Biography of football player Ruslan Kurbanov


Ruslan Kurbanov is a football player who stands for the Gabala club. At twenty-five, his career is at its peak. Ruslan plays a striker, but he can also play as a central striker and playmaker.

Biography of Ruslan Kurbanov

Ruslan was born in the city of Stavropol in a simple Azerbaijani family on September 12, 1991. From a very early age the boy was interested in football. At school, he played in the football team and showed good results. That is why he was noticed by representatives of Dynamo of the city of Stavropol. And after about five years, Ruslan was selected at the football club “Rostov”, after which he was accepted there. There he was in almost all youth teams, and in 2008 he officially signed a contract with the club.


He then went to the field trials to the club from the lower division. About half a year played in "Nick." He played nine games, then added another eleven for “Taganrog”, in which he stayed for about six months.

When he returned to his club, it turned out that his results were not very impressive. Because of this, he was sent to a double. It did not suit Ruslan Kurbanov, so after a while he broke the contract with the club.


In 2011, Ruslan signed a contract with Neftchi. After this, there were more positive moments in his fate. Actions “Rostov” left an unpleasant mark in his soul, but over time he recovered from this.

Within six months at the new club, Ruslana managed to enter the field only seven times. After that, he was sent for rent to Sumgait. There he won a year, took part in sixteen games and scored two goals. After another year passed in the same team, but he, in his opinion, was better, since he played twenty-four matches and scored six goals. And when Ruslan returned to Neftchi, it was decided to send him again to rent, so that such a talented football player would not sit on the bench for good reason. The next six months in “Sumgait” were not very successful: he failed to score a single goal when entering the field fourteen times.


After returning to “Neftchi”, Ruslana finally began to release on the field. Within six months he played nineteen matches and scored four goals. After that, he was allowed to enter the field sixteen more times, and he scored four more goals.

Despite successful games, he was sent back for rent, this time in Hajduk. But there he played only a few times, and he was not particularly remembered by anything. Therefore, Ruslan Kurbanov returned back to Neftchi.

And in the 2015 and 2016 seasons, Kurbanov became the player of the base. This attracted the attention of the right people, and after that in 2016 it was sold to Qabala for about fifty thousand euros.


Being in the club, he played twenty-seven matches, during which scored six goals. His contract was until 2018 inclusive. But if Ruslan Kurbanov continues to show himself well, then a contract extension is possible.

Youth team


It is authentically known that Rusanov Kurbanov is Azerbaijani by nationality, even though he considers Russia to be his native state. In 2010 he was called to the youth team of Azerbaijan. And for several years, he played seven matches, but he didn’t particularly remember anything.

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