Matveyev Kurgan - description and development


On the river bank near Rostov there is an amazing city - Matveyev Kurgan. The settlement has a convenient location for tourists who come to visit Rostov, thereby significantly increasing the economic level. True, you will have to drive about 110 km to look into the small world of the town. Residents here have a little more than 15 thousand.

The city received an interesting name from the chieftain-robber, who with his gang robbed passing merchants. They buried him right on the mound. At this place a hospital was built. Next to it there are other buildings in which people live.

For the first time the city of Matveyev Kurgan was mentioned in the data on the regiment of Igor. In the XII century, there was a battle near the village. The prince took part in it, where later Igor became a prisoner of nomads who let Greek fire on him.



The city was founded in 1780 by Ilovaysky AI, chieftain. For some time he entered the Azov province, and then moved to Donskoy. Matveyev Kurgan attracted free peasants convenient location. True, after the decree of 1796, they were subjected to enslavement. What caused discontent and war. At the end of the XVIII century there was a battle against the new rules, organized by peasants and their associates.

Seventh District

By the beginning of the XIX century there were 23 courtyards in the village. A little later he was divided into seven districts, and the Matveyev Kurgan itself, as it is now, became the seventh. In 1862, the first tree church was founded, dedicated to Nicholas the Wonderworker, and with it the school was open.

In 1870, the railway appeared, and in 1882 - the post office. After the opening of the railway communication, the development of trade and economic relations took place. Agricultural products were successfully sold in Taganrog. In 1887, the village entered the Taganrog District. In 1918, the city was captured by Soviet troops. And in April 1918, German troops also arrived. They liberated the city only in 1941 in October.


City today

Today, the city has its own food factory, a bakery, sells seeds at the enterprise "Taganrogssortsemovosch." There is also "Meat-Breeding Plant", the production of building materials. There are a shop, a gardener's PC, a repair and maintenance center. In the village there is a railway station, trains run daily.

Matveyev Kurgan of the Rostov Region only expands every year, because the number of the population is constantly increasing. The demographic situation is improving. In 1979 there were a little more than 5 thousand inhabitants, in ten years the situation began to improve and the population doubled. It has now tripled until 2014. In the past two years, the number of people has decreased by 500. The city leadership is trying to interest young people and make it more promising for visiting tourists.

OJSC Rostelecom provides its services and controls the telecommunication center. There is Internet access, a mobile network works: MTS, Megafon, Beeline. Social life is developed at a sufficient level.


Public places

There is a central hospital - there are qualified specialists who can help not only the residents of the city, but also the neighboring villages and towns. The House of Culture provides various events - concerts, shows, entertainment performances of children who attend preparatory circles.

Local history museum tells the story of the city. Here you can see how the history was born, look at the life of people a century ago, or even more.


Matveyev Kurgan includes three educational schools. Schools are divided into evening and correctional - there are doctors and psychologists. A sports school prepares young future champions. There is a school of arts in the city. It accommodates more than a hundred students who are engaged in fine arts with pleasure. Also in the city there is a center for additional education and development of children, preparation for technical schools and higher education institutions. After school, young people can go to study at a vocational school. There is a branch of the Rostov College specializing in roads. There are four kindergartens in the city, the fifth is being built.


Tourist area

The city has a railway station, which received a similar name. Almost until 2009, the settlement described was one of the bus stops, which traveled along the Taganrog-Donetsk route. Near the city are the airport and seaport. For those who just need to write a letter or make an official request, you need to know the index. Matveyev Kurgan is coded under the sequence number 346970.

There are several hotels that hospitably welcome tourists. From 1959 to 2010, the city’s population has doubled, but by 2014 the number of people living here had fallen by a hundred. This is due to environmental and political conditions. The state is doing everything to eliminate some large-scale problems.

A small park, the embankment of the Maus River, neat beaches - everything speaks about the comfort of a small and friendly town. Each resident of Rostov and Taganrog tries to stay in a village called Matveyev Kurgan.

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