Semi-monkey of the Lorian family: peculiarities of a mammal, appearance and habitat


In children's cartoons often draw funny small animals with huge sad eyes. These are small half monkeys. Several families belong to this suborder, one of which is the half monkey of the Lorian family. About them our story will go.


Who are the half monkeys

Half monkeys are primate mammals. These include animals of six families:

  • tarsiers;
  • stupid
  • handshakes;
  • lemurs;
  • indri;
  • lory

They are distinguished from ordinary monkeys by the structure of the brain, which is less developed. The cerebral hemispheres have few convolutions or completely smooth. The semi-monkey of the Lorian family is only one of the fifty semi-monkey species.


The family has two equivalent names: Loria and Lorizidovye. The animals themselves are not large. Depending on the species, the minimum body length of an adult individual is 22 cm, and the maximum length is 40 cm. The mass ranges from 300 g to 2 kg. The semi-monkey of the Lorian family can have a short tail or be completely tailless. She has very big eyes. Many around the eyes have black circles, and between them is a white stripe. Actually, thanks to these circles, the half monkey of the Loriev family, the name of which is often shortened to Laurie, received its name. From the Dutch, Loeris translates as "clown."


In small primates, both the hand and foot are capable of making grasping movements. The second wrist finger is very short, it is considered rudimentary. And on the second toe of the foot there is a strong, so-called toilet claw, with which primates tidy up the fur. Other fingers are protected by nails.

All members of the family have a soft, but thick coat. Color in different species does not match. The coat can be in different shades of gray and brown. The back of the animals is almost always darker.

The semi-monkey of the Lori family has several pairs of nipples. Most often, 2 or 3. The mating period in females occurs once a year, and the pregnancy lasts about 190 days. Females bring no more than two cubs. The offspring is born sighted. In babies, a grasping instinct is well developed, which allows them to hold tight to the parent's hair.


Little Lori are subdivided into 2 subfamilies:

  • Lorium Lemurs.
  • Galag Lemurs.

Inside the subfamilies there are 11 different species. So, where is the half monkey of the Lorian family found? The answer is simple: in tropical forests of different continents. The main places of residence - Asia, Africa and India.



Monkeys prefer nocturnal lifestyle. Animals move slowly and carefully. From branch to branch, they move, and not jump. Strong and tenacious paws allow you to securely cling to the branches. Under natural conditions, Loriums almost never descend to the earth, but lead a tree life.

Often, Lorium half monkeys are gathered by tribal groups, but they can live alone. The life expectancy of these animals is quite high, they are able to live to 20 years.

The diet consists of various insects, bird eggs and small vertebrates. However, animals are happy to eat and juicy fruits. Some species lick the tree sap, which is released after the bark is cut.

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