How to open the elevator yourself: how to open the elevator doors outside and inside


Fear of closed spaces in people is an instinctive feeling. And most citizens are unaware that they can easily panic if they find themselves locked in an elevator. Without the use of this device in large metropolitan areas can not do - home-candles with a large number of floors make climbing the stairs into torture. But what if the cabin stopped between floors? How to open a stuck elevator? And is it worth it in principle?



The elevator is a complex electromechanical system designed to lift people and goods to the desired floor. This is potentially a source of increased danger. At any time, the device may fail. And although the cabin will not fall, but it still stops between floors.

In order to get out, you need to figure out how to open the elevator. Immediately it should be clarified that it is most reasonable to wait. But sometimes the situation is such that you need to get out immediately.


What to do if the elevator needs to be opened from the cab

How to open the elevator from the inside? It is necessary to understand that a special algorithm of actions was developed to help all those stuck in it, and initially it is necessary to adhere to it:

  1. Do not panic. Sometimes people suffer from mass hysteria more than from the fact of being in the cabin between floors. Therefore, you need to relax, breathe and get ready for the wait.
  2. Get the light source. Often the cab stops due to the lack of electricity in the house, and emergency power does not work in all elevators. Therefore, you need to get a flashlight or phone to light the space. Light is needed not so much as a psychological factor for maintaining calm, but rather for highlighting the buttons.
  3. Press call button. Each elevator is equipped with it, and at any time of the day you can contact an elevator representative. This is the most reliable and secure option to open the elevator.
  4. When the special button does not work, you can call the rescue service. The single number throughout the country is 112. It works on all mobile operators.
  5. If both options did not work, you need to find the "open doors" button on the panel. It is labeled with a diverging arrow. If the button does not work, then you need to try to press the "close doors" button. It is indicated by converging arrows. Perhaps, its “sticking” occurred, and because of this the signal “open doors” does not work. Then re-press "open the door."


  6. Another option, how to open the elevator doors, is to try to click on the panel with the number of the floor, which is located directly under the cabin.
  7. If you can not call the elevator or call the emergency services, then you need to attract the attention of those outside. To do this, you can shout or knock. It is impossible to jump in the elevator - this is prohibited, as it causes a weight difference.
  8. If nothing works, then you need to wait. This is the safest option.

The thing is that it is very difficult, almost impossible to open the door from the inside of the elevator. The doors of the cabin with a suitable tool can be pressed, but with the doors of the mine more difficult. They often open only with a special key and outside.


How to open the door outside

Sometimes other people come to the aid of the stranded. How to open the elevator outside? Make it easy. Most elevator shafts are opened only with a special key, which is located at the elevator. This is done for safety reasons, so that teenagers cannot get into the mine, for example, in order to ride on the roof of the cabin.

Even the use of a strong lever, which can try to squeeze the sash, is not always justified. This is permitted only in exceptional cases.

It is more reasonable in this situation to call the elevator industry or the rescue service, since a person in the cabin often does not receive a signal due to shielding with metal sheets.

When you need to choose yourself

In exceptional cases, you need to choose yourself, without waiting for help. We are talking about those situations where the life and health of stuck people are under threat. As a rule, these are cases of smoke, fire, earthquakes, collapse of a part of a building and other natural and man-made disasters. If the bill goes for a minute, and there is no place to wait for help, then you need to try to open the cabin door.


How to open the elevator in an extreme situation? To do this, you should take the following steps:

  1. If the cabin is flush with the floor, then you need to try to break and squeeze the sash with the help of available tools. In a dangerous situation, you can not care about the safety of municipal property.
  2. Pressing the sash is recommended using any durable lever. You can use one of the interior elements (most of the cabins today are “anti-vandal”, so in practice this is hardly applicable) or find something in your room (umbrella, walking stick, keys).
  3. You can try to get to the roof through the technical hatch. He is not in all cabins, besides it requires a good physical form. Then you should try to press the door of the mine, located above.

Principles of operation of the closing mechanism

How to open the elevator? To do this, you must at least superficially understand the principle of operation of automatic sliding doors. Most cabins are designed so that they can be relatively easily opened from the outside and impossible from the inside.

The cab doors are easy to open - they are pressed out from the outside with any suitable objects. From the inside it is harder to do, but still possible.

With the doors of the mine more difficult. When the flaps are fixed, special slips force the rollers, where the locking mechanism moves. The whole device is located on top of the cab, and for opening it is necessary to move these layers. The problem is that the elevator has many conductive parts. And if you get into these mechanisms with improvised means, you can harm yourself and people stuck in the elevator.

Elevator scams

Sometimes people are locked in an elevator, not because of a safety violation or as a result of a breakdown, but because of the illegal actions of criminal elements. It happens like this:

  • A man enters the elevator and rises to his floor.
  • The attacker counts the time so that when you stop the cabin was between floors, and de-energizes the elevator.
  • The offender opens the elevator doors, so that there is a gap, it seems to be a lifter and asks the phone to call for help, as his staff sat down.
  • The fraudster is hiding with the victim's phone.

Be carefull!

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