Ksenia Solovyova: biography and photos


Ksenia Solovyova is a journalist, editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine Tatler and candidate master of sports in tennis.

Childhood and sport

Ksenia was born on October 10, 1976 in Russia. A woman spread little about her childhood in the media, so this period of her life is shrouded in mystery. Solovyova's father was a doctor of technical sciences, nothing is known about his mother.

The only thing Ksenia herself told about was the sport, which at that time played a big role for her. She traveled around a lot of competitions in tennis, not only allowing her to become a candidate for the master of sports, but also tempered character.

Such a serious hobby taught the future journalist punctuality, lightness to lift (sometimes you had to pack a suitcase and take off for five minutes in five minutes) and rush forward. Thanks to this, Ksenia Solovyova can boast of increased efficiency and ability to take responsibility. Although, as the woman herself now says, as a child, she was a little afraid to sleep in second-class trains and to live in dormitories.

But even such a mad rhythm of life did not break Xenia, moreover, for quite a long time the girl considered the world to be a safe and fair place. Because of this, when she first had to face deception, the future journalist was shocked a lot.


After graduating from the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University. Lomonosov Kenya Solovyov, whose biography is rather foggy up to this point, finally took the first steps in the chosen profession. She began her journey in the magazine "OM", where she was entrusted with the section "Columns". For the girl, it was a tremendous breakthrough, as she had previously written only notes in tennis publications. Xenia liked the work in this glossy magazine, but when two years later, when she had already gained experience, she was invited to Gala for the post of editor of the beauty department, she could not refuse.


So Ksenia Solovyov together with the Moscow team visited an internship in Paris. There, they greatly surprised local workers with their rapid career growth, because then, in order to achieve such heights, the French women gave all the time to publication. And of course, the Paris editors of “beauty” were ladies in their 50s who were very sensitive about their appearance.

New round

In 2007, Ksenia took over as deputy editor-in-chief at Tatler, at the same time fully managing the beauty department. She participated in the launch of the magazine on the Russian market, so she is well versed in his target audience and seeks to improve the publication for her.

By 2010, Ksenia Solovyova achieved promotion, having received the post of chief editor. She took the place of Victoria Davydova, who led another prestigious magazine. Such a personnel reshuffle was carried out with the approval of the publishing house, the president of which noted Xenia as an extremely talented employee, of which there are very few in the gloss world.



The journal editor positions his brainchild as a publication in which they write "for people about people." Solovyov is very proud of him and how many stories have already been told, despite criticism of the narrowness of the circle of heroes. She explains this by saying that Tatler does not talk about the whole "star world", because there are those who would not like to reveal their state on the pages of gloss.

Ksenia constantly adds something new to the journal, trying to write about people of all ages, including children. In short, the development of this publication under her leadership does not stop, and as far as possible the editor brings something new into it in order to expand the audience.

Working with so many people allows Xenia to discover previously unfamiliar facets of human nature, but the woman tries to look at it positively and highlight only those qualities that are sympathetic to her.


Ksenia Solovyov: biography

The age of the editor "Tatler" no one hides. At the moment, a woman is already 40. She has managed to achieve considerable heights in her career, become famous and become the mother of two children. At their expense, Ksenia does not seek to raise her popularity, so very little information is received about them in the media. It is only known that today Solovyov has a 17-year-old son Nikita, who was educated in England, and an 8-year-old daughter, Sasha.

Personal life

Perhaps, it is precisely this area that the editor of "Tatler" protects from the views of others most carefully. The media has never leaked information about who is the husband of Ksenia Solovyov. And, despite the public interest, the woman is clearly not ready to disclose publicly.

In general, Solovyova's biography literally has to be collected piece by piece from magazine articles, interviews and videos. Therefore, only her closest and, perhaps, ardent admirers, tirelessly following news updates about Xenia, can have the most accurate information.


However, some people because of the woman’s surname mistakenly believe that Dmitry Solovyov was her husband. However, the skater has nothing to do with the editor of "Tatler". Moreover, he had never been a hero article in this magazine. Therefore, the news that Ksenia Stolbova and Dmitry Solovyov broke up, is in no way connected with the editor Solovyova.


Here, unfortunately, there’s nothing to boast about either. Work and daughter are taking away from Xenia all their free time. Her day starts at 6:30 in the morning and can continue until late at night if a meeting is scheduled. The only thing that remains for the strength and resources is tennis, Solovyov never threw him and obviously does not intend to do so in the future.

However, a woman does not complain at all about life. "Tatler" she is not tired at all - according to Xenia, she is never bored at work. Also, Solovyov spends his free time on keeping a mini-blog on Instagram. For the most part, he is dedicated to the magazine, but sometimes a woman places her photos in it and is happy to contact the commentators.


The only rule followed by the editor of "Tatler" - never post images of any of his family. Especially Ksenia is against posting photos of her children. She believes that they need nothing to "shine" in her "Instagram" and earn undeserved fame.

Thus, the life of Solovyov can be called bright and intense, although it is difficult to envy her - after all, a woman gives up all of herself to her favorite activity, so by the end of the day she can barely stand.

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