Power Balance - Divorce or Truth? How to distinguish the original from a fake?


The wave of "bracelets", which swept the whole world, does not subside. Advertising, which suddenly struck consumers from all sides, is shocking and says that without these bracelets, you simply cannot live a quality life. Such jewelry can be found on the wrists of celebrities, athletes and Hollywood stars, they are recommended in NASA, but are they as effective as the creators of Power Balance say? Divorce or truth, can, really they are so amazing? Looking ahead, in fairness it should be noted that the effectiveness of such bracelets has already been tested by scientists from Spain, and the results of their research are written below.


What is this miracle?

It looks like an ordinary stylish bracelet, which is endowed with healing properties. According to its creators, he is able to improve not only the appearance of his owner, but also his emotional state, give new strength, coordinate movements. All this and more promises to correct this miracle of modern thought. It is not surprising that many people are suspicious of such statements, therefore, more and more questions arise like: “Is Power Balance a divorce or true?”

How did the idea of ​​creation appear?

The developers of the company noticed that this or that mineral or stone has a different effect on the human body. People have long used various amulets and pendants from different materials. Therefore, the interaction was based on holograms, which influenced the human energy field. Thus was created this product, which is constantly improving. His goal is to maintain the perfect balance and performance of those people who wear it. Therefore, you need to think again, before wearing Power Balance on your wrist, do you need it, or is it enough to have your own internal reserves?

How does it work?

The ancestors of the idea that brought it to life are Josh and Troy Rodarmel. The company, originally created by them, specialized in the development of various tools that are designed to make a person's life better. Previously, the secret technology, which is enclosed in a bracelet, was available exclusively to athletes. Now almost anyone can feel its action. But what is his secret?

It is believed that the Power Balance is a unique combination of the forces of nature and innovative technologies. Divorce or truth - you decide, but based on annotations to this innovative product, you can draw several conclusions. The volcanic bracelet, as stated in the description, emits the natural frequencies for the body, which, in turn, contributes to increased absorption of oxygen by the whole body. It is precisely because of this that physical and moral elevation occurs. It is based on the hologram of Mylar, which interacts with the human energy field and harmonizes it.


Power Balance: Divorce or Truth?

In fact, the very concept of holograms, which can somehow influence a person’s magnetic field, tuning it to positive frequencies, looks, to say the least, very futuristic. It is therefore not surprising that many are skeptical about this. The bracelet itself is no different from products of this type, and if it were not for an active advertising campaign deployed around it, then most likely no potential buyer would pay any attention to it. It is made of silicone and has no contraindications.

According to the company and celebrities

In response to the question “why you need Power Balance, ” the developers and basketball legends of Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls team, along with Lamar Odom from the Lakers, will say with one voice that they feel toned because of the fact that all natural body flows optimized. But in fact, this all happens only because of the signed contract, so you should not trust them completely. As for the company itself, it periodically conducts various kinesiological experiments in which it demonstrates the effect of this wonderful accessory. But as for the information content and the evidence base in these experiments, everything is very superficial and blurry. The essence of testing such bracelets was as follows: first, one test subject pressed his opponent’s hand without a bracelet, and the second stage was to carry out the same manipulations, only this time along with Power Balance. But in fact, such tests have a large number of white spots, because it was not known whether the same pressure and resistance technique was used for the first and second time. Therefore, everyone will draw conclusions for himself.


On my own experience

Anyway, did you decide to purchase a similar bracelet and test yourself to confirm or deny the statement that Power Balance is a divorce? It should be borne in mind that in the United States and Europe, such decorations are firmly in vogue, and they have only begun to win favor with themselves in the CIS. Along with this, a huge amount of low-quality fakes appeared. And answering the question "Power Balance - Divorce or Not, " it is worth considering the original or just decoration. Thus, maybe this bracelet really has some abilities that bring good results, only you will most likely not be able to find out because of the huge number of fakes. But if, even after this, you do not give up on such a venture, then it is at least able to distinguish them.


How to distinguish the original Power Balance?

There are several points through which you can distinguish a real bracelet from a fake:

  • The box in which the subject lies must be tightly sealed on all sides.
  • On the front side there should be a special hologram, thanks to which you can check the bracelet by its serial number.
  • The strength of the product is at a high level, and thanks to high-quality surgical silicone, it can stretch more than 30% and then take its shape back.
  • The inner part of the bracelet has the designations of the series and size.
  • There must be 2 holograms in which the phrase "Perfomance Technology" should be printed in small letters.
  • Branded packaging.
  • The cost of goods can not be less than 1 000 rubles.
  • International 30-day money back guarantee.

By following these simple rules, you can easily purchase Power Balance (original) and not get caught in the tricks of fraudsters.


Proven equivalent

In fact, claims that the Power Balance bracelets are a divorce are far from new, because almost every year there are a large number of such accessories designed to improve people's lives. So, in 2014 in the capital of Russia, the exhibition “SN Pro Expo” was held - quite authoritative event, where bracelets called Eridium, which by their principle are very similar to Power Balance, were demonstrated, only their action is aimed at filtering electromagnetic fluxes in the modern world present everywhere. The main task of such an accessory is to restore the energy balance, with which it copes very well, which, by the way, is confirmed by a large number of tests and international certificates.

Real bracelet effect

In fact, there is a lot of information about the positive effect of this accessory, but it is very difficult to understand whether it is valid feedback from real consumers of this product or a well-planned marketing campaign. Of course, anyone can check the Power Balance for themselves and thus draw some conclusions, but if for some reason this cannot be done, then you just have to trust the reviews and information in the media and the Internet. After examining a large amount of such data, we can conclude that if this bracelet acts somehow on the body, then within 1 month of wearing we can note improvement in sleep, quick recovery, increase in performance, which can contribute to an increase in the intensity of training. But, of course, all this must be properly combined with food and lifestyle. In other words, there will be no effect if you just put it on your wrist and lie on the sofa waiting for you to become an outstanding athlete.


Real research

In order to still learn about the actual benefits of this bracelet, a number of tests were carried out, thanks to which it turned out to determine an unambiguous result. It was taken for the study of 16 people who had to pass a number of tasks related to physical activity and flexibility. All test subjects were wearing bandaged regular Power Balance bracelets and bracelets. How to distinguish one from another if they are not visible? That's right - no way. This was done for the purity of the experiment. This is necessary so that people, knowing that they are wearing a bracelet, could not, on a subconscious level, try to complete tasks, overcoming their barrier of opportunity. This is due to the psychological effect, which is that the bracelet should help.

All 16 people were tested 4 times, and this bracelet was present on their wrist only 1 time. In this case, none of the subjects could not know at what point they were wearing a miracle accessory and whether it was at all.

Despite the fact that the results are still being collected, it is safe to say the following. If this bracelet could actually act on the improvement of physical indicators, then all the data would have been significantly higher compared with the attempts that were made with dummies. In fact, this did not happen, and all expectations were in vain, although at heart everyone knew it. All 4 attempts gave approximately the same results. It is worth noting that some of the subjects with these bracelets showed even slightly worse results.


Worse than placebo

Thus, it is safe to say that these bracelets do not have any pronounced effects at all. At least when a person does not know that he wears a bracelet, he does not give him any additional strength. In other words, the bracelet itself has absolutely no effect, and it can only be used as an additional piece of jewelry or a stylish accessory. If you use it as an ordinary rabbit-like talisman, in order to increase self-reliance, it may have some value, in other cases there is absolutely no use from it.

The only thing that can please - they are harmless. That is why you should not worry about the fact that they will be able to do harm, if there is not so much benefit from the bracelets.

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