Ust-Nera - the center of Oymyakonia


Oimyakonye is a territory known to the whole world as a pole of cold (the lowest temperature –71.2 degrees). In addition, the largest temperature fluctuation on earth is recorded here - on average, from 61 with a minus sign to 39 with a plus sign. This territory is located between two ridges - Chersky and Suntar-Hayat. In 1931, the Oymyakonsky Ulus (district) was created in the basin between them. The reason for its occurrence - the richest reserves of gold, tungsten, tin, arsenic, antimony, mercury and other rare minerals.

Location of the village


Closer to the north, where the Nera River flows into Indigirka, there is Ust-Nera, an urban-type settlement, which since 1954 has become the regional center of the ulus and the largest settlement of Oymyakonya. The founder of the village, as well as several other settlements in northeastern Yakutia and on Kalym, was Soviet geologist Valentin Aleksandrovich Tsaregradsky (July 24, 1902-1990). Shortly before the war, a seaplane with geologists aboard arrived at the mouth of the Nera. August 6, 1937 is considered the day of the foundation of the village of Ust-Nera.

Founder of Ust-Nera

Valentin Aleksandrovich, the first to set foot on this land, is very revered in these places - the street was named after him. The expedition worked fruitfully until 1941 - many gold deposits were explored, and in 1942 the first mines were opened. In addition, this year exploration work was carried out at the future tungsten mining enterprise "Alaskit", during which during the war years the Vlasovite prisoners attempted to kill V. Tsaregradsky when he inspected the underground workings. The famous geologist miraculously survived.

Builders of mines and villages


Of course, prison camps were everywhere in Yakutia. With their hands, roads were laid, including the Magadan Road, mines were created (they mined gold too) and housing facilities were built. The village of Ust-Nera, its first school (1945-1946) is obliged to the prisoners. In those days, the entire settlement was surrounded by barbed wire, because it was they who worked at many sites. According to the documents of the Memorial Society, from 1949 to 1957 it was in this village that Indigirlag was located.

Years of successful development

In 1938, Dalstroy was created - a trust for the management of road and industrial construction on Kalym. In the village of Ust-Nera in 1944, the Indigirskoye GPU, located in the Dalstroy, was located (liquidated in 1957). The town itself was surrounded by impassable swamps. In 1945 the power plant comes into operation here, and in 1946 Ust-Nera receives its industrial current, and the installation of telephones in the village immediately begins.

In 1950, this settlement, located in the north-east of Yakutia, received the title of urban-type settlement. But not only the harsh climate makes this place difficult to live. Indigirka, which is the coldest river on the planet, carries many dangers during flood times. The floods of 1951, 1959 and 1967 were terrible - the water rose to the second floor of the old school (the new one was built in 1974), it flooded food warehouses. After the floods of 1959, the banks of the wayward river began to be strengthened. The population of the village of Ust-Nera grew steadily and in 1989 reached 12.5 thousand people. Locals and the television began to watch first (1971) in Yakutia. In 1978, a concrete bridge was built over Indigirka.

Hard times for the industry


Severe perestroika years have affected this promising area. The mines began to close, the population began to fall steadily, and already in 2010, 8.4 thousand people lived here. Now the social policy of the federal authorities, including with regard to Yakutia, is the most important activity of the state. Special programs are being developed to help stop the outflow of the population. Much is being done to make promising industrial areas attractive to new settlers.

The realities of our day


Not overlooked and the village of Ust-Nera. Yakutia (Sakha Republic) pays great attention to youth policy. Now in the village works mining and processing gold mining plant. It is a city-forming enterprise. In addition, there is an airport, a modern clinic and hospital, a sports complex with a swimming pool and a stadium. Actually, everything that characterizes the modern district center is in the village of Ust-Nera. Reviews of him, of course, very different. Pessimists claim that the village is dying. Optimists list the beautiful buildings of Sakhatelecom and Metallurg, the new buildings of Pegas MC and Sever cinema. There are banks, hotels, city museum, modern shops, markets and kindergartens.

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