Snow trap: in the UK, about 100 cars are stuck in snow drifts


Up to 100 cars were trapped on the main road in Cornwall due to heavy snow. Drivers reported that they were stuck on the Bodmin-Mur road at around 3:30 pm after heavy snowfall.

Police urged motorists to stay in their vehicles after some left their cars, and warned others to prevent accidents. The Department of Highways of England stated that the movement resumed, albeit very slowly, after 23:00 local time.


Snow trap for hundreds of cars

Driver Paul Newman said that the movement had resumed a bit, but had stopped again near Blysland. Particularly difficult for heavy truck drivers. Eyewitnesses say: “At the moment we have no idea what is really happening. The guy in the car in front of us just threw snowballs at the dog from boredom. ” Devon and Cornwall police stated that there were dangerous road conditions throughout the county and reported a number of accidents.

About 400 students remained blocked by a blizzard at Callivit College in Bodmin. Director Mark Wardle said that the buses could not reach the college and the attendants delivered sausages, chips and beans to students.


Peter Norfolk, a wheelchair tennis player who won seven singles titles and two Paralympic gold medals, posted photos on social networks after he was stuck in the area. “I did not see any signs of snow machines, ” he said. “I wish I had wheelchair skis or studded wheels!”

Hotel Jamaica Inn near Lonston came to the aid of frozen people

The staff at the Jamaica Inn near Lonston, who became famous for the eponymous classic novel by Daphne Du Maurier, laid out the mattresses on the floor. Initially, seven rooms were booked, now all 37. They made fifteen beds in the lower restaurant and another five in the hall. People keep arriving and the rooms will be open all night so that people can warm themselves.

Heavy snowfall caught the drivers off-guard at about 3:00 GMT. The snow is expected to move east to Devon, and this will entail delays on the roads and cancellation of rail flights.

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