Aphorisms about life with meaning. Short quotes and statuses


Cool and wise aphorisms about life with meaning. Short remarks of great people who have found their place in society.

Meaning of life


Aphorisms about life with meaning, short statements of famous people who have left their mark on history:

  • This is a job that needs to be adequately completed (Tocqueville).
  • To succeed is easy, to know the meaning - that’s the problem (Einstein).
  • Our path is just one moment. Live now, then there just won't be time (Chekhov).
  • Meaning can be found, but can not be created (Frankl).
  • A happy existence is harmony and unity (Seneca).
  • If at least once you really helped someone, then you lived not in vain (Shcherblyuk).
  • Meaning is the path to happiness (Dougan).
  • We are all just people. But for parents we are the meaning of life, for friends - soul mates, for loved ones - the whole world (Roy).


Aphorisms about life with meaning, short quotes about love and loyalty.

  • The need to love is the main need (france).
  • Only love can destroy death (Tolstoy).
  • Thanks spikes for having roses (Carr).
  • The birth of a person only makes sense when he helps others (De Beauvoir).
  • To love a person you need the way God created it (Tsvetaeva).
  • The road without love is an angel with one wing. High he did not rise (Dumas).
  • All problems from lack of love (Cary).
  • Destroy love in your world, and everything will go ashes (Browning).
  • When you truly love, you reconcile with the whole world (Lazhechnikov).



Aphorisms about the meaning of life expressed by the Holy Fathers.

  • The life that you live now is the preparation for the next birth (Rev. Ambrose).
  • The earthly path leads to the Eternal (Rev. Varsanofiy).
  • The earthly path is bestowed upon us, so that by work of usefulness and redemption we should be closer to Him (St. Ignatius).
  • Love is lasting only in humility (Rev. Macarius).
  • The poor are those who desire much (St. John).
  • Only faith in the happiness of your neighbor will make you happy (Arch. Sergey).
  • Do good deeds, then the Devil will not be able to approach you, because you will always be busy (Bl. Jerome).

Aphorisms funny about life and the search for its meaning

  • If you just sit and think about the meaning, doing nothing, you will not find the meaning (Murakami).
  • In the morning, the meaning of my life is to sleep.
  • For the fun of life you should not lose its meaning (Juvenal).
  • Live in such a way that not only a monument is erected to you, but pigeons fly around with it.
  • Life has only one drawback - it ends.
  • This is a terrible disease. It is transmitted through love and always ends in death.
  • You shouldn't look at the world more pessimistly than it looks at you.
  • You can not live one life twice, unfortunately, many can not live one.
  • Our being is like a queue after death, and in fact some always try to climb the queue.
  • All that is best leads to obesity.
  • I planted everything, built and gave birth. Now I water, repair and feed.
  • In a pregnant woman hidden real meaning of life (Nemov).

Great things


Aphorisms about life with meaning, short clear thoughts about your favorite activity, which defines for many eternal searches.

  • One who really decided to change cannot be stopped (Hippocrates).
  • This is not the time that you lived, but what you did (Marquez).
  • The great road requires great sacrifices (Kogan).
  • If there is a worthy goal, then it simplifies our existence (Murakami).
  • There are things in the world for which you can give your life, but there is nothing for which you can take it away (Gregory).
  • Not in the good sense, but to be yourself (Coelho).
  • After us, only our deeds will remain, so make them so that these deeds are great (Frans).
  • You need to grow your garden, and not to steal in someone else's (Voltaire).
  • The great cause is not created without errors (Rozanov).
  • Think less, do more (Hunt).

Process or result?

Aphorisms about life with meaning are reflections on the topic: how to live in general?

  • Appearance often closes to those around the soul of man.
  • Our road is so short. She has only 4 stops: a child, a loser, a gray head and a dead man (Moran).
  • Do not rush, because in the finale of all waiting for the grave (Martin).
  • Fear is in everyone, it makes us human. So the meaning is fear (Roy).
  • It’s not a pity that my path can end, it’s a pity if it never began (Newman).
  • A person notices the loss of money, but does not notice the loss of his days.
  • Only a talentless person is able to submit to fate.
  • Everybody can live properly, and live forever - no one (Seneca).
  • Everyone shouts - we want to live, but why, no one says (Miller).


Aphorisms about life with meaning and statements about children and family.


  • Mother is not looking for meaning, she had already given birth to him.
  • All the joy lives in the laughter of a child.
  • Family is a ship. Before you go to the open sea, survive a small storm.
  • Life gives joy only when we give life to others (Mauro).
  • Children tend to be happy and joyful (Hugo).
  • It is the family that teaches the child to do good for life (Sukhomlinsky).
  • One hour of a child can be longer than an old man’s whole day (Schopenhauer).
  • Every child is a genius, every genius is a child. They both know no boundaries and make discoveries (Schopenhauer).
  • Without children, we have no reason to love this world (Dostoevsky).

Short aphorisms about life and its meaning reveal the philosophical laws of life. Spiritual problems exist in every person, we all solve them in our own way. For some, the meaning is to have fun and enjoy every moment, for others it is to leave your mark on history. What do we live for? For children, for the accumulation of wealth or for bringing into the existence of the world a bit of good and light? Everyone decides for himself.


People think about the meaning of existence since the creation of the world. The best philosophers, great authors, fathers of all religions are trying to find the answer to the eternal question. Is there life after death? Does hell and heaven exist? Definitely you can answer only at the end of your path. But then it will be too late to live life again.

There are many hypotheses. Let everyone choose the one that is closer to his soul and way of life.

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