Digger Vadim Mikhailov: biography and activities


Mikhailov Vadim Vyacheslavovich - the founder of the Russian and international diggers movement. At one time, he developed a stormy activity, thanks to which he raised an interest in digging. He performed this task through friends and the media.

So who is this digger Vadim Mikhailov, how did he become who he is now? The answer to these and many other questions can be found in the article.

Biography of digger Vadim Mikhailov


Vadim was born in 1965 on April 24 in the city of Moscow. Father's name was Vyacheslav Mikhailov. He worked as a metro driver. From the age of 5 he has been with his father at his work. When the boy was 12 years old, his father died. It was in his honor Vadim decided to create a movement of diggers.

Mother - Galina Mikhailova. In the past, worked in the coal industry, was fond of ballet. Vadim also has a sister, Oksana, who works as a colonel in the FSB.

Mom Vadim loves, drives away journalists and unwanted people from him. She cooks him food, and sometimes she even goes on assignments with him, where she is closely following her son so that he will not forget to put on warm clothes for him.

The first circle that Vadim created was called Underground Muscovy. With the development of the information base, they were called movement, and Vadim realized that it was necessary to develop it.


In the early 1990s, Vadim Mikhailov, a Moscow digger, studied at the 1st Medical Institute and worked as an orderly in his spare time as an orderly at the Botkin hospital.

Many students asked him to write course papers for them, which is why Vadim left medical school and actively began to study speleology. Subsequently, he took up self-education, having mastered many specialties.


Vadim says little about his life, but his mother claims that he once served in Chechnya, Afghanistan, and even worked in the fire brigade. His ancestors, according to some data, owned the mines and mines in the pre-revolutionary country.

Vadim Mikhailov from Moscow is a sculptor and painter, medic, martial arts expert and survival expert in underground labyrinths. He also writes music and poetry, draws and plays movies. Over the years, Vadim constantly takes part in various radio and television shows as an expert on the underworld.

In 2000, a documentary film was shot by Dmitry Zavilgelsky, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, where Vadim played one of the roles. And in 2015, he participated in the filming of the documentary project "Kings of the Underground".

Digger activity

Vadim is the founder of the Digger movement. He also leads the rescue squad called Digger-Spas and the Underground Research Center Digger Planet Underground, which he himself founded in the 1970s.


During the seizure of hostages at the musical “Nord-Ost”, Mikhailov helped the military special forces centers of the FSB of Russia to go to the building of the recreation center through underground communications. He also helped to eliminate the consequences of such disasters:

  1. Terrorist attack on Pushkin Square in the underpass.
  2. The explosion of the gas pipeline, which occurred on the Ozernaya street.
  3. The terrorist attack that occurred at the Lubyanka metro station.

What Mikhailov tells about the underground communications of Moscow

He claims that there is underground Russia. In the capital, underground, there are artificial structures and karst dips, which extend up to 840 meters in depth. There was a time when 8 houses fell through in Buturlino. About the probability of the tragedy warned Vadim with the team.

He also says that there is an underground sea or a lake near Moscow. But when he only once agreed to take the journalists to that place, he led them to the usual collector bypass chamber.

In addition, according to Digger Vadim Mikhailov, in the underground capital live mutated animals, namely giant rats, cockroaches, skolopendry and grasshoppers, although never such specimens were found.

Mikhailov many times described various phenomena of a paranormal nature - unusual luminous objects, undead souls of people, and space-time dips, which he met more than once in Moscow’s underground communications.


In addition to Mikhailov himself, a thousand people descend into the collectors every day, but no one has ever confirmed his words. All this testifies to the rich imagination of the digger.

Vadim himself argues that the Internet and the media specifically created the movement of "antidiggers", at the origins of which are corrupt officials. But he and his followers take it calmly.


The main digger of Moscow, Vadim Mikhailov, always appears among the people in a helmet with the inscription “Digger” on it. Rumor has it that he eats and sleeps in it.

In the past, Vadim ran for the State Duma, and many argued whether he would come to the meeting in his favorite helmet or not. To everyone's surprise, Mikhailov came to the press conference in a strict suit. It is likely that Vadim's mother made him put on his clothes.

Recently digger Vadim Mikhailov was spotted on the street wearing a helmet and a suit of American SWAT units.

In addition to the helmet, it is always with a walkie-talkie, and it is idle. But he does not need it for work, but for appearance. When he runs to the next fire in his suit, helmet, this undoubtedly attracts the attention of others.

Seeing the heightened interest in his own person, he grabs the earpiece located in the ear and starts talking into the walkie-talkie that he is running to save someone and rushes headlong towards the burning building. Observers are left stunned.

But then it turns out that there is no need to save anyone, and the fire has already been extinguished altogether, but Vadim has never been embarrassed by this. Attention to his person he loves.


What does the digger ride?

After Vadim was accepted into the ranks of the Emergencies Ministry, Shoigu singled out for him a Land Rover, painted in the colors of the Emergencies Ministry. Also on it was the inscription "Diggerspas" and "Rescue on the ground and under the ground." But a few days later, the car broke down and got up at Vadim’s house on Leningradsky Avenue.

Detractors began to permanently stick on the car the letter "P" in the word "save." Mom and her son constantly cleaned it of various inscriptions and snow, but the car never got started. In 2009, the car was evacuated as ownerless.

After that digger Vadim Mikhailov comes to all challenges and emergencies on foot or arrives by subway.

Digger communication with journalists

Journalists like to communicate with Vadim Mikhailov. He loves them too. Media representatives think that digger Vadim Mikhailov tells exactly the truth that is hidden from the people of power. In fact, Vadim instills a lot in order to satisfy the interest of the viewer.

For example, after the fire at the Manezh, he claimed that he had seen dozens of hidden corpses, which had been ordered not to be told in the media, and after the explosion in the subway there were more than a hundred.

How Mikhailov loves PR

As soon as Moscow digger Vadim Mikhailov arrives on the scene, he begins to give interviews. Frowning forehead and claims that the criminal negligence of officials and corruption are to blame again in the accident. For more persuasiveness, he rolls in terms, as a result, the listener has thoughts that this is true.

In fact, he does not help the victims, does not participate in the aftermath, but only gives interviews in order to promote them.


Of course, such an attitude to officials is happening to everything that is happening, so at the sight of Vadim Mikhailov, the reviews about which everyone has more negative, they immediately try to show off.

For example, recently the head of the Moscow fire brigade said, if the digger reappears at any scene and starts talking nonsense to journalists, he will use a service weapon to him. Vadim himself tells about it with great disappointment.

Also digger Vadim Mikhailov - an amateur to participate in various talk shows and TV shows, again, just for the sake of PR.

Why does he do it? Trite wants to become famous. In the finale of each interview, he always says that in order to avoid such disasters, it is necessary to consult with independent experts, that is, Mikhailov himself, when building buildings.

He is also trying to solicit budget money for organizing legal Digger clubs in which he will teach young people. But so far these speeches have not led to anything good.

What dreams

Digger Vadim Mikhailov, whose photo you can see in the article, said many times that he wanted to streamline the activities of single diggers and their unorganized groups, as well as create a center for severe disasters. In which instances he did not apply: to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and to other opposition organizations. He just needs public support.


He literally sees himself as the head of a certain permitting body that will issue licenses for digging. Of course, he does not receive support from the state. Only deputies from the Yabloko party support him.

For many years of experience, different instances were interested in their movement, they started cases, but Vadim and the team are not afraid of this. Their mission is to save the people through the worst dungeons of Moscow.

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