Lorenzo Ebecilio: the life and career of a young Dutch footballer


The name of such a football player, like Lorenzo Ebecilio, is well known to both the Dutch football fans and the Russian ones. And even fans of the championship of Ukraine know how he plays. And all because this attacking midfielder played for the clubs of all listed countries. And this is quite interesting.


Early years

Lorenzo Ebecilio was born in 1991, on September 24, in a town called Horn, located in North Holland. His very first club was the BB de Blockers team. It was an amateur level. There, the young Lorenzo studied the basics and gained experience. And then he began to play for a higher level youth club. And it was FC HVV Hollandia. Then he became part of the club, known as Alkmar Zanstrek. Or just “AZ”. It was already a professional Dutch club from the city of the same name. There he spoke.

In 2005, a young and promising midfielder father died. And a few months after this event, Lorenzo suffered a heart attack. He had a cardiac arrest. And Lorenzo's life was saved only by the timely use of a defibrillator. Naturally, he could not continue to perform at a professional level, because he was transferred back to the "HVV Hollandia". Lorenzo Ebecilio experienced a difficult heart surgery. But after that, he had absolutely no health problems.


What happened next?

In 2010, Lorenzo Ebesilio was noticed by representatives of Ajax. Which, as everyone well knows, is the best club in the Netherlands. A prospective footballer was made a proposal to move to the Ajax Football Academy. Naturally, the defender agreed.

At first, he played for the youth team, which was led at that time by Frank de Boer. Some time later, the head coach of the main team, Martin Cornelius Yol, left the club. And Lorenzo Ebecilio, whose photo is provided in the article, was invited to speak for the main team. He successfully debuted, played the full match, in which Ajax also won. By the way, and the last meeting in the season, Lorenzo had the same. He was also recognized as the best player of the match. And the most interesting is that the rival was his former club “AZ”.

Success in other clubs

Lorenzo Ebecilio has a rather interesting biography. For two years he held on tight to Ajax, regularly entering the field. But then he stopped to make applications for matches. The midfielder himself says that this is because of his loss of concentration and attentiveness.

He decided to accept the offer of the Ukrainian club Metallurg, but the contract did not fully work. He played only six matches for the Donetsk team. For the season, he was rented by the Azerbaijani FC "Gabala", where the Dutchman held 32 meetings and designed 8 goals. And then he spent another year in Saransk "Mordovia". Also as a rental. The predictions for the future of the player in the team were not bad, only in his debut match with the “Ural” he received a strong injury - a fracture of his left leg. And the restoration took about six months. But the rest of the season, after recovery, the Dutchman spent well.


Last years

The attention of many Russian clubs attracted Lorenzo Ebecilio. The footballer decided to stay in the Russian Federation and on July 7 he signed a contract with Anji. He was invited there by Yuri Semin. Interestingly, it was he who coached the Dutch in Mordovia. The attacking midfielder made a good impression, so he decided to offer to become part of “Anji”.

At the moment, the Dutch have more than thirty games played for the club from Makhachkala, and several goals scored. It remains only to observe the success of a football player. And they promise to be quite good, since he is a really promising player.

The main national team midfielder has not yet been challenged, but in total he spent 33 matches in the youth and youth teams.

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