Jacaranda (violet tree) in Russia is growing and where? Where does Jacaranda grow?


Without exception, all lovers of flowering plants with amazement and delight look at the photo, which shows jacaranda (violet tree). Does this unusually beautiful tree grow in Russia? What does it love? How to grow it? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) belongs to the Bignonium family. It has about fifty species. These are mainly large or medium-sized trees (evergreen) growing in the tropics and subtropics.

Jacaranda (Violet Tree): Where Does It Grow?

Subtropical and tropical areas of America are considered the birthplace of the violet tree. People of all continents admire this wonder of nature. In Zimbabwe and Mexico, the flowering of this tree symbolizes the coming of spring.


Today jacaranda (violet tree) is found not only in South America, but also in the USA, Mexico, India, Israel and other countries. This flowering plant not only decorates the streets, but is also valued for its very high quality wood, which is used to make expensive furniture. On the use of this plant, we will describe later.

In South America, a jacaranda (a violet tree) grows two meters in two to three years. Where this unusually beautiful creation of nature grows, during the flowering period the air is filled with an unusual aroma that is a bit like honey. An adult plant can reach 30 meters in height.


Jacaranda (violet tree) in Russia is well known to many flower growers, mainly from photos posted in special editions. Meanwhile, in many countries, this magnificent plant is so loved that it is found on almost every street. Dozens of flowering violet trees at the same time envelop the city with a gentle bluish haze, and an unusual purple carpet appears beneath their feet. Many residents believe that this plant brings good luck. Therefore, after the birth of the child, young parents will certainly plant him in the yard.

Description of the violet tree

Anyone who has seen the flowering of this tree, describe it as a purple miracle. Its leaves are opposite, fern-like, pinnate.

The inflorescence is a panicle, apical or axillary. Flowers are always bisexual, tubular, zygomorphic, five-membered. Painted usually in blue or mauve, there are species with purple and white flowers.


Flowers gather in panicles of 30, and sometimes even more. Their length is almost 5 cm, the diameter does not exceed 3 cm. Jacaranda blooms twice a year - in the spring (more blooming) and in the fall. The tree is famous for its lush crown of openwork, complex leaves. Their length is 40-50 cm. They very much resemble fern leaves.

Jacaranda (violet tree) in Russia, unfortunately, does not grow in natural conditions. Many amateur growers experiment to grow this extraordinary plant, but so far their efforts have been unsuccessful.


We have already mentioned that the valuable species of wood jacaranda is highly valued in the world. It is known as rosewood, which is used for the production of luxury furniture, unique luxury items (metal inlaid and carved products). In addition, magnificent wood instruments are made from this wood.


When polished, the heart of the tree becomes a beautiful brown with a purple tint color. For example, in Brazil, you can see and buy souvenirs from Jacaranda - carved figurines of exotic animals. They have a very pleasant delicate smell, especially when they are rubbed with a cloth.

Jacaranda (violet tree) in Russia where it grows?

It should be recognized that in our country it is mainly a houseplant. Although it should be noted that Jacaranda (violet tree) in Russia is successfully grown in botanical gardens on the southern coast of Crimea. True, these are not those magnificent thirty-meter beauties that adorn the streets in South America. In our conditions, the violet tree grows no more than three meters in height.


Many lovers of beautiful plants grow jacaranda at home. They argue that this is not difficult. Today, many large flower shops sell seeds of this amazing plant.

Growing from seed

Seeds are first soaked in water to which stimulators are first added (Ribav-Extra, HB-101, Epin, Zircon, etc.). In this solution, the seeds should be kept for 5-6 hours. After that, they are sown in a light, loose, moist soil (depth - no more than 1 cm). Germination occurs at a temperature of +23 … + 28 degrees, in the light, under the film. Shoots appear very quickly, after about 10 days, but sometimes germination lasts up to three decades. It depends on their quality. Seedlings do not need to dive before they reach three months, so planting seeds should be in a fairly spacious container.


With good care, your tree will reach a height of 1.5 m. Jacaranda (violet tree) in Russia (you can see the photo in our article) - indoor plant. In such conditions, it blooms extremely rarely. Flowering species of this plant can be seen only in botanical gardens.


Jacaranda prefers bright lighting, for about 3 hours it transfers the direct rays of the sun. The plant feels comfortable at the western and eastern windows. The pot needs to be rotated periodically, since one-sided lighting can deform the crown.

The temperature necessary for the normal development of the plant in the summer is +25 ° C, in the winter - +19 ° C. In the summer, Jacaranda loves "walks" in the air. At the same time the place where you take out the flower should be protected from the wind.



Jacaranda (violet tree) in Russia is the dream of many gardeners. But how to care for this exotic plant? Violet tree is watered regularly, drying the soil is unacceptable. In winter, watering is reduced a little. It should use only soft water, it should be at room temperature.

Jacaranda is a tropical plant, so it needs moist air. To make it more comfortable in the indoor environment, it must be regularly sprayed.

Violet tree needs feeding. In spring and summer (during the growth period), the plant is fed with a complex fertilizer no more than twice a month. Jacaranda is cut every spring. Gradually, its old leaves fall, the trunk becomes bare. That is why pinching the shoots will rejuvenate the plant and give splendor to its crown.

Transplanting is done as needed, most often in the spring, when you see that the root system occupies the entire volume of the pot.



It is possible to propagate this plant in two ways - in the spring with seeds (soil temperature - 25 ° C), and in the summer by cuttings. Seedlings grow quickly. On the tenth day shoots appear. In a month, their height will reach 15 cm.

We have presented you an amazing plant with the name Jacaranda (violet tree). Does this plant grow in Russia? Yes, although it cannot please our gardeners with the same magnificence as in their homeland.

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