Rick Sanchez. Journalist, columnist, commentator ─ who is he?


In this article, we will talk about Latin American journalist Ricka Sanchez, who has traveled a thorny path from a migrant who, according to others, could not achieve anything in this life only because of his race, to a journalist, commentator and author who had worked in large companies. His biography is full of interesting events. Photo by Rick Sanchez attached.

Who is he?

Born July 2, 1958 in the city of Guanabacoa, Cuba, Rick Sanchez is a journalist. Concurrently, he is also the author and radio host. In addition, the talented Rick Sanchez is also a news columnist and correspondent.

He currently works at Fox News as a sponsor, in addition he is a columnist for FOX News Latino. In addition, Rick is also a correspondent for the Spanish network Mundo Fox.

He previously worked for CNN from 2004 to 2010.


Childhood and education

Rick Sanchez was born in Guanabacoa in Cuba. At birth, he was given the name Ricardo Leon Sanchez de Reinaldo. The names of his parents, Rick keeps secret, so at this point in time nothing is known about them.

Natives of Cuba, the Sanchez family moved to Florida, USA. Rick was then two years old. He spent his childhood in a suburb of Florida. According to him, because of his Latin American origin, he was often harassed on the basis of racism by his peers and was often the victim of prejudices and stereotyped thinking of adolescents. His father worked as a truck driver, factory worker and washing dishes.

Rick attended Mae M. Walters Elementary School and Heinrich H. Filer's High School. As a place for secondary education, he chose the Heilay school. Then, in 1977, he graduated from it. After that, he entered the Minnesota Moorhead State University, where he was paid a scholarship intended for football players.

He later received another CBS / WCCO journalism scholarship. In this regard, he moved to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis in 1979 to study journalism and get a better education.

Career Rick Sanchez

Sanchez started his career by studying journalism at the University of Minnesota. His first job was at KCMT, a local radio station. Then in 1982 he joined WSVN in Miami. There he worked at the weekend. He then also worked at KHOU. Sanchez demonstrated his potential and was completely devoted to all projects in which he participated. Finally, in 2001, he joined MSNBC (a major American cable channel).

But after a couple of years, he left MSNBC and worked on WTVJ and WBZL, television channels. Rick also acted as an informant for Anderson Cooper 360 ° and CNN International. In addition, he changed his employer. In 2004, he began working at CNN, where he remained until 2010. In 2010, CNN fired him for several controversial statements about the current government and the Jews. Even though he apologized later, it caused tremendous dissonance. At the moment, these info feeds are jammed.

Subsequently, he began working as a radio announcer in 2011. He became an analyst at the Florida International University football team. Finally, in 2012, he joined Fox News. He currently works for the latter-mentioned company as a FOX News Latino columnist. Similarly, he is also a correspondent for the Spanish Mundo Fox network. From 2013 to 2015, he also worked on the WIOD 610 AM Clear Channel. He won the EMMY award in 1983 for his show "When I Leave Cuba." Rick Sanchez has over 156, 000 followers on Twitter. In addition, he has about 33, 000 followers on Facebook.


Rick's family

Rick Sanchez’s wife, Suzanne, bore him three sons and one daughter: Ricky Jr., Robbie, Remington and Savannah. Suzanne and Rick are happily married to this day.


Quotes by Rick Sanchez

“I grew up not speaking English, every day watching how my father works in a factory, does the dishes, drives a truck. I was constantly told that I could not do certain things in life simply because I am Hispanic. ”

"Everyone who runs CNN is very similar to John Stewart, and many people who run all the other networks are very similar to Stewart and mean that people in this country who have Jewish roots are an oppressed minority? Yeah."

These phrases of Rick Sanchez have played defining roles in his life: because of the first, he became the kind of person he is now, because of the second he was fired, but he found a response in the hearts of the audience, having conquered them with honesty.

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