Akira Toriyama - who is he?


Mangaka is a person who draws comics. This is what Akira Toriyama is best known for. The man is incredibly talented, he put his life on the achievement of their goals. Being engaged in video games, he received even more fame, but it is not clear if this would have happened had he not had such a great practice in drawing comics.

Biography of Akira Toriyama

The man was born on April 5, 1955 and, as a child, he decided for himself that he wanted to draw and devote his whole life to it. After graduating from college, he found work at the largest manga publishing house in Japan. Already a year later, his comics were published in Shonen Jump magazine, people were interested in them, but he did not get much success. After that, it was published several times, but the desired triumph was still not there.


He received this recognition a few years later with a manga called Dr.Slump. Along with the famous manga, he participated in the competition of artists, which was held in the publishing house where he worked. Akira Toriyama won with his mini-stories.

Akira's most famous work is the Dragon ball. The manga consists of 42 volumes, 4 films and 153 episodes of the television series were also shot. The man himself said that he was inspired by this manga previous work - Dragon boy. The story tells about a boy who was engaged in martial arts. However, the work was never completed. After the furore produced, Toriyama decided to release a sequel to the manga called Dragon ball Z. The second part is slightly different from the first, it is more serious, it has less humor and more martial arts.

Video Game Work

After the second part was no less successful than the first, anime studios decided to continue. The man practically did not participate in the creation of the third part, he only advised the studios. Akira himself became interested in video games, which during this period actively developed and spread throughout the world. In video games he helped design, here are some of his works:

  • Dragon Quest.
  • Chrono Trigger.
  • Torneko Big Adventure.
  • Tobal Nr. one.


Akira Toriyama even has her own studio, whose name can be translated as "mountain bird". The artist's works, all his small stories were mainly created for children, and only the most famous manga is intended for teenagers.

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