transport, entertainment, clothing. Overcrowding leads to the fact that nobody cares about anyone: a person can become ill on the street, but no one will approach him if he does not ask for help. A large number of people inevitably leads to the emergence of a mass of garbage and great pollution of the environment. New York is a dirty city, here there are hordes of rats running around, a not very pleasant smell reigns and a lot of diseases spread.

Business environment

All America creates good conditions for business initiatives, and the state of New York is no exception. Real estate, business here require serious investments, although today you can see a new area - business activity on the Internet, which requires less investment. As in the whole of America, New York has very clear legislation, therefore there are many opportunities for organizing your business. The environment here is "sharpened" for private enterprise, in many areas there are consultants and agents who will help start their own business. For almost any business, you can find investors here, Americans are simply obsessed with the idea of ​​investing money, they are ready to take risks by investing in start-ups. Of course, there are areas where a large, and even huge, start-up capital is required, there are sectors where it is almost impossible to get through, for example, insurance, banking, construction and real estate. To enter these markets need a huge infusion. But there will always be industries in which there is an opportunity to earn money, and even good ones.


Popular Types of Business in New York

Business and life in New York are very subject to fashion, therefore, periodically, some types of firms begin to flourish, and then just as violently ruin themselves. But there are industries that are always popular. This is primarily a restaurant business, then go medical and lawyer services, selling clothes and shoes, most often niche, repair services for buildings, premises, cars. Also, the market is always open for original ideas, the city is always ready to accept something new, you just need to think of what to offer.

Model business

In Russia, there are legends about the modeling business in New York. Indeed, there are a huge number of women in this profession who are provided with well-paid jobs. Acceptable living conditions are created for them, nobody oppresses them and does not try to offend them. But there are even more people in the city who want to become models. In this business there is a huge competition, so you need to very much believe in your suitability for this profession and show perseverance and efficiency. Also in New York there are a lot of people who want to make money on those who want to become models: photographers, consultants, makeup artists, etc. Therefore, we must be attentive to all offers. Models can not exist without an agent, so first of all you need to find a good agency or several, and only then begin the search for work.


How to open your business in New York

Many would like to come to this city and organize their business. Today's business and life in New York has to develop and grow. To start a business, you need a little bit:

- a work visa, which is very difficult to get;

- a room that meets all the requirements of this area;

- insurance and staff, without them, the registration of the company does not get;

- a lawyer who will help you make the necessary documents;

- money to pay the state duty, on average, 1 thousand dollars.

Reviews of residents

According to those who have experience of American existence, life in New York is most suitable for young people. This is a city of great opportunities, movement, development. It is difficult to live here with small children, it is difficult to adhere to a measured lifestyle. There are a lot of entertainment and events in the city that are a pity to miss, so New Yorkers are constantly moving from one event to another in order to be everywhere. The old-timers of the city say that it’s good because it is very sympathetic to any business executive. For almost any project, you can find investors or partners, you just need to try. The city is open to everything new, and therefore there are waiting for the brave and enterprising.

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