Mikhail Konstantinov, teacher of the Siberian Federal University (SFU): for which he was fired


In March of this year, Krasnoyarsk shook the resonant news: Mikhail Konstantinov, a teacher at Siberia's largest university, was fired … for showing students a film. True, this happened during school hours, and the film was not on the program. Confusing situation …

short biography

Mikhail Viktorovich Konstantinov graduated from the history department of the Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after Viktor Petrovich Astafyev in 1986. He studied at the department of national history.


After the institute, he worked for four years as a teacher in rural areas, later he came to the Krasnoyarsk State Trade and Economic Institute (he was a separate educational institution until 2012) to teach cultural studies and philosophy. He worked as a senior teacher in this institution for twenty-four years. He is the author of scientific publications.

Siberian Federal University: a mini-reference

The largest university of Siberia and Krasnoyarsk - SFU - was formed in 2006 by the merger of four main universities of the city. Six years later, trade and economic was added to them. About eight thousand people work at the university. It trains specialists in various fields, both humanitarian and technical. Applicants have a choice of 139 different professions.


The university is among the best in Russia, as well as in various foreign ratings of educational institutions.

“He is not Dimon to you”

Opposition activist Alexei Navalny and the Anti-Corruption Foundation launched a 50-minute film in early March entitled “He’s not Dimon to You”. It is about the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The filmmakers claim that Medvedev is the owner of expensive real estate, and also uses numerous assets of businessmen close to him. More than twenty-four million people have watched the film on the Yotube portal from the moment of uploading to the present.

Event reconstruction

On March 14, in the lesson on the history of world culture, instead of the subject of the lesson, the SFU teacher Mikhail Konstantinov showed the above-mentioned film to first-year students. He showed, in his own words, with the aim of explaining where government money goes. The students watched the film, then after seeing what they saw with the teacher and went their separate ways.


Exactly seven days later, on the twenty-first of March, from the very morning Konstantinov was summoned to the higher management - the head of the department and the rector. He was reprimanded and offered to write a statement of his own accord. What Mikhail Konstantinov did. As a justification for such a proposal, political agitation and the use of study time for personal purposes were presented. And the press service of the Siberian Federal University stated that the claims would have been brought against any work of an agitational nature, and the point is not at all that the film is opposition.

Education Act

Article 48 of the Russian law on education has item number three, which states that any political campaigning for pedagogical workers is prohibited. It also says that teachers are required to give out the full amount of knowledge in their subject and to conduct it in a high professional level.


Thus, if we consider the dismissal of the former SFU teacher Mikhail Konstantinov from the point of view, which was voiced by the administration of the university, it is legitimate. Indeed, a political film was not supposed to be shown to students, also during school hours. Mikhail Viktorovich himself, in principle, also agrees with this. He says that he committed a misdemeanor … But they do not dismiss for misconduct! Reprimand - still all right.

First person

Mikhail Konstantinov himself in numerous interviews tells the following background: in the winter in the audience where the classes were held, it was cold. Probably there are old windows. Nobody has delivered new ones, but instead pieces of polyethylene were nailed to them with slats. Every time, looking at this polyethylene, Konstantinov thought: do not the federal higher education institution receive any finances? And if they do, where are they? According to Mikhail Viktorovich, after seeing the above film, he found the answers to his questions. And I decided to share what I saw with the students.

Mikhail Viktorovich emphasizes that, although he sympathizes with the main oppositionist of the country, he did not at all try to agitate the guys to take his side. He just wanted to convey to them the idea set forth in the video. And he argues that he was still informed - the majority of students agreed with him that the state money was going somewhere “not there”. At the same time, Konstantinov adds, not everyone knew about Navalny, but after learning, they did not share the teacher’s point of view.

Someone is a supporter of the current president, someone supports other oppositionists, and someone in general is far from politics. After discussing all this and expressing each his own opinion, Konstantinov and the students dispersed. And then … Further - it is not known, but Mikhail Viktorovich believes that at home the students shared their past occupation with their relatives. Someone’s relative probably turned out to be a “true patriot” and informed the university authorities about what had happened. Perhaps, of course, with amendments on its part. Then Konstantinov got "on the carpet", from which there was only one path - to the exit.

He collected his belongings on the same day, on the same day he was fully calculated. Since then, none of the colleagues with whom he has worked side by side for many years, has not manifested itself in his life. This, of course, hurts the former teacher. He says that he was supported only by students, for whom he misses a lot, and a few people from SFU, with whom he worked before. Nevertheless, he didn’t regret what he did: it helped him recognize people around him from a different angle and, in general, gave a new twist to his life.

View from the outside

When the news came that Mikhail Konstantinov was fired, everyone reacted differently. Disagree and his students. Someone thinks that the teacher acted as it should, someone calls him a good teacher and an honest person. There are also those who speak of the exceptional politicization of Konstantinov, who declares that instead of lectures on the subject, they were only talking about politics. Approximately the same thing is reported by the university management, they say, more than once, Mikhail Viktorovich violated the rules - he spoke with students on prohibited topics, openly expressed his opposition to the authorities. Konstantinov admits that this is true - for the past year he had not been in good standing with the authorities for precisely this reason. It is possible that the situation with the film was the last straw - or the occasion that was expected and for which they joyfully seized.


Former colleagues Konstantinov, who have long been not employees of the Siberian Federal University, supported him, expressing the view that the dismissal of such strange. This is a direct non-fulfillment of their duties, it is worth reprimanding for him, certifying a person to check his competence, but not forcing him to leave the place where he has served for so many years. The law says that it is possible to dismiss an employee of the pedagogical sphere if he applied violence to students, violated the statute of the institution, or was not elected to the position through a competition. None of the above, Mikhail Konstantinov did not commit. Another reason why a teacher can “ask” is the venerable age. But Konstantinov is only 53 years old, even before retirement he is still “not grown”. What really respectable!

However, it has long been no secret that any leadership loves obedient and quiet subordinates who do not climb on the rampage. This means that they cannot serve as an indirect reason for the administration itself not to "fall under the distribution". Is it fair with regard to the SFU in Krasnoyarsk - who knows … But the execution happened too quickly. And this is quite strange.

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