Park "Friendship" (Vladimir) - an oasis of kindness and light. Description, services, reviews of visitors


Vladimir is one of the oldest cities in Russia. The first people appeared on its territory in the VI century. The city received its name in honor of its founder, Grand Duke Vladimir Monomakh. Here comes a huge number of tourists from all over the world. There are many reasons for this: there are a large number of old buildings, cultural and architectural monuments, temples and other historical sights. One of them is the park "Friendship" in Vladimir. If you conduct a sociological survey among the population of the city to identify one of the most popular holiday destinations, then this is the place that will become the undisputed leader.


Park "Friendship" in the city of Vladimir: description

People spend their leisure time in different ways. Someone goes in for sports, someone likes to relax in nature, someone likes walking. Do you think it is possible to combine all this in one place? It turns out, yes. This place is called the park "Friendship". Vladimir is a very beautiful city. We will tell you about where this park is located and what services it provides to the population, and also you will find out why the townspeople love to visit here.

The park was opened in 1972. Its original name was "Forest". It is not surprising, because it was built in the forest. Even traces of dugouts from the times of the Great Patriotic War were found on its territory. Probably, it will be very difficult to find a local who has not been here at least once in his life. And being here for the first time, be sure to come back again. Very young children are brought here in wheelchairs, and later they themselves are already quite briskly running along the paths of the park.

The special love of citizens enjoy various holidays and theatrical performances. These events always collect a large number of people. Fun, laughter, jokes sound here on such days until the very late evening. Various master classes and interesting lectures take place in the park. Those interested can take part in popular quests that are organized in the park.



In the park "Friendship" of the city of Vladimir, not a single visitor will have a question about what to do here. Let's get acquainted with the services that are offered here not only for citizens, but also for guests from other cities:

  • On a bright playground, equipped with slides and "climbing", as well as swings, there is always a large number of children of different ages with adults.
  • The football field has always attracted the attention of fans of this sport. Here are often held friendly matches between different teams of the city.
  • Also for sports fans there is a volleyball court, sports with excellent equipment for different muscle groups, shooting range, skating rink.
  • In winter, a huge number of people can be seen on the ski run. And in the summer it turns into a great place for friendly and romantic walks.
  • Playground attractions. There is entertainment for very young children as well as for adults.
  • There are several buffets in the park where you can buy aromatic and fresh pastries, as well as other products.
  • You will be offered sports equipment and games for rent: skis, skates, badminton, tennis rackets, balls, darts and much more.


Park "Friendship" (Vladimir): how to get there

The address of a popular and favorite vacation spot in the city is easy to remember - Upper Dubrava Street, 22. How can I get here? We offer several options:

  • Bus number 1C, 9C, 11C.
  • Trolleybus number 1, 5.

Stop - Park "Friendship", Vladimir.

10 reasons to visit

It is time to find out why the Friendship Park (Vladimir, after all, is a big city) is a favorite vacation spot of the townspeople. After examining a huge number of enthusiastic reviews, we identified the most popular reasons for visiting this place. Here you can:

  1. Become a member of entertainment programs.
  2. Do sports in the fresh air.
  3. Get pleasure from long walks in the park "Friendship" in Vladimir.
  4. Take a break from city noise.
  5. Feel like a kid and ride the rides.
  6. Take a horse ride under the guidance of an experienced coach.
  7. To spend a rich and useful, and most importantly - with pleasure, free time.
  8. View a circus or theatrical performance.
  9. Enjoy the beauty of one of the most beautiful nature places in the city.
  10. Make a photo session on the background of gorgeous landscapes.

Visitor reviews

Many citizens are attracted to the park various holidays. Including the annual holiday of the Russian accordion and the "Sound, accordion folk" chastushki. A large number of people willing to take part in it, demonstrating their talents to an enthusiastic audience.

Let us take courage and paraphrase one of the famous quotes in everyone’s favorite comedy: “You’ll be in Vladimir …”, be sure to visit Friendship Park. Here you will find a variety of entertainment and activities. One disadvantage of the park "Friendship" in Vladimir is still there. Are you intrigued? After all, we have just talked about how wonderful this place is. We will not torment you and say that time flies here too fast. But everything is fixable. After all, you can always come back here again.

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