The Torah Well - an impressive sight


Planet Earth is rich in amazing natural phenomena. Inanimate nature is so diverse that it often forms something new, unusual for the human eye. Residents of the middle and equatorial belt come to the snow caps of the planet to observe the northern lights. Geysers, waterfalls, canyons attract travelers. Freakish caves are separate worlds with their life forms.

On the northwest coast of the United States there is one of the wonders of nature. This is a unique natural phenomenon. The Torah Well is located on Cape Perpetua. This so-called well is most likely part of a cave labyrinth. Although no one truly knows what is hidden in the depths of the sea, because it is too dangerous to descend into the water raging from the waves.

Description of the nature of the cape

The coast of Cape Perpetua is all composed of boulders formed by frozen lava. In the past, volcanoes were actively erupting here. And now, not far from the Well of Thor, is the active volcano, St. Helens. Virgin forest grows on the Oregon Cape.


This state is famous for its magnificent sunsets. And the Well of Thor is recommended to visit in the rays of the setting sun.

Impressive nature

An hour before the tide begins the first spray from the depths of natural education. The stronger the waves and the greater the tide, the more spectacular the natural phenomenon. First, the water flows into the Well of Torah, and then, when a tidal wave fills the hole from the bottom, the water bursts into the air with great force. The height of the water jet can reach 6 meters. It all depends on weather conditions. Since in winter the height of the tides is greater, then the strength of the natural phenomenon is greater. When the wind also increases the waves, and hence the water is pulled to a great height.


Rising, the water falls, splashing around. And when a wave bares the coast, the Torah Well itself opens and absorbs the last remnants of the surrounding water. All the water goes nowhere, as if through the gates to the underworld.

The Legend of the Well of God

There is a bitter legend of the formation of a hole in a rock. The guy and the girl often met at this place. But jealousy made a terrible thing to do. The girl killed the guy. Thor, the god of storm and thunder, saw everything from heaven. He turned the young man's blood into hot lava, which burned the ground so that a hole formed. The body fell under the ground. The legend recalls the terrible destructive effects of jealousy.

The Torah Well was formed quite a long time ago: many thousands of years ago, as a result of volcanic activity. Therefore, around the formation of wet slippery stones, which create the danger of falling into the water. Moreover, the wind in this area is strong. To approach the edge of the well very carefully you can only in a short period of time in the absence of water. Then downstairs visitors observe the water surface, to which a distance of several meters.

Photographers love to catch amazing moments of water behavior at the Well of Thor. Particularly impressive is the drop of water coming into the depths.


The hole diameter is about 5 meters. Therefore, the impressions remain with all visitors, no one leaves disappointed with what he saw of the water show.

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