What is the coat of arms of Magadan?


Emblem. How proudly this word sounds. But in general, what does it mean and symbolize? Initially, a coat of arms was understood as a sign that was passed from generation to generation as a family. It usually depicts the owners or the distinctive features of the family (coins, gold, weapons). Now the word "emblem" has a different meaning. It is a symbol of the state, region, region, city. Depict it on various government documents, coins, and so on. Every city in our country has its own coat of arms. Some people have animals on it, others have plants, some coats of arms just consist of several flowers. Consider it on the example of the coat of arms of the city of Magadan, Magadan region.



The city of Magadan was founded in 1929, initially as a settlement for workers. It is a port city, its population is not more than one hundred thousand people. The city is located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, which, of course, affects the order of life in the region. In the minds of people at the mention of this city immediately prisons emerge, which are really there. But in itself, this city with such a short history is very interesting. The climate here does not indulge citizens, in the summer the temperature warms no higher than 20–25 degrees, but the locals go to the beaches of the city and actively relax. Magadan is definitely an industrial city, a huge number of plants and factories are located in the outline of the city. Several enterprises engaged in mining and gold mining. Interestingly, Magadan itself provides itself with machinery and equipment, in the city there are factories for the production of equipment for the extraction of minerals.


Coat of arms of Magadan: image and description

It should be said at once that the flag and the coat of arms of Magadan are completely the same. It was decided by the city authorities in the last century that the image would be copied. A rather unusual decision, since usually these characters are not made identical. Consider the image of the coat of arms in more detail.


The author of the coat of arms is N. Merzlyuk. It depicts a golden deer. Let's see why it is this animal and in such colors? The fact is that for more than half a century Magadan region has become famous in two industries. The first is gold mining, and the second is reindeer herding. So we decided to unite these two directions in our coat of arms, and at the same time in the flag. At the bottom of the emblem, there are waves that indicate the geographical location of the region and the characteristics of the economy. Fishing is actively developed in the region. Also on the coat of arms there are 3 more colors: blue, white, red.

  • Blue means enhanced thinking and pursuit of lofty goals.
  • White color means wisdom, intelligence and peacefulness.
  • Red means masculinity and heroism.

Coat of arms of the Magadan region

The emblem of the region is completely different from the emblem of the city. Let us consider it.


The coat of arms is presented in the form of a French shield and is divided into three parts. In the upper triangle there are three ingots and tools for mining. It is not difficult to guess that two gold bars are gold mining, and silver means the economic well-being of the region. The hammer and pickaxe are reminiscent of the main industrial sector in the region - the extraction of minerals. In the second division of the coat of arms, three fish are depicted. They symbolize the developed fishing industry in the region. Well, in the last division of the emblem there is a hydroelectric station and a high-voltage transmission line. It is not difficult to guess that the region provides itself with electricity with the help of a hydroelectric power station. Above is depicted a plane taking off. Due to the peculiarities of the geographical position of the region, this is the main way of transport communication with other regions.


In this article we have completely dismantled the coat of arms of Magadan and the Magadan region. During its consideration, we paid attention to the flag of the city. Which of the above in the article we can highlight? As already noted at the beginning, the emblem depicts the main features of the region, the country. After examining the coat of arms of Magadan, we can conclude about the main industries and the distinctive features of life in the region. It is actively engaged in gold mining, mining, fishing is developed. The region provides itself with energy by means of a hydroelectric power station, and the main connection of the region with other territories is air transport.

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