Model Anna Duritskaya: photos, details of personal life


Girls who accompany politicians and businessmen at various events and celebrations, most often appear with prominent men once. After completing their job of providing escort services, they are lost sight of and rarely appear in public again. They are only a beautiful addition to the successful and the rich, but sometimes there are exceptions, and purely working, formal relationships become something more serious and significant.


One of the heroines of such stories is Anna Duritskaya, who for quite a long time met with the disgraced Russian politician, oppositionist Boris Nemtsov. No one knows what would have ended the relationship of this couple, but they were upset by the death of a man. Where is Anna Duritskaya now, about which all the headlines and news channels shouted about two or three years ago?


Who is she, Nemtsov's girl?

In the media, it is called no differently than the “Ukrainian model, ” although it has very little to do with this type of activity. Anna Duritskaya tried herself in the field of fashion gloss, but not too efficiently. Contrary to failure, beautiful, bright and, of course, smart enough, she found ways to join the socialist party, where she met famous and rich politicians.

Perhaps her personality would be of little interest to anyone, but it was this girl who became the main witness to the death of Nemtsov. Anna Duritskaya was with him on that terrible night when the attack on the oppositionist occurred, as a result of which he died. By the way, the girl herself remained completely unscathed, except for a strong shock, as a result of which she became withdrawn for a long time.

After that terrible night, Anna was also staged an assassination attempt, which was prevented by the Ukrainian special forces. This incident, along with the scrutiny of journalists, caused the former girlfriend of Nemtsov to never communicate with the press and lead an extremely secretive way of life.


Childhood beauties

Anna was born in Ukraine, in a small town called Bila Tserkva. Her family is not rich, her mother is a junior medical worker, and her father is a builder. Acquaintances who spoke with the former girlfriend of Nemtsov in her youth, speak of her as a serious and purposeful girl who knows her worth.

Anna Duritskaya has a mathematical mindset, at school she worked hard on her education, studied well. At the same time, she increased her knowledge not only in program disciplines, but also enrolled in courses at a model agency, made up an amateur portfolio with her own pictures. However, the lack of funds and connections did not allow her to achieve great success in this field, because she did not have good quality photos. Anna Duritskaya, nevertheless, managed to realize herself, to become famous and quite rich thanks in large part to her close acquaintance with Boris Nemtsov.


Biographical data on Duritskaya

The girl’s birth date is November 27, 1991. After graduating from the third Belotserkovsky secondary school, she enrolled in the Vadim Getman State University, which specializes in training experts in the field of economics. Since the time of the student, the girl has been almost permanently living in Kiev If you believe the sources, even at the time of her relationship with Nemtsov, she was mostly in the capital of Ukraine, sometimes visiting a man.

University Duritskaya not graduated. Lack of money forced the beauty to get a job. Her specialization was accounting and auditing, but she did not get such a position without a diploma. Anna worked as a sales manager for travel vouchers, in the process she was looking for a more suitable job, and placed her resume on special recruitment resources.

As the newspapers write, basing their publications on the words of friends and acquaintances of the girl, she lived in rather cramped conditions, but she soon managed to improve her affairs, having become acquainted with Mikhail Dmitrievich Prokhorov during her vacation in Turkey. It was this man who brought her to his political friend. Anna Duritskaya and Boris Nemtsov met at a random party, but this event became a landmark in their fate.


Failed model

Career girls in the modeling business had no success. Photographers thought her appearance was too bright, her face was difficult to fit into the necessary image. Although Anna's parameters were quite consistent with the standards (breast volume - 84 cm, waist - 63 cm, hips - 90 cm, height - 177 cm), she was not thin enough for the podium.

Model Anna Duritskaya still settled in a small agency Amodels, but there she stayed for a while. She was not seen either in fashion shows or on the pages of glossy magazines. True, several times starred in photo shoots quite piquant content. In the apartment of her lover Nemtsov were revealed candid photos of the girl.

Alas, at the moment Anna’s age is already far from her youth, so she won’t be a star of luster, however, she has already settled well in life.


Serious relationship

Anna Duritskaya and Boris Nemtsov, whose photos in 2015 were perhaps the most popular requests on the Internet, met in 2012. This information is provided by the girl herself, although there is evidence in the media that they first met a year earlier.

The couple often appeared together in public, they often rested abroad, met in Kiev and Moscow. The relationship between Anna and Boris was stable, no loud quarrels or other scandals were seen around them. At the time of the death of a man, the couple had been together for almost four years.


Tragic event

That ill-fated evening of February 27, 2015 was a real nightmare for Duritskaya. After dinner, they walked through the night city and headed home. The model itself, describing past events, said that she had heard deaf claps that sounded as a result of pistol shots. Nemtsov died instantly. Falling to the ground, he showed no signs of life. The driver of a snowplow driving past at that moment helped her to call an ambulance.

As the girl explained to the investigators, she noticed a man who quickly left the scene, got into a white car and drove away. Subsequently, Chechen Zaur Dadaev was accused of murder. His accomplices were Beslan Shavanov and Ruslan Mukhudinov. The latter of this trio was called the organizer and customer of the crime. The curious fact of this whole horrible story is that Dadaev at one time was acquainted with Kadyrov, the leader of the Chechen Republic.


Scandalous conjectures, suspicions and inconsistencies

In the case of the murder of Nemtsov, Duritskaya was held as the main witness. In the first days after the incident, the girl was under heavy guard, until the funeral itself she was not allowed out of the country, she could go home only the next day.

This, as well as the fact that Anna was not injured during the attack on Nemtsov, was the reason that pretty unpleasant rumors spread about her. Duritskaya was suspected of complicity in the murder of the politician, although this information was not officially confirmed.

During the court sessions, the girl did not appear in the hall where the case was considered, her interests were represented by lawyer V. Prokhorov. However, the personal presence of the witness was not required. Everything Anna knew and saw, she told. She also gave written explanations concerning the circumstances under which she met with Nemtsov, what status their relations had.

Our days

Many readers are probably interested in the question of where Anna Duritskaya is now and what the girl does. According to media reports, things are going well for her. She recovered long after killing her lover. In the Network there were pictures taken by a professional photographer, in which Anna in great shape, posing in a fairly frank outfit.

The girl who once barely made ends meet, is now the happy owner of four apartments in the capital of Ukraine. This property is the main item of its income, apartments Duritskaya leases. The very fact of the appearance of such valuable assets in the property of the former model raises many questions. She bought the apartment after the death of Nemtsov's lover, while Anna does not tell anyone where her money came from for apartments located in one of the best districts of Kiev.

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