Statuses about a sister with meaning: statements for social networks


Status about a sister with meaning is a good way to tell the world about the happiness of having a best friend in your life. A selection of such expressions will help to highlight exactly those words that are so important to say to a dear person.

Status about a sister with meaning

  • "If there is someone to whom you can tell your secret with the same confidence as your mother, then only your sister."
  • "I have friends. But I cannot find such a faithful and dear as a sister."
  • "The ability to find a common language with a sister is a school on how to become a friend to other people."
  • "When you have a sister, you don't have to worry about your problems alone."
  • "The sisters of instruction are not an accusation or morals. It is a concern multiplied by indifference to you."
  • "Sister is your reflection and opposite at the same time."
  • "The friendship between the sisters is like a good wine - it grows stronger over the years. And as spring - the longer the cold, the more pleasant its arrival."
  • "None of the peers are as important to your happiness as your own sister."
  • "People who have brothers or sisters look more whole and happy."

Status about a sister with the meaning does not necessarily use only for social networks. This can be a pleasant SMS or a note that will surely cheer up a loved one.

Funny status about sisters

Status about a sister with meaning can be fun and ironic, as well as the relationship between relatives.

  • “It’s pointless to share all the news with your sister. After all, she already knows everything.”
  • "If a girl watches football, plays computer games and knows how to make a slingshot, then this is your younger sister."
  • "In childhood, my sister and I constantly fought. But then we grew up, got smarter and understood - better let them fight because of us."
  • "When she calls me stupid, I answer:" All in you! ".
  • "Why do you need Mr. Proper, if you have a younger sister?".
  • “So that you don’t have to do all the homework alone, steal your sister’s personal diary.”
  • "My little sister, when she learned that I will have a child, exclaimed:" And who will be - a boy or a girl? I need to know who I will be - uncle or aunt? "


Beautiful statuses about sister

Statuses about a sister with meaning, beautiful and funny - this is also a great way to congratulate. A card with an original statement from a loved one will be a nice addition to the gift.

  • "I am grateful to fate that I have such a treasure. Thank you for being in my life, sister."
  • "You and I are already happier than many people on Earth. Because they have each other."
  • "I can only be more beautiful than you."
  • "This birthday is not only your holiday. It is also my celebration, another favorite day of the year."
  • "The consanguinity is what unites in spite of thousands of kilometers. Contrary to the quarrels and omissions. Despite all the troubles and hardships."
  • "Happy are those who with trepidation and anticipation are waiting to meet with a brother or sister."
  • "Unfortunately, all life is not a holiday. But as long as you have it, I can overcome everything."


The best statuses and aphorisms about the sister are those that come from the heart. These are the words that can awaken and express feelings. And it’s worth sharing more often.

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