Sauna "Parus" in Kirov: features, services and reviews


Sauna "Parus" in Kirov - an institution that is great for a pleasant, relaxing and relaxing holiday with family or in a friendly company. Here you can also take care of your health and beauty. The organization’s staff offers clients a variety of procedures that help maintain well-being and appearance in excellent condition.

general information

Sauna "Parus" in Kirov is located in the central part of the city, at the address: Moskovskaya Street, 4, opposite the building of the restaurant "Russia".


The establishment has a convenient location. Customers who come here on their own car, can always take advantage of the free round-the-clock guarded parking for cars. Lovers of traditional Russian baths are invited to visit the steam room. This is a simple and bright room, sheathed with linden wood, soaked in a pleasant, relaxing smell of healthy aromatic oils.


Here you can always buy oak brooms. For lovers of exotic in the sauna "Parus" in Kirov offered a hammam. This is a room with white marble walls decorated with mosaics. Here you can enjoy the warm, humid air and Turkish massage sessions.

Sauna "Parus" in Kirov is equipped with water purification systems, air conditioning and ventilation.

Facility Services

Bath has a fairly spacious pool. It is equipped with a heating system and water filtration, waterfalls. Here you can also enjoy the procedures of aero and hydromassage in the warm jacuzzi. Such sessions help to relax and plunge into the atmosphere of a calm, measured rest.

Visitors to the Parus bath and recreation complex are invited to visit the spa. Here, clients are provided with treatments that have a beneficial effect on skin condition, physical well-being and emotional background. Wraps with chocolate and anti-cellulite massage sessions help to forget about problems, to distract from everyday worries and recharge your mood.

For visitors to the sauna “Parus” in Kirov, there are both public spaces and rooms for individual relaxation, equipped with modern equipment for listening to music and watching movies. Guests are offered a large assortment of snacks, hot dishes and a variety of drinks, as well as a hookah.

Cost of facilities

In the sauna, prices vary depending on the type of room that the visitor chooses.


Spa treatments for women from nine in the morning until 13:00 cost clients 650 rubles. The cost of these services includes sheets and towels, herbal tea and massage. The price of a family holiday from 14:00 to 17:00 is 600 rubles. Children under the age of seven can visit the bath for free, and from 7 to 11 a 50% discount is provided.

Corporate leisure costs guests 1 700 rubles for 1 hour.

In addition, for an additional fee, customers can purchase:

  1. Slippers are disposable.
  2. Aromatic oils.
  3. Brooms.
  4. Tea and other drinks.
  5. Hookah.
  6. Zaparki.
  7. Dishes from the cafe menu.
  8. Shower gels, soaps, shampoos.
  9. Sponges and scouring pads for peeling procedures.

Opinions of visitors about the work of the institution

Customer reviews of the Parus sauna in Kirov are mostly positive. In general, the guests are satisfied with the quality of service, they like the polite and attentive attitude of the staff of the organization, the beautiful interiors of the rooms.


According to visitors, professionals who perform massages and other spa treatments also work well. Judging by the reviews, some people would like to use the services of the establishment again, relax here with their family or in a friendly company. Another advantage of the organization is its excellent quality and a wide range of food and drinks.

However, there are customers who have expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the administrator of the bath. According to them, the employee did not accept the card and denied the existence of a discount on the services, which was mentioned to visitors earlier.

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