Proverbs about love and not only in Russian


The Russian language is rich and diverse. Speech Russian is replete with various catch phrases, proverbs, sayings and jokes. Proverbs about love, family life, good and evil - the experience of peoples, which he passes from generation to generation. Does modern man, in the era of computers and sensors, resort to “grandfather’s teachings”, does he use folklore in his speech ?! And can people who have forgotten the instructions of their ancestors be called a great nation, even in such a “everyday manner”? ..

Proverb and saying. Find differences

In his speech, the Russian people used to use proverbs and sayings, giving an emotional coloring and a “secret” meaning to their words. Proverbs about love, friendship, work, good and evil are very firmly established in our culture. Everyone from the school bench knows such expressions as “without effort you cannot catch a fish from a pond” or “disservice”. Each of us at least once used the phrase "money to the wind" or "brevity - the sister of talent."


Of course, no one thinks that this is a proverb, and that a saying. Over time, these boundaries are very blurred, and only a dictionary can bring clarity.

Proverb - an independent dictum, conveying meaning and wisdom. Often the words of the proverb are rhymed, very simple and concise. They are easily remembered and used as independent phrases. Wisdom and truth, proven by generations, are transmitted in proverbs: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times."

A saying is a word or phrase that is part of a sentence. Although it can also be used as an independent expression, with a “shadow of understatement” at the end. Sayings are intended to emphasize the speaker's emotions, often they are ironic. Typically, a saying does not contain any instructive load and can be easily removed or replaced in a sentence. With them, the speech becomes more alive: "the cat cried, " "fooling around."

The role of proverbs and sayings

Because the proverbs bear the experience of generations, they are primarily designed to support, comfort and prompt a person direction. Proverbs do not arise from nowhere, they are based on real repetitive cases and represent a conclusion to which a person of any political and religious views is better to listen to. Proverbs about good and love, family and work are passed from father to son.


Sayings also cemented their fame over the years. They decorate, bring diversity to speech and are the cultural heritage of the people.

Proverbs and sayings about love

“You can’t command your heart” or “You can’t forcibly be nice” - there is hardly a person in Russia who has not heard these phrases, but no one will want to hear them in his address.

People love to observe and comment on the relationships of strangers as well. It is very difficult to hide something from people even within the framework of a family hearth. Family and love relationships have always been the subject of envy, advice and conversation. As proof of this, the centuries-proven proverbs and sayings about love: “husband and wife are one Satan”, “love to the grave is both fools”, “love is evil - you will love the goat, ” “where the needle, the thread and the thread”, “the husband without wives - that the goose is without water, ”“ cute scolds - only amuse themselves ”, “ with lovely paradise and in a hut ”, “ love, all ages are submissive. ”


Wise proverbs about love, family life, loyalty and friendship have been repeatedly pronounced by lovers as an oath, as a request, explanation or warning. The most common ones are: “love is not a potato - you cannot throw it out of the window”, “you can endure it, it will love you”, “you cannot buy love for money”, “tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are”, “friends are known in need”.

Proverbs and sayings about good

Much has changed over the years, but the basic concepts are unshakable. Proverbs about good and love - proof of this. No matter where progress progresses, no matter how much the moral framework extends, and no matter what a modern person is interested in, the craving for good always remains close and important to him.

If we talk about folk tales on this topic, we immediately recall the following: “they don’t seek good from good”, “the world is not without good people”, “every cloud has a silver lining”, “good is good for someone who remembers”.

Parental love is a separate topic in proverbs and sayings. Although they are less likely to be heard, but the truth is noticed very subtly in them: “it is warm when the sun is good, mother is welcome”, “the little children are the little beggars, the big children are big chores”, “every child is cute”.

Sayings and proverbs about the love of other countries

Some statements came to us from other cultures and are the property of other nations, but they have taken so deep roots in our culture that many do not even know where they come from.

"In love, as in war, all means are good" - the words that came from England.

“To understand parental love, you need to raise your own children” - Japanese proverb.

“Love someone who loves you” is a reflection of a person’s attitude to love in Mongolia.

Sayings and proverbs about love, friendship, family and other important concepts are passed on from generation to generation. This is wisdom and truth, proven for centuries. Our ancestors lived with them, and they will also be inherited by the next generations.


The world is changing, cultural baggage is replenished, but the basic basis remains. It happens, you do not need unnecessary words, just one exact and well-marked phrase is enough to reflect the attitude or condition of a person. Read, pay attention to the words in the conversation and heard on TV, remember and use proverbs and sayings. Use the wealth of the Russian language and the experience of generations, since "we are all children of the Russian land."

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